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Complaints & Reviews

responsibility for agents, special meal booking

My special meal was not on board - I had just flown a long flight on another connecting flight from Cairo to Singapore landing at Changi before dawn. My last leg was SIN-KUL (I had checked in for both flights in Cairo). I was quite hungry. All my sectors were on business class, yet my vegetarian meal was not on board. I can forgive this mistake. What's worse is that SIA acknowldges that the travel agent accidentally cancelled my vegetarian meal booking (it was indeed made at first) without any instruction from me. SIA claims that it is not responsible for the agents appointed and managed by it! According to SIA, I am responsible for the agent's mistake although (1) I didn't even know what the agent did until I was on board - and I received vegetarian meals on my other sector several hours earlier. (2) SIA appoints, trains, accredits and manages the agent and its systems, yet it says I am responsible. I am minded to sue in the consumer courts. It is not so much the food, it is the policy.

  • 10
    100wonders Dec 31, 2010

    If you flew business class, I would imagine that Singapore Air flight attendants would have done everything to compensate for that mistake and offered you as much vegetarian food as they could find although it was not exactly the meal that you originally expected. At least that's my experience with Singapore Air. Did that not happen?

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racist staff

Rude Customer Service at the check in at Airport Express, Central, Hong Kong

I felt maybe I was over reacting but I've had a lot of time to get over it, couldn't so here I am just letting someone know what happened.

I went to the Central, check in at the airport express. My husband was taking the 8:05 flight to Singapore. When we approached the counter there was no eye contact with the woman at the desk. She just sat poker faced reading whatever on her computer and asked us to put the luggage on the belt and just sat there. It took a while which is no big deal. I asked her a question, this is while one of her colleagues were taking care of the status and still no eye contact, mumbled the answer, had to ask her twice to actually hear her.

This is not a big deal in itself, majority of us expect nothing amazing from people working with the airlines, the shocking bit was when she greeted the next customer with the loudest most cheerful good morning, after having no response to my husband's thank you.

Since the queue was for coach, I would be forced to say color of our skin would be the only difference between us and the next guy.

The next time I will definitely record any such incident and put it up on youtube.

  • Lo
    lowflyingfox Dec 30, 2010

    It is not race. It is how important you look. You probably were dressed casually or not upper crust! I get different treatment depending on whether I wear average T shirt and jeans or designer clothes that cost several thousand $. Sinagpore is more capitalist than most. Flash a watch more than USD10, 000, behave irreverantly and look very, very, important (as if you could, but would not, give a USD100 tip to the check-in girl)

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  • Tr
    TravelingThomas Sep 24, 2013

    Singapore Airlines staff are quite racist. If you are a dark-skinned passenger, they will talk rude to you, yell if they get a chance (put your seat upright ah, we are descending!). If you complain while in-flight to Singapore, there is a chance of detention by security. The best approach is to endure until the flight ends and complain to the Singapore Customer Authority later, and also publish online so that other passengers know what they might receive.

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rude/ racist check in at airport express

Rude Customer Service at the check in at Airport Express, Central, Hong Kong

I felt maybe I was over reacting but I've had a lot of time to get over it, couldn't so here I am just letting someone know what happened.

I went to the Central, check in at the airport express. My husband was taking the 8:05 flight to Singapore. When we approached the counter there was no eye contact with the woman at the desk. She just sat poker faced reading whatever on her computer and asked us to put the luggage on the belt and just sat there. It took a while which is no big deal. I asked her a question, this is while one of her colleagues were taking care of the status and still no eye contact, mumbled the answer, had to ask her twice to actually hear her.

This is not a big deal in itself, majority of us expect nothing amazing from people working with the airlines, the shocking bit was when she greeted the next customer with the loudest most cheerful good morning, after having no response to my husband's thank you.

Since the queue was for coach, I would be forced to say color of our skin would be the only difference between us and the next guy.

The next time I will definitely record any such incident and put it up on youtube.

fight over sleeping on vacant seats

Dear Sir,
This is a complaint.

I was on board SQ0298 on the 7th November 2010 flying from Christchurch to Singapore. At about 3pm NZ time post lunch, like in all my previous long hail flights, I went to the back of the cabin to look for vacant seats so that I can rest for a while.

A short while later, I heard a soft voice from a stewardess from the right aisle asking me to vacate. While putting on shoes and getting ready to leave, another stewardess from the left aisle repeated the same. I felt humiliated as they did not allow me to exit the situation in a more dignified manner.

Wounded, I then asked for explanation. The chief steward Mr Gary told me that two row of seats in the middle section had been reserved for the crew to rest, but he could not show proof in print or announcement. He further told me that the captain did not allow such documents to be shown. I did not press the matter further as I did not want to distract the captain work but a fellow passenger did stand up to complain about the disturbance we made at the crew area. I also noticed four cabin crew members stopped work for at least 30 minutes because of this dispute.

However, the first stewardess apologized to me in front of Mr Gary while the second one did the same while I was seated in my assigned place and I was humbled by her plea. All in all, the crew members gallantly protected the airline and in particular, the second stewardess went to great length to absorb the blame.

The purpose of this letter is :
1. Show me proof that two rows of seats in the middle section were already reserved for cabin crew to rest in SQ 0298.
2. Show proof to the public that seats are allocated exclusively for cabin crew in all long haul SQ flights.
3. If the fault is due to oversight by the management, do not expose the cabin crew to potential harm and humiliation.
4. Do not encourage the passengers and the cabin crew to fight for sleeping privilege.
5. Can you guarantee that I can sleep on vacant seats in future long haul SQ flights and for this you have to issue me statement to this effect to avoid conflict.
6. How to avoid future meeting with the crew members in question as I have to fly frequently to Christchurch by SQ (because of their good safety profile) ?

Thank you and waiting for reply

Yours sincerely

Dr Ng Eng Kuei

good luck

SIN-HKG. Luggage was intentionally broken in second time this year (first time in April SIN-LHR) despite TSA lock availability. Handling agent in HKG representing SIA and Singapore SIA do not give a damm to customer's need immediately, but rather keep on emphasising on internal procedure to follow. So, no matter how customer was abused and unfortunately become a victim under the bureaucractic system, they took your luggage to repair - without any replacement immediately. Lesson learnt: When you travelled with SIA, please make sure you have some spare plastic bags, imagine walking under typhoon without luggage, but with your plastic bags and your personal belonging - Good luck. Official 5 stars airlines, unofficial budget airlines customer service standard.

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bad bad service

I have been corresponding with Singapore Airlines since June regarding my customer service issues & have not received a response to my questions & issues. I just get promises that they will respond sometime in the future. Its now 3 months and no reponse. 1. Flight cancellation and refund due to Volcanic Ash issue. My family & I were booked to fly to Singapore & Phuket on 16th April, 2010. Due to volcanic ash issue the flights were cancelled. Subsequently we cancelled out trip and requested a refund. I received notification that a refund for one of the bookings had been processed, and such refund was forthcoming to my American Express Card account within 7 days. For the other booking I received notice on 28th April 2010 that refund had been processed and that instructions to the bank would be made within 7 days. After a few weeks of follow-up by myself to Singapore Airlines, I still did not receive the refund to American Express Card. Subsequently a request was initiated by Singapore Airlines Amsterdam office on 27th May 2010. On June 2nd 2010, I received not a refund, but a new charge to my American Express Card. On June 17th 2010 I have received the proper refund and a refund for the mistake from June 2nd. Meanwhile I had to pay my American Express card in full, causing significant impact on my personal cash flow. Finally I received a refund 2 months after. Net result though is that I was charged in SGD 512.84 more than what I have been refunded. Because of exchange rate differences. I requested that Singapore Airlines compensates the difference of SGD 512.84. 2. Baggage delay On 4th June 2010, I flew with Singapore Airlines from AMS to SIN on SQ323. I arrived at the airport within about 75 minutes before the flight was due to depart. On arrival in Singapore I was greeted by ground staff advising my baggage had been left behind in Amsterdam and would be arriving on the next day’s flight. Apart from been initially aggravated that my baggage had not arrived, I was satisfied with this was a rare occurrence when travelling with Singapore Airlines. However, my phone charger was packed in my checkin baggage, and my phone’s battery was completely flat when arriving in Singapore. I needed my phone to be charged, so I could retrieve the phone number and address of my friend’s home, where I was staying in Singapore. I recall the phone charging points inside the terminal building on the gate side of immigration and requested assistance to get my phone charged at the Terminal 3 departure level Singapore Airlines customer service. I made several requests, fully explaining my circumstance, but was flatly denied any assistance. Luckily another passenger who overheard my conversation offered assistance. The poor attitude and service received by Singapore Airlines customer service was unacceptable, and begs the question why Singapore Airlines offers a customer service desk. 3. Overbooked Business Class On 9th June 2010, I was due to fly with Singapore Airlines on SQ324 returning to Amsterdam. I had tried to check-in online throughout the previous 2 days. I was unsuccessful, each time the system advised to try checking-in at the airport. I now understand that the flight was overbooked, and that I had been not allocated a seat. On arrival at the airport I was advised that business class was overbooked, and that all other business class passengers had checked-in. I was told I would need to downgrade. Given that I had booked my ticket sometime in advance, and the sector had never been on waitlist, I was surprised that I had been selected to “downgrade”. I was also surprised that a “gold” frequent flyer would be selected for downgrade. I asked the check-in staff why a “gold” frequent flyer would be selected for downgrade, and they replied that I was only “silver”. I showed them my “gold” card and they could not understand why I had a “gold” card when the system was showing that I was only a “silver” frequent flyer. Please see my following point 4 to understand why this is of enormous frustration to me. After some complaining from me, and a period of waiting, I was advised that I could be allocated a business class seat. On boarding the flight I was surprised that the adjoining business class seat was reserved for crew, and that throughout the flight that seat was occupied for less than 3 hours. It is unbelievable to me that Singapore Airlines was prepared to downgrade a fare paying passenger and allocated a seat to crew and occupied for less than 3 hours of a 13 hour flight. There were economy class seats available. 4. Gold status. I have sent previous email correspondences with Singapore Airlines regarding my gold status. It has been of some annoyance to me over the past few years that Singapore Airlines can not get my frequent flyer status correct. Although most of your systems identify me correctly as a gold frequent flyer, there appears to be at least one system that identifies me as silver. Every time when I check-in for a flight either on Singapore Airlines or any other Star Alliance partner, I am identified as a “silver” frequent flyer. Please see the attached boarding pass which identifies me as a Silver frequent flyer. After my previous correspondences with Singapore Airlines, I have been advised that this problem had been resolved, but it is clear it has not. In the past, this has resulted with me being declined access to Star Alliance partner gold lounges. I also believe that this some how resulted in the request for me to “downgrade” as in my above point. I again request that this issue is resolved. All systems should correctly identify my frequent flyer status. 5. Overall impression My overall impression of Singapore Airlines has been negatively impacted over the past several months. To me, it appears there are several systemic problems in your organization impacting your customers. I am very disappointed with the recent levels of service I have received. I ask that my specific requests above are addressed.


I am throughly disappointed with Singapore Airlines Below my complaint letter to them: Dear...

2 comments Melbourne Metro Area Airlines

horrible service

Well to start off we are a military family stationed in germany, while taking vacation in the states my wife and daughter booked a flight back with sigapore they are supposed to be a great company to fly with so we said sure, on friday my wife booked a flight for sat. but before she left the house to leave to get on the plane she checked to see if the e-tickets had came in her email, they did not as a matter of fact singapore canceled her reservation with out notifing her so after 7 hours of calling the agent and singapore you cannot have an infant e-ticket so they canceled the reservation note we have already paid for the tickets. So after that my wife went to the airport brought tickets from bwi to jfk to frankfurt, the flight from bwi to jfk was delayed and arrived at 830pm the flight from jfk to frankfurt doesnt leave until 930pm, after getting off the flight from bwi there was a singapore service agent that escorted my wife and another military family to the next gate to board the flight to frankfurt, they were told the plane will not leave without them on it, after arriving at the gate the service agent on the phone with the fron desk trying to get there boarding passes told them that the front desk just hung up the phone on her and they would not be getting on the plane, also when they got to the gate the front desk said it was to late to board the plane but they were in fact still calling people to board the plane, so now my wife and 1 year old daughter is stuck in jfk until the next flight which is in 24 hrs, and they are only on the waiting list, we have paid for out tickets the flight is still boarding there are empty seats on the plane and they cant get on after being told the flight will not leave without you. This is horrible i will never fly singapore again and I will do my best to make sure they never get another military member on any of there planes, thanks to delta they did buy them a hotel room for the overnight stay.

bad behaviour

Hi all,

This happened on the June 31st at about 1am. I had a bad encounter with an SIA girl. She rode her baggage over my feet without apologizing while was walking, smoking and talking loudly on her handphone. Not sure if this helps but I managed to catch a glimpse of her name tag and it says Priscilla Chen. She was in a green kebaya.

I hope Singapore Airlines will ensure that their crew does not behave as crudely and as rude as her. My impression of SIA girls were orderly and feminine, sad to say it was not to be on this day.


  • Aj
    ajmike Jul 02, 2010

    some people are just plain rude.

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  • Ch
    C H Liang Nov 12, 2011

    I was fully agree to this complaint, I have been have more than two bad services in the FIRST CLASS LOUNGE to be invited to the PRIVATE ROOM as was inform by the PPS n FIRST CLASS CHECK IN Staff that you and your wife are invited I ask her one more time she say YES so l told my wife this time you will be entering to the PRIVATE ROOM with me even you are traveling on Business Class, when we reaching the LOUNGE one fair LADY come forward to us I show her the PRIVATE ROOM invitation card she ask for BOTH boarding pass I show her she SAY NO YOU ONLY YOUR WIFE HAVE TO SIT "OUTSIDE" I answer to her that I was inform by the check staff that my wife was invited she keep on SAY NO, I say why d'not you check with them she show very nice dark FACE and say you have a sit some where first I will come to you, after more than 25 to 30 minutes, another lady come to me SAY IF LIKE to enter to private room you can I ask are we invited she keep Quite just hold my and walk, I WAS VERY UP SAD ON THIS VERY POOR SERVICE IN THIS WORLD CLASS AIRLINE, I get back to ask for my P RM invitation and is Still with card no 8380001979

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refund of ticket.

Attn: Mr. Mohammed Abdul Rasul.

Dear Sir,
I would like to draw your attention regarding the above subject. My client Mr. Abuzar Moeen Ahmed and his family travelled to Singapore in the month of November 2009 on one year validity ticket, unfortunatelyáSingapore Airlines closed their operations from Karachi in February 2010.á
My client asked me to refund the SIN-KHI sector, I have made those tickets through NICE Travels Karachi and I asked them to refund the tickets. Theyásubmitted the refund case on 26 February 2010 which is attached for your perusal.
After almost one month I asked NICE Travels and they told me that the refund will be give in almost 45 days, than visited Singapore Airlines Karachi office several times and the employee's said all the refund applications is in Head office and they process those refund cases.áLast month on May 2010 Mr. Mumtazápromisedáme that they will refund the amount by end of May 2010, then I started chasing Mr. Mumtaz from 1 June 2010 and he was never on the seat, finally I visited your office again today 10 June 2010 and they told me that your refund has not been approved from head office and they reluctant to give anything in writing. I am veryáembarrassedáin front of my client. On my insist and request they gave me your email ID and asked me to contact you directly.á The client information alongwith refund code MERA # are as follows:

NAME á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á á áTICKET # á á á á á á á á á á á á á á MERA # á á á á á áSECTOR
Abuzar Moeen Ahmed Mr á á á á á á á á [protected] á á á á á á á á á 701044 á á á á á á áSIN-KHI áá
Moeen Nausheen Mrs á á á á á á á á á á á[protected] á á á á á á á á á 701045 á á á á á á áSIN-KHI
Abuzar Shaheer Ahmed Inf á á á á á á á [protected] á á á á á á á á á 701046 á á á á á á áSIN-KHI

I request you to kindlyáintervene and solve this matter at your earliest.á


Aamir Aijaz

scan0001.jpg copy of nice travel invoice

refund of ticket.

Singapore Air Line Ticket Refund

refusal of compensation for delayed flights

I have been hearing complaints of bad service from Singapore National Carrier - Singapore Airlines, from friends, colleagues and family members and recently found this to be very true indeed. I was onboard a morning 8:30am flight departing for Hong Kong, and it was eventually re-scheduled for a later departure time (at 11:30), due to a maintenance glitch, which the engineers failed to resolved, hence my "weekend" trip to Hongkong was thus shortened. Having paid a couple of hundred dollars more just to get onboard an earlier flight, I would imagine that SIA would at least compensate me, however they came back with a long email of ###, and claimed that they will not be able to compensate/ refund my tickets. This is increasingly annoying considering that they have ruined my holiday. Obviously the customer services management find it okay to toy with their paying customer's time and money. Any recommendations on how I can bring forward this matter to further shame the airline. Seriously I strongly do not think they deserved those international awards granted to them with such a service. I will be writing in to our local newspaper, as well as various traveller's magazine.

  • Fu
    Furious with Krisflyer Aug 29, 2010

    Completely agree with you!

    Singapore Airlines is too complacent and arrogant...good for you in letting the media know.

    When you do write to your local papers and travel magazines, please be sure to pass on the relevant email addresses. I want to write in to them and tell them how Singapore Airlines has treated my family as well.

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  • De
    Debbie Ash Apr 10, 2018

    @Furious with Krisflyer I would be happy to learn about a group who could assist us with our complaints of misconduct by Singapore airlines to its passengers, and where by the passenger can reach the call center and public relations easily and issues can be dealt with on a fair and personal level and not have a list of untruths and a shower of haughtiness and arrogance and denial to an incident. I agree, Their customer service is most shocking, and lacks any kind of basic etiquette. Absolutely no hint of apology or customer respect.
    Please let me know if you have found a sympathetic and trustworthy representative who can attend fairly to complaints that are raised..
    It's even more frustrating to receive a bunch of made ups and blames made to all but their own staff... by the head of customers affairs herself ... there is no one to turn to...have you found anyone id love to tell the media ????

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  • Kk
    kk112233 May 13, 2012

    On the 25 April 2012, I was supposed to fly to Jakarta with SQ956. The SQ counter told me that even though my itenary has been confirmed, still they would not be able to put me on the flight due to overbooking. I arrived at the check in counter 1 hour and 15 minutes before departure, which is not late at all. Due to this incidence, all my meetings and prearranged schedule has to be delayed and at the end I have to fly with other airline, in which in terms of pricing and sense of safety shall be on the lower standard compared to SQ. And the ground staff saying that they will not be any compensation or anything they will just take us to the other airline check in gate, which is in terminal 3 Changi. And when we arrived 5 ( me and other 4 deserted passangers due to the same overbooking problem) of us couldn't board on the supposed to be closest timing to our original flight as baggage checked in closed already. 5 passangers were in panic due to we all need to be in Jakarta the soonest for meetings etc. At we had to board the next flight with cheaper airline, much longer delayed and paying SQ price, at the end they agreed to reimburse back all of us, 150 SGD each. But what about the loss of times, money and loss of meeting opoortunity that we had to bear due to SQ failure to deliver the service that it supposed to. And do not expect SQ really undertand and follow up properly or at least understand what it means by world class service standards. If only from 1 instance you know that they didnt trait the customer fairly with sense of responsibility and sincerity.

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  • Na
    Navjit Kaur Jul 10, 2013

    Hi my wife travelled on Singapore airlines on 23 June 2013, her handbag was lost by airline and later they send it to me but due to delay my wife has to spend $2500 on clothes, gifts for couple as she was going to marriage, now I made a componsation claim which they refuse to pay her name is navjit Kaur traveled on 23 June ref no 9810500035 tag no 8704539

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  • Ne
    never SQ Oct 09, 2014

    My plane from Singapore to Zurich was late due to delayed incoming plane from Shanghai. After finally preparing the machine for my planed Zurich flight the total delay was 4 hours and 32 minutes. I wrote to Singapore Airlines customer service only to get a reply that none of the European customer protection rights were applicable. A second email did not resolve anything. I am frustrated and upset. Consider not to fly with them.

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  • Mi
    Misstaken May 11, 2015

    Its taken three years for Singapore airlines to admit fault after me and my son were delayed by 12hours stuck on hot plane with no food and water while they tried to fix mechanical fault. I'm still waiting for the compensation cheque and they're only offering 600euros per person too

    Need to add we were stuck on plane for 6hours on tarmac unable to get off to.use toilet or get food and water, we were then 12hrs delayed to get to final destination. Customer service is rude even though they've admitted to the CAA that it was Singapore airlines fault therefore compensation is payable

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Singapore Airlines misrepresented the destination of Singapore on the dates they recommended us to visit with four expensive tour packages. We meet in person directly with Singapore Airlines, Manila. We sold the tickets with promises of great shopping, great food and great museums -- but the dates they suggested we travel "Valentine's Day" the entire city was closed, no restaurants, no museums, no shopping for a solid three days.
They also misrepresented the 3-star hotel they booked us into a part of the 5-star Peninsula Group.
They also said they had the ingredients to the food they served on the aircraft (we have an egg allergy so we asked) and they said there were no eggs in the food. It was a very simple meal of plain broiled chicken, steamed vegetables and mashed potato. After getting very sick we contacted the Singapore Airlines corporate office and they informed us that there were in fact eggs in the mashed potato!
We have been told by Singapore Airlines Manila which caused most of the above situation and much more we are concerned about, including their handling of legal documentation of this situation -- and we have been told that we may not complain to the corporate offices of Singapore Airlines and that all complaints from the Philippines may only go through the Manila office -- even though it is they we are complaining about.

We notice on the web, that, although Singapore Airlines makes a focus of their very large advertising campaigns that they have great customer service -- on the web it appears that Singapore Airlines is one of the most-complained about airlines. And that much of the complaints involve the airline ignoring their complaint. We have found this to be the case.

And finally after months of trying to get through to them, the Manila office "just to make us go away" offered us four tickets of far far less value than the cost of the package we had bought from them. And then within three weeks of issuing the tickets, they wrote to us that they halved the validity dates of the tickets and other changes which made the tickets virtually worthless. So it seems there is no end to the games they play -- it seems the purpose of the tickets was just to get us to sign a release that we could not understand and which would cause us to shoulder and indemnify the airline for all claims by other parties regarding things like their misrepresenting the hotel.

Beware of Singapore Airlines regarding anything they ask you to sign. We edited what we signed to make sense and they took the form away and put another in front of us which we wrote in tidy letter next to the section we din't understand that we don't understand this -- and they took the form away and put another in front of us and told us not to write anything or the offer would immediately expire. So we signed it with "Under duress and protest" under our signature and they accepted it. We asked them to keep all of the other forms we signed as they directly relate to the situation and their behavior, but they have refused. In fact after we left they made changes to the form we signed not in our presence and then sent us a copy of it as "final".

We have been loyal customers of Singapore Airlines for many years and have even written positive reviews about them and the city of Singapore in the past.

never received our refund

This was a letter of complaint written to Silkair.

Hi, I wish to highlight that Silkair procedures to manage refunds to your customer simply does not work.

I bought a return Silkair ticket to travel from Singapore to Manado on the 6 Nov 2009 on MI 274 and back from Manado to Singapore on 9 Nov 2010 on MI 273. (Ticket number [protected]). The price of the ticket was $316 including taxes and I paid for it using my UOB credit card.
On the day of departure on 6 Nov, I was informed by the Silkair counter at Changi Airport that I needed to show the same exact UOB credit card I used to pay for the ticket. Given that I would change my wallet everytime I travel, I did not bring that credit card. I was asked by the Silkair staff to buy another ticket on the spot to fly from Singapore to Manada on the same flight I have already paid for simply because I did not bring my credit card even I have the proper travel documentation that obviously matches the ticket details.
I paid for the ticket, paid another $316 using a Citi credit card for the very same flight (ticket number 618 [protected], booking reference L6VXQL). I was informed by the Silkair staff that I would be receiving my refund into my UOB credit card within 8-10 weeks just like any other purchases done with the credit card and refunded later.
Eight weeks later, I decided to call up Silkair in Jan 2010 since I did not receive any refund into my UOB credit card. I was told that it was not yet 11 weeks so we would have to wait till 11 weeks until we would get the refund. Another 3 weeks later in Feb 2010 (on the 11th week after the day of flight), I called up Silkair again, they told me they are still processing the refund. I followed up with another 5 calls, and spoke to various Silkair call centre staff, namely Piers, Valentine, Steven, Dawson and Pamela, over the next few weeks. Again and again, they promised to give us a call back the next day to let us know if it has been resolved and we never got a call back even though we had to repeat the same story everytime we called Silkair. No records of our conversations or notes for the call centre was maintained, and I have a reason to believe that Silkair has no interest in helping the customer in getting the refund at all.

We have trusted Silkair and paid for an additional ticket on the spot for the same exact flight we paid for earlier when we were told we would get a refund 8-10 weeks later. Now we have tried numerous times to contact Silkair but was never able to get a satisfactory answer or as to when we are able to get a refund.

It has been more than 3 months (or 14 weeks) since I have paid for the ticket and promised a refund. Does it take an airline associated with Singapore airlines more than 3 months take to refund a $316 ticket which they have asked a customer to pay for on the spot because they did not bring the credit card they used to pay for the ticket, even though they had the proper travel documentation? I am utterly disappointed by the service or rather NO SERVICE provided by Silkair because:
i) they never refunded us the ticket price of $316 after more than 3 months of promising the refund
ii) Silkair had no interest in helping the customer to get the refund given there was no record kept in our numerous conversations with their staff and their staff never did call us back once even thought they promised to return the call
iii) There is no official way to provide a feedback directly to a manager who could make a decision via the phone number [protected].

From this experience I have gone through which I would share with my friends and family, it is very difficult to imagine us ever flying with Silkair again. I hope to hear from Silkair soon, if ever and not have to call back 6223 8888 again.

  • Pe
    Petrina Apr 22, 2010

    I understand your pain on SilkAir's "helpfulness" towards customers. I have recently booked online for 2 tickets (ticket no 6292100994634) for my manager and his partner to go from singapore to Shenzhen. Upon payment online, I have realised due to technical faults (the dates have changed on me when I hit the submit button), the return date was wrong.

    I have tried to call several times to SilkAir Customer Service, but no one could help me. I cancelled the booking as a result, and realised I was charged a hefty fee for this technical error. The service people over the phone says there are no execptions and charges every customer this cancellation fee. I believe a lot of people have fell for this.

    Now I have to wait 8 to 10 weeks, and I don't even know if I will ever get a full refund after reading your post. UOB says they are unable to do anything, and it is all on SilkAir's hands. I have informed all customers and business partners to be careful when booking through SilkAir. All this happened in less than half an hour, and I thought I was quick enough to salvage the situation, but I was wrong. My customer had a similar issue with another airlines (NWA), and they acted immediately on it and refunded him the ticket value, and also added an additional 25, 000 miles to satisfy their frequent customer.

    I urge SilkAir to read customers' feedbacks seriously and have a dedicated team for customers' concerns and satisfaction.

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  • Ji
    jimmy-lee Oct 10, 2010

    I have the similiar problem. Their staff are very polite, but could no t solve the problem for you. call singapore CASE(customers association of singapore). they will help you in some way.

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  • Ab
    AbyAb Jun 26, 2013

    Complaint - Silk Air / Singapore Airlines

    My ticket details.
    Singapore Airlines - BLR to SIN 15th June, 2013
    Silk Air - SIN to LOP 16th June, 2013

    Silk Air - LOP to SIN 23rd June, 2013
    Tiger Airways - SIN to BLR 23rd June, 2013

    I travel a lot, on a lot of flights - Emirates, Qatar Airways, Air Arabia, Air Asia, Tiger Airways, Singapore Airlines, Silk Air, etc.
    But, this was a crazy incident - both onward and return.
    I travelled from Bangalore to Lombok (Indonesia) via Singapore and back as mentioned above.
    I did not have a Singapore Visa as I was not planning to get down at Singapore.
    This is the worst experience I have had and would never want to travel Singapore Airlines / SilkAir and will not recommend to anyone.

    First of all, when I reached Lombok, one of my check-in baggage which was checked in directly from Bangalore did not reach Lombok. (I had totally two checked in luggage - 1 came).
    Heard there is a compensation, but no news of when and where I will get it, who will give it, etc. I did not have any clothes. I had to buy everything. And, nobody (concerned Silk Air staff at Lombok) had any clue whether I will get my luggage back or not.
    The luggage came to my villa resort the next day afternoon. (after around 30 hours).

    Then, when I came back from Lombok to Singapore, they did not do direct check in of luggage to Bangalore. They asked me to do it in Singapore.
    I was fine with it. They asked me to contact the transfer desk and they will help me out.
    I went to the transfer desk in Singapore. They told me that I have to get past immigration and check in the luggage.
    As I did not have a Singapore Visa, this was not possible. Hence, I lost my 2 check in baggage. They told me I cannot take the Tiger Airways flight back to Bangalore as they are aware that I have 2 check in luggage and that I would have to buy a non-low cost flight which will do check in of my luggage for me. I told them that my brother is in Singapore (who was travelling with me) and he would take my luggage. Then, they allowed me to travel, without my check in luggage. They wrote that I do not have any check in baggage and asked me to sign it.

    I would like to complain about these two incidents to the concerned heads and also I want to let everyone know about how Singapore Airlines / Silk Air / Tiger Airways staff at Singapore transfer desk treated me.

    What they should have done:
    At the time of verification at Bangalore Airport (Singapore Airlines), they asked me for my Singapore Visa. I told them that I do not have it as I am not getting out at Singapore. Then they asked me to show the return ticket. I showed them my return ticket from LOP to SIN via Silk Air and SIN to BLR via Tiger Airways. I was let in without any problem.
    If there was any issue with check in baggage, they should have notified me then and there itself.

    Also, at Lombok Airport, they told me to contact the transfer desk at Singapore and the check in baggage can be transferred. Here, if they had told me that I cannot take check in baggage without getting out, I would have carried it as hand luggage and would have had no problems at all. (atleast, I could have taken one of the luggage as hand luggage). This was not informed.

    Also, the staff at Singapore transfer desk were very rude to me. And, whenever I mentioned "YOU", all the staff were taking it personally. But, when we say "YOU", we mean the aircraft group and not any one person. They should understand this.

    These information should be given prior to travelling and not while I am stuck at the airport having no other way than to let my baggage go.
    What if I was travelling alone? I would have lost my baggage or would have had to buy another flight ticket.
    What if I did not have money to buy another air ticket? Should I stay at the airport terminal?

    This is very poor service from Silk Air, Singapore Airlines.

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unacceptable service

Dear Ma’am/ Sir,
I would like to complain and file a claim for the inconveniences and unprofessional service of Singapore Johannesburg.
We purchased our air return tickets for 4 persons (booking ref: JXZPMH) last 24 June 2009, almost 3months prior to departure date which was on 20 Sept. returning on 17 Oct. Our flights from Johannesburg and Singapore went smooth but the problem arises when we are returning from manila- Johannesburg. I phoned your manila office on 15 Oct. in the morning as would like to reserve my preferred seats, at that time everything was in order and I was advised to go online 48hrs. prior to the departure for check-in. So I went online but couldn’t get access. The following morning I phoned Singapore office again only then I came to know that our booking was suspended by certain Margaret of Galileo in South Africa and I was ask to call back @4pm Manila time to follow up, that was when our ordeal started. They told us that due to agent being defaulter we have to buy another ticket as our return ticket is no longer in effect. We phone our agent so many times and lucky for us that they had a heart to pay the due to your office but even after they had received the payment, I don’t believed that they had extended their service to lessen our inconvenience. That night we thought everything was sorted out and that all I have to do is phone your office in the morning for the seats, but unfortunately nobody picks up the phone even after so many attempts, so we decided to go 3hrs. prior to departure time and we were there on the dot, we were the first in the queue and we end up to be the last passengers to check-in. We were standing there with our 2children right in front of your staff with no place to sit on for almost 3 hours, they couldn’t issue us our boarding passes as we didn’t have a confirmed booking for Singapore-Johannesburg flight and it was fully booked, in fact we been told that we don’t have booking for Manila-Singapore as well it’s just that there were still seats available that’s why they managed to do it then and there, after hours of waiting and so many calls we made to South Africa at our expense, they managed to do something but we still don’t have the confirmed connecting flight to Johannesburg, the confirmed flight they issued us was only for 19 Oct. flight which was more than 24hrs. As we reached Singapore we went to the transfer desk and we been inform that there’s still no seats available for the connecting flight, they gave us choices of either to wait as chance passengers but they told us that our chances was slim because we were looking for 4 seats they even said “it’s a miracle if we get in “ or to take the confirmed flight available which was 19 Oct with no accommodation and not even meals to compensate for the inconveniences, transit hotels cost +/-S$80pp for 6hr block and we can’t even go out of the airport to choose a cheaper hotel as my husband needs a visa. Calculating the amount of unexpected expenses, we opted to be chance passengers and the same time I was also preparing ourselves for the worse scenario of might not be able to get in the connecting flight and that we have to wait for more than 24hrs. so I kept the S$40 voucher which I got from the stop-over package aside (at least that will cover a meal for us) but I wasn’t able to use it and got wasted because they only entertain us after they have closed the check-in counter and by the time they confirmed the seats to us there’s hardly anytime they gave us the boarding passes less than 20mins. and we were told to rush as the boarding lounge will close 10mins. before the flight with almost a mile distance, we were forced to rush with the children on foot as there’s no golf cart around and the lady that assisted us didn’t even had the courtesy to request a lift for us knowing that we are short of time and that there were children with us.
The experience we had travelling with Singapore Air was totally unacceptable!!!. After paying for the full amount 3 months prior to our departure this is what we got extremely bad service and I don’t think your staff had given justice to you Company’s integrity.
1) Granted that the travel agency owed you money, we as the traveler didn’t know anything about it, all we know is that we paid the full due to the agent and that’s it! then why we had to suffer like that, the procedure your office in South Africa took just to get their money back was not fair at all. Why we have to be caught in between, we were already on our way back on a holiday trip why only less than 48hrs of our return flight your office decided to cancel our ticket, we were so helpless as we were away. Your Airline have issued confirmed return tickets to us which I believed and any traveler would agree that it’s your responsibility to have in effect till our return. It even plays on Singapore Air recordings on the phone that” confirmed tickets don’t need to reconfirm” how come in our case you just cancelled it like that, knowing that we have already flew half of the journey and we are away from South Africa. Lucky for us that the agent had the heart to pay, but what if they did not?, how do you expect that the agents will care and pay for they clients, what if they didn’t pay? You expect us to pay and take out such a big amount of cash right away just to save ourselves at the end of our trip, I don’t think you took your clients in consideration while doing all these. I don’t feel your office gave justice the fact that we have chosen to fly with your airline.
2) After you office have received the payment, Why didn’t your company extend effort to make it less in convenient for us? Why we didn’t see any arrangement made knowing that you have cancelled our confirmed schedule? Why we weren’t given a priority? We felt that we were treated like beggars left with no choice but to hear what your representative has to say. We were given a confirmed flight for 19 OCT, 24hrs after or supposed flight with no accommodation and not even meal arrangement. Is these the kind of service you give to your customers? We are Expats here in South Africa and we are frequent flyers of Emirates and Etihad, we travel once or twice a year. We been travelling a lot but we never had such bad experience like this with other airlaines.This is the first time we flew with Singapore Air but after this I’ll think twice flying with Singapore again. It’s the worst ground service we ever had.
3) The Last time I spoke to Ms. Brenda of Singapore Johannesburg office a day after we arrive to complain regarding the bad services and experience we had, she took our details and promised to get back to me but she never did, I even left a message a week after as she wasn’t available even then she never return my call, it’s now almost a month and I haven’t heard anything from your representatives. Is this they way you do cutomer service?
I’m hoping for your kind consideration and prompt action regarding this matter and I’m really looking forward to get some justice for what happened to us.
Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,
Myrell G. Wafai
Contact no:+[protected]

incompetent inflight crew

I was a passenger on board the above flight seated at Row 73 C. Occupying the First Row in the 4 mid-row seats (Row 71 or Row 72, I am not sure of the exact Row number) was an expat family with 2 young children.

During the entire flight, I noticed that the children to be quite active and restless. However, the worst was to come as the flight was starting its descent whereupon the children started screaming their heads off and the parents did not appear to be in control of the situation. The children became extremely distressed and frantic and needless to say, the noise from their tantrum was unbearable to the rest of the passengers seated in the Upper Deck.

Not once, did any of the Inflight Crew come forward to try and remedy, let alone abate, the situation.

This is most unacceptable. Such apathetic attitudes would correspondingly raise concerns as to whether or not the Crew would be competent if a serious safety or security issue should arise during a flight. There were two senior stewardesses (in the green uniform) covering the Upper Deck and a host of other Inflight Crew members. I would have expected that leading stewardesses should have well acquired the necessary skills to handle such a situation, which to my knowledge and experiences of flying, is the most basic common problem that is likely to occur on any given flight.

It was blindingly evident that the children were unable to cope with the change in air pressure during descent. All that was required was to issue each child with a lollipop or something similar on which they could suck so as to dispel the build-up of pressure in their ears. Invariably, the parents themselves shoulder the majority of the accountability; knowing and anticipating their children’s difficulties, they should have consulted with their family pediatrician for suitable remedies prior to taking the flight.

The situation was further hampered when the Inflight Crew turned off the inflight entertainment movies whilst the tantrums were ongoing. Had the inflight entertainment remained active, the passengers could have tuned in to some music or some other audio visual distraction in an effort to abate the noise from the children.

At disembarkation, there was a leading stewardess sporting a plastic fixed smile on her face, standing at the aircraft doorway seeing off the passengers. When I mentioned that something should have been done about screaming children on a flight, she ignored me and looked away.

This experience has simply reinforced my impression of the Singapore Girl icon as “nice to look at but a total loss in crisis management”. Notwithstanding the Singapore Girl icon reflecting upon the image of the Airline Company itself, the entire Inflight Crew consisting of male and female staff were totally hopeless in this crisis situation. Inevitably, an airline is only as good as its crew.

I had to surf the internet to obtain the postal address of Singapore Airlines and whilst doing so, I noted there were an alarming number of passenger complaints about Singapore Airlines, which surprised me. This, coupled with what I witnessed on flight SQ 856, throws the Airlines image in a whole new light.

Perhaps the time has come for SIA Management to seriously take stock of and review its Inflight Service Training Manuals.

  • Al
    Alexnh09 Dec 02, 2009

    You should write in to the management and have them investigate about this. That will prompt some action.

    Well, this is also why Cathay Pacific is named the best airline.

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  • Oo
    Oozzy Dec 04, 2009

    Firstly, if you have been a regular traveller you will realise that using of headphones is not allow during take-off and landing period due to safety concerns. As they may delay your reaction to emergency thus the entertainment systems are always off during this crucial period. This regulation is applicable to Singapore Airlines but im not sure is it the same for other airlines.

    Secondly, during the descent period passengers including all cabin crew have to be seated for landing and strap in. So during such situation, as much as the crew will like to help the parents, they are not allow to move away from their seats. I have been a loyal customers to Singapore Airlines for many years and whenever such situations arises, the cabin crew were always there to assist and lend a helping hand. You have to understand that cabin crew have their safety regulations to adhere to.

    Alot of times parents brought their infants and children on flight without knowing what is their responsibilites. They expect the cabin crew to be their helpers or nannies which almost all the times the cabin crew are happy to do so. So in situation like this i think its the parents responsibility to pacify their child instead. And anyway crying is good for the child to dispel the air blockage in their ears.

    Especially on short flights and on Hongkong flights, I always see how the cabin crew managed to provide a full service with such tight flight time with so much effort and yet with grace. Singapore Airlines crew always work harder than the crew in the other airline if you had noticed. And being a singaporean myself, i must say i pity the crew when i see my fellow countrymen giving them a hard time. So i hope you should give credit to their hard work instead of condemn the airline due to one such situation.

    I won't say they are always the best. To err is human, once awhile they made mistakes but what about the hundred or thousand times that they make it right and provide you with one of the most enjoyable and best service. Have you ever tell them how much you appreciate their service and compliment them on it. So the next time when you try to be a difficult passenger, pause for a second and think - they are just another human beings who work for a living and not deserved to be mistreated.

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  • We
    Weina Feb 02, 2010

    true about the fact that we should appreciate their good services but this is a complaint board. And the truth about life is that people always tend to remember the bad things and complaint about it more than the positive experiences.

    looking at the writer's situation, she simply meant that the children needed to be entertained in order to stay calm. She did feedback to the staff at the end of the flight but it was obviously brushed off. Should the staff had the empathy and responsiveness, she should have handled the feedback well instead of ignoring it totally.

    Overall, the writer has not mentioned about the good things they have done but she has not mentioned that she did not appreciate any either. She was just focusing on this problem that she thinks that she should raise. This problem sounds very convincing to me as it is definitely supposed to be part of the basic training practices. Such procedures are even taught in games.

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no food; no ac; no miles

I flew Singapore Airlines SQ 11 from LAX to Narita to Singapore, and returned on SQ 12 from Singapore, to...


1. In Oct 2008 I've made a booking at Singapore airlines website ( for the flight Colombo - Singapore - Colombo, booking reference. This booking was made for me by my sister with her VISA credit card. Full amount of ~$750 was charged by Singapore Airlines from my sister's account three weeks before I had to board my flight.<br />
Important to say, that with the confirmation that was sent to my e-mail, was the new one rule, not mentioned during the booking rule - "Since you are not part of the traveling party, you will be required to sign a letter of indemnity (LOI) and submit it personally, by mail, or by fax to the nearest Singapore Airlines office".<br />
<br />
2. In according with the said above, my sister signed this letter of indemnity, and we sent it to Singapore Airlines office in Tel-Aviv, Israel by fax (she libes and works in Israel). After sending she called to their office, and they approved, that they got this letter and now "Everything is OK, no need to come".<br />
<br />
3. Nov 2008 I was denied boarding to my flight from Colombo (Sri-Lanka) to Singapore. As far as local Singapore Airlines officials explained, it was "some problem with my reservation". Because of their extremely bad english, they could not explain what's a problem exactly. I've tried to tell them, that my sister was charged in a full for this flight, and that's impossible that any problem remains. They did not respond, but asked to see my (again - MY credit card, not sister's!) credit card.<br />
<br />
4. They took from me the credit card for about 5 minutes, and returned it back with already printed transaction(!) for LKR 226, 800 (~$2, 067) and asked me to sign it. They said, that for security reasons I need to sign it and explained that they will refund me for this amount later. Again, they could not explain what does it mean "security reasons" and why do I need to pay $2, 067 in addition to $750 already paid for the tickets. I said, that my sister was fully charged and I do not intend to sign this transaction in this case. They answered, that if I do not sign amount of $2, 067- I would be denied boarding.<br />
<br />
5. I said, that no way I sign in any case, and they had no legal right to use my credit card for payments without my permission and authorization. After that I said, that if they do not let me board my flight - I demand from them official letter where the reason of this denial to fly will be stated, and later we will meet in the court.<br />
<br />
6. They talked sinhala language (Sri-Lankan language) between them for about 5 minutes, so I could not understand what they are talking about. They made some calls as well. Finally they decided to let me board my flight. I asked them, that I need to be sure, that this amount of $2, 067 will not be charged and they said "Don't worry mister, thats OK".<br />
<br />
7. Some time ago I discovered that I was charged by Sri-Lankan Airlines(!) for $2, 067 mentioned above in addition to $750 already charged from my sister's account.<br />
<br />
8. I talked a lot with Singapore Airlines call center, thеy asked to send them "unused coupons" for Colombo-Singapore-Colombo flight. However, as I said above, I did not buy any additional tickets. That's why I had no any "unused coupons" to send them back.<br />
<br />
9. A problem wasn't solved till nowdays (6 month!) and, actually, in according to the law, I have to apply to the singaporean court in order to get refund...

  • Pa
    Paul Harding Aug 17, 2010

    we have been trying to get someone to hear our complaint, singapore arlines the best in the world, i do not think so because they did not care or did not even have the courtesy to make a simle phonecall we were involved in a near fatal car accident, our whole family could have died, we told them this and today still no respose, from them not even please explain even though we did or i am sure we can sort this out just a blank page will someone please hear our plea, they need to be accountable for their actions, please can anybody help us Paul and Noreen Harding

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unfair cancellation charges of £200.00

I would like your help on my rights as a consumer in UK against SIA operating in UK, which has unfairly charged me £200.00 for the cancellation of my flight from London to Singapore. I went to the SIA Krisflyer members online website on 20 Jul 2009 for a flight to Singapore on 1 Aug 2009. I paid for the flights using my credit card £947.20. On 22 July 2009, I found out that my girlfriend would not be in Singapore on 1 August 2009 so I went online to cancel the booking. On 28 July, I received an email from SIA that they would refund the fare I paid less cancellation charges of £200.00. I have received the refund less the £200.00 which SIA has insisted they I was bound by their terms and conditions and they were entitled to charge me the £200.00 for cancellation. I would like to know what are my rights as a consumer to recover some of the £200.00 charged as I consider the amount extortionate and unfair. Are such terms and conditions classified as a penalty which I believe is unlawful and voidable in consumer contracts? Also, can I argue that these terms and conditions SIA seeks to rely on are voidable under the Unfair Contract Terms Act and its amendments?
I would really appreciate your help on this as £200.00 is a huge amount for me. Thank you. Michael at [protected]

bad customer service

Anyone has any idea, which organisation is looking after travel companies complaints in Australia?

I have just a complaint about Singapore Airlines in Australia. They did cancel my parent travel tickets from Melbourne to Egypt on travel day and reschedule travel two days later without any reasonable reasons. Food on plane was off with such bad smell. I had complained to their customer service officer: “Dianne” in Melbourne airport, and she was so rude with us. I sent complain to Victorian Consumer Affairs. They sent letter to us advising that they will keep this complain in records for statistics data, but they don’t have such power to push Singapore Airlines for any compensation. Anyone has any idea, which organisation is looking for travel companies complain in Australia? I lost two days from my work and I need to know where to go??

Please note I have already sent formal complaint to Singapore Airlines Australia... It's useless, and their customer service is not that friendly... Not only service and food were so bad, we lost money from delaying our trip which is not fair... Tickets are supposed to be legal contract and they should not breach contract or they should compensate customers... Any help within Australia agents??



unhelpful & condescending

Two years ago I moved to Shanghai but I tried to use SIA whenever I can. Sometimes I would go out of my way to support SQ. Twice this year, I tried to use my miles and both times the returning flights were on wait list. How can one travel without knowing if one can return? I called their customer service, spoke to their supervisors then their superiors and their attitude was you could get the return flight if you use more miles (a lot more) for a standard seat. His tone was condescending. Why offer economy saver if you are forcing your customer to buy standard seat? I have no problem using my miles with United Airlines or any members of the star alliance but with SIA/Krisflyer I feel cheated, and humiliated. I will use up my miles as quickly as possible but once that is done, I will not fly on SQ and I will tell all my friends why. Very disappointed SQ

  • Ua
    UA - 1K Sep 02, 2009

    This is policy - if you flew more than once in a lifetime - you would read and understand airline policy and T&Cs before you agree to them (i.e. via your purchase of the ticket and obtain UA miles -- SQ has their own program and code shares with UA - but each have their own rules and StarALliance rules).

    Also pending MP status, ticket fare basis, etc - different benefits are provided .

    Try to read, comprehend and act responsible before moaning about what you didn't get... and think that you are "entitled" to...

    UA and SQ are good/great airlines - and may make errors- but they also compensate if they are wrong or are supposed to (either via Contract of Carriage or via keeping revenue generating passengers happy - these latter category applies to those who generate $50k+/year not your once a year APAC trip MP miles while sitting in economy)...

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