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An employee (Caucasian) called the security guard on my visibly ethnic boyfriend because he was lost and looked lost, as he was looking for me at the store. The security guard then followed him and continued to do so even after the situation was apparent to him that he was looking for me and he found me. Then he started getting closer to my boyfriend and I, eavesdropping on our private conversation, watched us kiss and hug unaware of him. Then I go to checkout and realize he is follow me and leaving no room for personal space, he could see me use my card, he could see my items and when I noticed and asked him to please not stand so close to me and we have done nothing wrong he failed to oblige. I need to mention that to alert the guard she didn't go up to him and speak instead she made a loud PA announcement and both her and the security guard handled the situation very horribly and it seems very targeted because they would not stop staring at us despite the situation being obvious that he was looking for me then found me. So basically my very harmless and mind you defenseless boyfriend who just wanted to get out of there because he was uncomfortable and didn't want to cause any trouble was racially profiled and I suffered from the same invasion of personal space as a result.
Now what are the steps are you taking as a company to fix this?

Aug 21, 2019

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