Shoppers Drug Martnintendo switch redemption points event

I went in to buy a Nintendo switch with points I saved up to buy switch over 250, 000 points and when item was scanned it said I can only earn points not redeem.

So what's the point in having points if you can't use them?? They said because I had 20x points offer loaded I wasted about 2 hours buying and returning [censored] to try and get it to work it was on redemption points event also so i missed out on all the deals the main purpose I went to store in first place such a waste of time and effort you guys need to figure out your glitched out system otherwise you're basically just scamming people to buy more on your stupid 20x day deals just to get more points that they can't even use.

And to top it off everytime I walk into one of your locations I get followed around or the security cameras get asked to be turned on like I was choosing a bag of chips and this guy obviously watching from side of isle comes up and asks me if I need help? Need help what deciding what chip flavour I'm gonna choose?
Idk if you train your employees to follow customers around the store but it's out of hand.

Jul 29, 2019

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