Shoppers Drug Martbacon, sausage hotdogs, pepperonis

Went to the shoppers at
900 Albion Rd Etobicoke
The bacon was on sale as per
Pick it up checked date it was
July 17 2019 bb
It had all expired called manager
Joseph Kalanithi
He was not surprised the look at all the other meat it all expired with different dates of july on it i ask him why when this is the middle of Aug
He couldn't answer me and walked away asked for hid card he gave me some look but went And got it
This meat is all pork some one is going
To get vert sick from it and they think they bought fresh meat unbeatable
Called shoppers head office the girl i. The other end wasn't sure what would happen said some one will get back to me no one called as of yet
This is very unexpected how many other shoppers have this out dated meat trying to sale it off

Shoppers Drug Mart

Aug 18, 2019

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