Shoppers Drug Martthe security guard

L Jul 15, 2019

I went to shoppers drug mart around 1030 last night to buy a case of pop. I waked I'm amd went to the back where I know the pop to be kept. As I walked I noticed a man following oddly close to me I stopped and asked if there was a problem. He said "yes I'm following you" i said " I see that is there a reason for this" he said yes you were at main and Sherman driving away with a girl hanging out of your car ?? I said no I'm sorry you are mistaken it was definitely not me. He than went to the front of the store and said you were in this car and started writing sown the plate ... to a car that doesn't belong to me but I do drive. I than asked for his name so I could phone his company and get to the bottom of this because I'm sure this is not the protocol. He said no.i don't have to do [censored] it was you I know what I saw. He was yelling. He was rude ... beyond rude and I was humiliated in front of the staff and all the remaining customers I'm he store. I paid for my pop and two bags of candy and left. I called my husband crying he was around the corner waiting for me to get him and we went to try and get his name and information to call his boss and see if this was proper behaviour he was getting in my face and my husbands and yelling. At this time the employees called the police. We went outside and waited about 20 mins and because we have children at home we left. I don't know if the police came or not. I paid with my bank card and they have my husbands plate number so clearly we're not hiding. However i had just dropped off my twelve year wa d his friends what if they were with me. I use this location actually was there earlier in the day and I go multiple times a day I feel humiliated and attacked and it was very wrong to have happened at all. I did not do what he is accusing me of I am a forty year old mother of five and this Behaviour is u acceptable. I will be Calling the head office to follow up on this

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