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Reviews and Complaints

Shoppers Drug Martpharmacy staff

Today at 130pm pharmacy staff called for my father using a very rude tone of voice saying they wanted to know why he was changing pharmacy. I explained they only do 1 week of blister packs at a time.and the other place does 4 and also wont charge him for filling. Where this location charges for 5 of his 9 pills.which by the way the staff member denies they but we have the slips from them with the charges every week.
My dad has early altimerz and is recovering from small cell lung g cancer and has Advance heart failure. He just wants 4 week at a time and ALL the excuses this person said to me on the phone and the tone of voice used is Not good customer service and disgusting to think who else they talk to like this. I demand someone contacts me regarding this matter and answers be given. Again disgusting service. [protected] Eleanor Welch