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I use a laptop and am not able to print . So as a Shoppers Drug mart customer for more years than I wish to say, am so disappointed..
in this new print a coupon for your rewards. Spent the required amount and to my surprise did not get the 10 times the bonus Went back to my lap top and saw. I made a point of purchasing the amount for the reward. NO COUPON, did not get the reward. No coupon, no rewards .. MMM Is this not becoming a save the paper soceiety, so why the do you require the coupon in a paper form. MM
Then I talk to others at work and find that they receive coupons in the mail and I do not. I get every e-mail and flyer. Why do I not get the mail out coupons that I COULD USE. Are they only mailed to a selected few in Canada. Mail is a good thing when you cannot print. Have lost out on so much I could have used and that is a disappointment to me.
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How do you decide who to mail these to? Am laptop user with no print abilities.


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    Bellamie Sep 23, 2013

    Having a laptop doesn't mean you cannot print. I print from mine all the time. Not having a printer makes you unable to print. This isn't Shopper's Drug Mart's problem, it is yours.

    If you are that keen on getting your coupons then ask a friend to print them, or go to the library and pay 5 cents a copy - still a savings, or buy yourself a printer.

    I have never heard of Shopper's mailing out coupons to anyone.

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