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L Dec 01, 2018 Review updated:

I was just RACIALLY PROFILED by a SHOPPERS DRUG MART EMPLOYEE, Avondale and Bramlea location 😱😱😱

Dear Shoppers Drug Mart CANADA...I recently went to one of your locations off of Avondale in Brampton. There I was minding my business as I was looking at some PC teas I was considering buying when "lucky" me, one of your employees walked down the aisle and passed me glancing back at me with no smile no "can I help you find something" no nothing just glanced. I thought nothing of it until she glanced back again...and then again...did I mention she still hadn't said one customer service friendly comment to me yet? Then she disappeared to the back area of the in that moment it hit me...did she think I was a trying to steel something? No no I'm over reacting...but then she came back down my aisle this time staring me down the whole walk down...then I finally said "if you're going to stare at me like that you should at least say hi"...still not a word...I was even considering "just let it go and finish your shopping and be done with it". Until I heard on the PA system "security to front cash"...then I was like "hell no that page better not be for me". So because her cash register was aligned to the aisle I was down I looked over to her register and sure enough she was staring me down yet again...then I couldn't help myself but ask "did you just call security?" Then she responds with "you can pay for your things and leave or talk to security" 😱😱😱😱 I did what any sane individual would and asked to speak to her manager to which she responded with there is no manger here tonight and that she is the supervisor 😱😱😱 then she tries to defend herself saying that every hour they have to make a security announcement page and it was "coincidence" that the page happened when it happened and in addition I was carrying a big bag so that was another cause for me being suspected shop lifter...has any of your jaws dropped to the floor yet??? By the way it was around 8:30pm or so when this happened not on the hour as she claimed ...Well I continued to insist that I get her store managers name and contact number to which she said the persons name to which I said can you write it down for me and she said she can't and proceeded to repeat the name over and over and over again...yeah...then I saw another employee and asked them to write down the store mangers name first name only an then, as he is standing right next to the woman, he tells me that he's not allowed to give me that information and that it is store policy and he could get fired if did give it to me...are your jaws dropping again??? Oh I forgot when I asked for a piece of paper to write managers name down she picked one out of the garbage, flung it on the counter and said "here, that's all I have"...she picked a piece of paper OUT OF THE GARBAGE CAN to give to a CUSTOMER??? ARE YOU SERIOUS???

So Shoppers Drug Mart CANADA, I don't know if it's your store policy to hire RACIST employee who are TRAINED to RACIALLY PROFILE people AND trained to be suspicious of BLACK PEOPLE and people, apparently in general, with large hand bags.

so that was my evening how was yours FB family? 😁


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    Miss Kokom Jul 12, 2019

    Leona Thames, I am very sorry that this incident happened to you. It is unfair and disgusting how some people this it is alright to humiliate other human beings based simply on their skin color. It's shameful. Have you tried a human rights complaint? One lady got an $8000 when she filed a human rights complaint in Ontario.

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