Shoppers Drug Martpharmacy

M Nov 17, 2017

I called the Pharmacy at Shoppers Drug Mart on 885 W Broadway on Thursday November 16, 2017 regarding a medication that needed Special Authority. The pharmacist I spoke with said he would fax over the form for my GP to sign. I then faxed over the prescription with the note regarding the SA form at 1300. Called the Pharmacy to ask if they have received the fax which had gone through on my end no problem. The pharmacist said they didn't receive anything which was clearly a lie. I sent a fax again. When I called back they said they received it this time. I asked about the note regarding the SA and they said they were working on it. This whole process took an hour. Called back at around 1500 and the same pharmacist I have been speaking with now claims I needed to speak to the same pharmacist that I had spoken with in the beginning to process the SA. This is complete bogus as I work in the Health field because anyone of them can call in for the SA. The next time I called back to check on the status of my medication they put me on hold, then hang up on me. They were clearly scanning my number. Called back and then again hold then hangs up on me. Extremely rude customer service and they clearly do not know how to do their jobs. My issue is the store as a whole does not practice customer service even though it is a service industry.

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