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I had called for a prescription refill and when a week or so went by I called the pharmacy asking why my prescription wasn't ready yet. This was a prescription for diabetes medicine that needed approval from my doctor to be renewed.
As my doctor was on vacation I presumed this was the reason for the delay. I had been in to the doctor's office that week and saw the nurse practitioner during my doctor's absence.

It turns out that the nurse practitioner, unbeknown to me had taken me off the diabetic medication . . . but she didn't tell me she was doing that. My husband was in attendance and can verify that I was not informed. The pharmacist said that he would okay the prescription under his own license (whatever that meant). Then when I was in the drug store I went to the pharmacy to see if my prescription was filled. This is when the pharmacist lit into me telling me that I was not allowed to have that medication and that on my say so he had risked his license, his career ... and so on and so on and that I shouldn't have lied to him. I was so upset. I would never knowingly do that to someone. There were a few other things that were said previously, which he lied about then got into a verbal altercation on the phone with my husband. I left the store in tears. He made me feel like a horrible person. I'm not a liar nor a conniver and I certainly wasn't dealing drugs for crying out loud ... this was a diabetic medication!

This pharmacist owner is new to the store, the previous pharmacist owner was incredible and I have written to head office telling them how awesome their pharmacy staff was . . . but as soon as this new pharmacist took over we were noticing mistakes being made in our prescriptions and we began having trouble having our medication delivered. We've dealt at this particular pharmacy for over eleven years with nothing but kudos for the pharmacy & staff ... that is until this guy became the pharmacy owner.

The situation with the nasty pharmacist affected me so intensely that I cried every time I thought of it. I wasn't able to even go into the drug store to buy merchandise because I would choke up and burst into horrendous sobbing. Even writing this ... I'm crying. That pharmacist upset me so much. I don't like being unjustly accused and this guy really accused me of so many things that it has caused me a horrible depression.

End result, we transferred our considerable prescriptions to another pharmacy and we won't buy anything at Shoppers Drug Mart. We are treated so much better by Guardian Drugs than we were by Shopper's Drug Mart. I intend to write head office to let them know that they've lost a long time customer.


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    L.MAGGIE Dec 11, 2013

    There is no excuse for terrible behavior on the part of especially a Pharmacist. These are individuals who are such as upper management for the store. This is a DRUG store and the most important function of the store existence, all other products sold at the Drug store are a sideline product.
    The management detail are responsible for setting the example of interpersonal skill, tact, diplomacy and assisting in good health, not upsetting and creating an environment of discomfort and unhealthy work ethics.
    Whether you as a customer was right...wrong..misunderstood...or misunderstanding what it is that the health professional is communicating, it is the responsibility of the trained (one can only hope, but perhaps the training is wasted on the hopeless) professional to uphold the well being and health of others and including the honorable integrity of responsible tratment towards others with that diplomatic interperson skills used to assist all situations without panic, loss of personal control or disregard for others in any way.
    He didn't carry a tazzer or gun on his hip? Just in case he would need to use extreme force? This last comment is sarcastic and not meant for you. You are not to blame for any of this ridiculous behavior on the part of any of the "professionals" you were dealing with.

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