Shoppers Drug Martmilk buying restrictions

R Aug 16, 2018

Went to buy a couple of milk bags on Thursday Aug 16 at your 24hr location off of Bovaird in Brampton around 7am. When I was told by a clerk that I was not allowed to purchase 2 bags of milk due to your distric Manager's decision that now on Thursdays milk purchases were restricted to one bag.
There was no signs that I saw about this, I find this promotion idiotic..
I guess seniors only buy milk on Thursday's now at Shoppers Drug Mart. I was going to purchase the 2 milk bags and some bagels but ended up leaving everything and went to Walmart instead.
I can understand being restricted if I was buying alot of Milk (like 4+ bags) but 2 bags! So I guess unless I'm a senior my business is not wanted by your company, well no worry as I got that message loud and clear this morning. Your Distric Manager should understand his or her customer base better before implementing these kinds of restrictions. Do you not know how much you sell of it daily? Restrictions like that tell me you are affraid of running out for the senior Milk Stampeed!

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