Shoppers Drug Martmanager

S Sep 10, 2018

Good morning,
I was shopping in Shoppers Drug Mart in North Sydney around 9am. While near the back of the store I could hear the manager, I think her name is Melissa, berating and belittling the blonde girl with the glasses that works the Post Office.
I didn't hear any response from her, but it was quit disturbing. I haven't heard that kind of language and abuse of authority in my many years of work.
Shortly after, the girl left the store obviously and visibly shaken. It was a site to witness and should never happen this day in age, never mind within earshot of customers.
I am appalled that Shoppers Drug Mart employs these types of Managers, and I will not be quiet about this as the public has a right to know how they treat their employees.
I may consider changing stores or entities and take my business wlsewhere.
But I'll take 24 hours to calm down and rethink this incident.
I'm sorry to email you in this capacity, but I too was visibly shaken.


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