Shoppers Drug Martlb sunscreen

K Aug 03, 2018

I purchased LB Sunscreen #85 for $8.99 on June 28th to use on a holiday trip in July. The first and ONLY day that I used it I noticed small particles all over the skin that was sprayed. When trying to wipe them off, it created more of them. Eventually, I had to wash them off and use a different spray. I did not use it again and decided to return it. I did so today. The clerk I dealt with was miserable, did not greet me and after shaking the container insisted it had been used more than once. I said it was used by more than one person but only once. Well she said, the only reason I'm giving your money back is because it's Life Brand and then she saw it was over the 30 days and said it was non refundable. She asked if I wanted it. Why would I want it when it was defective. I left it in the store. I was very upset with her attitude and the manner in which she was speaking to me. There was NO customer service today. I had a house full of guests for most of July and had not even thought about the sunscreen until I was reorganizing my house. I also thought that with a LIFE brand product there was no time period for a return. Shopper's will now be my LAST choice for any shopping. I can sit in the comfort of my home, order from Amazon, which I frquently do, and return any item I want under no constraint or I can visit Costco where I am always well treated and NEVER questioned about a return. If Shopper's wants return customers they had better train the staff and at least teach them how to be pleasant to every person who enters the store.

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