Shoppers Drug Martill treatment of long time customer from store manager, and breach customer trust by skirting around the return policy.

K Nov 25, 2017

Date: November 25, 2017
Invoice number 9990209891011002085633
Reference: [protected]

On November 19, I purchased a water flosser. Arriving home, I broke the seal, and looked inside. I Realized it was not what I wanted. I went to Shopper drug mart (2223 Bloor st.) Trying to return it. The lady at the cashier (Zoe Barnes) was polite. She could not make a decision so she called a supervisor. The supervisor says that it is the store policy that only Life brand electronic product can be return. So, I demanded to speak with a manager. He called his manager Mr. Bhupinder Dhaliwall.

Mr. Bhupinder Dhaliwall was rude and have super ability to turn black into white. He kept putting words into my month.

a) "you already use it, I can not resale it" . I told him that I did not use it. I told Ms. Zoe Barnes as much from the very beginning. Ms. Zoe explain to him what I said, he cut her short. "She does not have to answer you anything..). He said that you can not change your word now, I know what I heard.

b) My staff told you that it was a final sale (it was not a product on sale). I explained to him that no one ever explain to me that it was non returnable. He said that he knows his staff have told me so.

c) "There are fine print, you should read them." I asked him to show me the fine print. He refused. I certainly can not see the fine print any where saying what he said.
d) I asked if he can write down our conversation, so that I can explain to the head office. He said he was not going to write anything. He does not have time to deal with this kind of things.
He was over bearing, rude, and full of self important. I told him about my history of 30 years business with Shoppers, he does not give a damn. It is clear that he is trying to show all around how important he is.

I like to this to be a formal complaint about the unclear return policy. If things are non returnable, it should be clearly stated in the invoice. In the invoice there is a cause of return within 30 days. As well, it should clearly state on the label where the product sold.

If my family's more than five thousand dollars a year worth of drug prescription with your business does not worth a damn to you, then I will move my family drug prescription from shoppers. I sure do not want to deal with people who so very unfriendly.

Kamman Cheung

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