Shoppers Drug Martfilling a prescription: followed around by staff like i'm a thief!


My name is Ted Hajdu. I am currently waiting outside the shoppers drug Mart in Maple Ridge on Dewdney Trunk Road. I was just inside filling a prescription for painkillers because of a serious back condition. The pharmacist informed me at 3:55 pm that my prescription would be ready for pickup in half an hour. It's 4:17 now. Between 3:55 pm and 4:00 pm I was tailed around the store by a staff member. I believe she thought I was going to steal something. When I left the store at 4:00 pm, I verbally commented on her space invading actions, letting her know that I did not approve of her actions. When I was working in the carpenters union, I was earning close to a 6 figure salary. I have a clean criminal record, I am also bondable. I'm writing this to let you know that these actions by staff are unnaceptable, and that should these actions continue, I will seek legal redress.

I can be reached by email at ted.[protected] if you have any questions regarding this matter, and by phone at [protected]. I apologise for bothering you with this matter, but the level of discomfort caused by this incident had compelled me to contact you so that something can be done. Staff at this location must understand that not everyone is a shoplifter.

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