Shoppers Drug Martfalse advertising


I placed an order with Shoppers Drug Mart on Aug 21, 2017. The total amount I spent before tax was $79.66. I made sure to purchase more than $75 worth of cosmetics as at that time they had a promotion going on for extra points and FREE Beauty Bonus bag with $75 worth of purchase. After I placed the order I emailed customer care asking for the color of beauty bag I want as it did not give me the option at the checkout. After over 2 weeks on Sept 05, 2017 a representative replied giving me very generic answer without even addressing my issue. By that time I received my order and did not get any Beauty Bag that they were advertising in their website. I emailed again and three times after that asking what happened. Because the promotion for that bag started on Aug 20 and it is not possible that they would be out of stock by Aug 21. Specially I order actually on Aug 20 MST but is shows Aug 21 on the receipt for timw difference probably. This is worse than FALSE ADVERTISING! They don’t even care and bother to give you a reply. I even emailed them with the screenshot of the advertisement. But they just don’t care. This is unacceptable. O wanted to go beyond just emailing them as I don’t want another customer going through what I am going through. Please help me.

Shoppers Drug Mart

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