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I purchased Infacol for my infant daughter on Aug 11, 2009 at our local Shoppers Drugmart. Gave Infacol to my daughter for 2 weeks and medication was completely not working. She was constantly crying and unsettled, feeding very little and sleeping irregularly. Two weeks later, I happened to notice the expiry date on the Infacol and it said 30/06/08!! This bottle of Infacol was expired for over 1 year!! I went into Shoppers the same day, and eventually spoke with manager, who basically offered me an apology and said these things happen from time to time! How can a pharmacy not care at all knowing fully that they have poisoned this little infant??

Any ideas on where I can go to complain? I've already called the college of pharmacists and the ministry of health.


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    momiin Sep 14, 2009


    I was looking for info when i found this page.
    I had the same problem: bought some tablets at Shopper two days ago, and upon coming home and opening the bottle, i noticed that it is already expired.

    i am not sure where to complain, and if it will have any result at all.

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    Renfrewite Oct 05, 2009

    Contact a lawyer and sue them!! Keep the bottle, and receipt to prove date of purchase. Shoppers drug mart is bad for selling expired crap, the same thing happened to me, but mine was foot cream, so not life threatening. I have reported them to the health board, but you should sue since it's something that was taken internally.

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  • Wine Is Good Jul 22, 2016

    It is not poison. It just won't work as well. I have taken expired medications for years. Every medication has a date on ONLY because federal law says it must, . It does not become toxic. it just loses it's efficiency at a rate of about 10% per year.

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    Corysl Jun 26, 2017

    @Wine Is Good An expired ANYTHING should NOT be on the shelf for purchase in ANY store whether it is toxic or benign

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  • Wine Is Good Jun 26, 2017

    @Corysl Bull. Did you know that the FDA does not require any manufacturer to even use expiration, best by, or sell by dates on any product BUT baby formula? It is not illegal to sell something past the date.

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