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J Nov 14, 2017

The date of the incident: Monday November 13, 2017

I went to the Shopper Drug Mart, at 4000 Highway 7, Woodbridge location to purchase a beauty product, see photo attachment. I have experienced very poor quality of customer service.

When I went to the cash register to pay for the beauty product; "Avene Hydrance", the female cashier was not being courteous; but rather rude. She did not greet me with courteous; but only to stare at me very impolitely.
The female cashier then scanned the beauty product. She has accidentally scanned the item twice (I only went to purchase one beauty product). So, I said to her: "I think you have scanned the item twice, I only have one." She replied" NO, I didn't."
When she finally looked at the computer screen and realized she did scan the item twice by mistake, she did not even apologize for her mistake. She went on and said: "Optimum card?" I gave her my Optimum card and the money to pay for the beauty product.
When she handed back the change to me; she, who was very rudely, put the change on the counter, along with the Optimum card. She did not say anything; not even "Thank you", then went to serve the next customer.
As a long-term customer at Shopper Drug Mart, I have been treated poorly, uncivil and rude behaviour by the cashier is absolutely unacceptable. I demand an explanation from Shopper Drug Mart Head Office.

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