Sheetz, INC / clerk/manager?

1 Plank Road, Altoona, PA, United States

The womanly looking guy that was asked to the counter for my exchange, which I then told him it wasn't bought @ this sheetz, he abruptly refused to take & exchange the vuse (unopened) w/receipt for the correct one I needed! I have been in retail for 45 years - you do not argue w/a customer nor inconvenience one by sending them clear across the opposite direction! I did lose my cool because a sheetz is a sheetz, which this one is the one I normally go to! So I said quitte a few choice expletives & I went clear across town to the sheetz where I bought the vuse to exchange & that manager cindy on beale avenue stateed, because it was not opened & I had the receipt he should have exchanged it! Exactly customer courtesy! This is something many of your sheetz employees lately lack! Perhaps you should think of doing training on customer service as I know personally when your sheetz family was a customer of mine in the past - you were always given very good service by me personally no exceptions! So to rutters I go! Cya

May 16, 2019

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