Shaw Communicationsinstallation of upgrade to present service for my dell desk computer, cell phone, & tablet

Re Sep 21, 2019

I had called Shaw Communications/Cable to inquire about the present service I have with them and they verified that I had just signed a two year contract with them in May 2019. The woman from Shaw that I talked to on the phone said that there was a promotion going on at this time and that I could receive an increase in my Internet speed to 300 and receive a free woman's channel (which I naturally assumed would be on gardening or cooking but it turned out that this 'free' channel was some sort of sex channel and extremely offensive to me and I did not see it until after the young man from Shaw Cable came here to my home on September 8th 2019 which I describe further later in this letter. And my ten year old granddaughter comes to visit me and I most certainly DO NOT such a channel listed on my TV and wether or not it is a 'pay for channel at any time either). The cost for the new service would be three or four dollars less a month so it sounded so very good to me at the time when I talked to the woman representarive from Shaw in my initial first call to them.

The young man who came here to my home to install the modem (I believe is what they called it) was extremely rude towards me. He came here to my home on Sunday, (yes, Sunday, for I questioned this and the woman from Shaw I had spoken to when I agreed to what I believed was an upgrade to my present service) on September 8th, 2019 at approximately one o'clock. When he finished installing the modem which I previously mentioned, he told me that he could set up (now having the new service connected to my TV) my computer (which is a desk Dell computer and older), as well as my tablet, I declined for there was just 'something' about him that did not sit well with me. I told him that I would do this myself and he instructed me to change the password on my Dell computer to the username 'cusadmin' or something similar to this and in any event had absolutlely nothing at all to do with setting up my Dell computer to have the new service. The username 'cusadmin' is written on the new modem he installed.

  • Updated by Reina McMillan · Sep 24, 2019

    Called Shaw Communications/Cable here last night because I had turned off my computer and when I turned it back on several hours later, my Internet Speed is back to 144 Mbps, whereas it had been increased to 300 Mbps with the promotional deal I had agreed to. My Shaw SSID had beeen set at one number but when I tried to re-connect it to this number that SSID was not available. The Shaw representative I talked to last night on the phone actually said to me that there was nothing written about any promotional deal that I got although 'there was some notation about September 8th' ???!!! I have it on my computer here as Shaw sent me the e-mail of the promotion. However it states that I agreed to Internet 100 (the speed for Internet 100 is supposedly to be 100. My computer is saying 144 Mbps). The extremely offensive 'sex channel' on channel #324 has remained on my TV channel listings. I am telling you that if you have to get Internet & Phone services that I DO NOT RECOMMEND SHAW COMMUNICATIONS/CABLE here in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario at all and in the least!!! I sure am upset and frustrated about all of this with SHAW! It sure is one of the worst things I have ever done is to sign a 2 year contract in May of 2019.

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