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This is a copy of a complaint I sent Sears

Repair of Self Propelled push lawnmower

Left for in warranty repair 5/15/09 at Sears store, West Town Mall, Knoxville, TN
Picked up 6/12/09
I have been a long term Sears customer, and have bought my appliances and yard maintenance equipment mostly from Sears for over 30 years, because of Sears service. Because of this experience with trying to get my lawnmower repaired, I am going to have to find a new source for appliances and lawn equipment who can render effective service.

1. The mower’s self propelled feature stopped working.

2. On 5/15/09, I went to my local Sears store in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and verified the mower is still under warranty. The salesman gave me an 800 number to call for service. The person on the phone told me to take my mower to the Sears repair center on Weisgarber Road in Knoxville, TN.

3. Upon arrival at the service center at Weisgarber Road, I learned that facility was closing that day for good, within 2 hours of when I arrived. The clerk at that store told me to take it to Sears and West Town Mall for repair. I expressed that this was quite a hassle, and of course the clerk didn’t care, as it was his last day to work.

4. Upon arriving at Sears in West Town Mall in Knoxville, TN, I was informed that yes, they would be handling repairs, but they had not been trained on what to do, and did not know how to help me.

5. The clerk at the store in West Town Mall told me I would have to take the mower to East Town Mall, MILES oat of the way for me. I refused and told him they would have to figure out how to do the repairs, and I could not teach them how.

6. After finding the manager, which took quite a while, she told me I could leave it and they would ship to Chattanooga, TN to have it repaired.

7. At the West Town Mall Sears store in Knoxville, TN, the personnel took my mower but did not offer to give me a receipt for it, and told me they would call about it. I demanded a receipt, but had to wait until the manager arrived to write a receipt with a salescheck number.

8. After almost a month, I had not heard from the mower repair. In the meantime, we had to pay to have someone cut our grass 3 times.

9. I called on 6/12/09 to the Sears West Town store and spoke with 5 different people who got my name and telephone number and that I wanted to check on the status of the repair of my mower, and each time after holding someone else would answer and I had to start over again.

10. One of the people I spoke with told me the mower had been sent to Chattanooga, TN for repair, where it was sitting waiting on parts to arrive, and I would have to call them for the status. I insisted on speaking with a manager.

11. Finally I was connected with the manager at Sears Lawn and Garden Department in the West Town Mall in Knoxville, TN. She told me the mower was in Chattanooga and I would have to call them for status. She said she would call back and give me a toll free number to call in Chattanooga about the status. She said she could not tell me the status, and it was not her job to tell me. I told her I did not think this was an acceptable way to treat a customer.

12. I called the Sears toll free number, and told them the troubles I was having. I insisted that they should inform the manager it IS her job to check on the status and let me know. The person at the toll free number gave me the number in Chattanooga to call. I told them I didn’t think it should be my job to have to chase down the status of this repair.

13. While I was talking to the toll free number, the manager called on another phone and finally asked for the model number of the mower, serial number, etc.

14. After several more minutes the manager called my wife back, and SURPRISE they had found the mower repaired, at the West Town Mall store where it was available for pickup!

15. Considering all this trouble I have had with Sears on this repair, I cannot help taking a lesson that Sears does not care a d___n about service anymore. Do you know any reason I should think otherwise???? Why should I not next time instead buy from my local hardware store that has their own repair facility on site? Or why should I not by from a local appliance dealer who will be responsible for repairs? Why should I ever buy from Sears again???

16. Maybe another alternate next time would be to go to Best Buy next time. I already know they don’t care about service, and they ARE much cheaper than you are!


  • It
    ItchyNose Jun 12, 2009

    Just like every other company, some stores have better customer service than others. Too bad your experience sucked.

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  • El
    Elios Jul 20, 2009

    I'm in the same situation in New Jersey, could have repaired it myself, and replace the part, but made the mistake of bringing it to a store since it was under warranty. Still waiting 3 weeks now, I know the part replacement was a 15 min job.

    Same as you - will never buy anything from sears which may involve having to send the item back for warranty repair.

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  • Bo
    bonita blessing Jan 03, 2011

    after purchasing an extended warranty i had a problem with my dryer. they came out and didnt have the part so they scheduled to come back it is now that appt day & they still havent shown up meanwhile they want me to pay & extend my warranty now a new time is given i have been waiting for 3 weeks and will be waiting forever DO NOT BUY AN EXTENDED WARRANTY FROM SEARS they do not do what they say they will

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  • Up
    Upset sears customer Aug 02, 2011

    Our dryer quit working, so we called around to find someone to do the repairs. Sears gave us the best estiment, but at what price. We bought an extendend warranty from Sears for our dryer to cover repairs. It has been two weeks and still no repairs. They did come out, looked at the dryer and left without touching it and ordered a part. The part came in, but the tech called and canceled after we took off a day of work. We called Sears talk to the Superviser and got nothing. She basically told us to bad, the tech was over booked and could not make it. Rescheduled again, well the tech made it, but guess what the part the other tech ordered was not the part that went out. Now we are waiting on the part again and dont know when they will be back out to finish the job.

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  • Di
    DisspleasedCustomer Jul 24, 2019

    Same runaround with maintaince and repairs. Mgmt doesnt know or care to help customers unless its a sale.
    Ive have several 2 cycle items replaced and it has taken 3-6 months of telephone calls to get the proper approval.
    Items replaced always had additional charges associated with the replacement item.

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