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Searstv(s) do not work!

First off, let me say I am a mom of a three year old, currently on disability for a bad back (sciatic nerve pain), ordered off work by my doctor and not to be lifting anything heavy. I purchased a Prima TV as a birthday gift for my son from Sears, March 2008. I got the TV home, my 70 year old grandfather and I manhandled the massive box up the two flights of stairs (I live in a townhouse), got the TV set up only to discover it gives off a horrible noise that would not go away. I called Sears and was told to return the TV and exchange it for another one as per their 30 day return policy on electronics. So, I called a friend and asked him to come assist me in removing and returning the TV. I did the exchange at Sears, got the TV home with my friends help and set it appeared to work fine, but after only two weeks all the buttons ceased to function. The remote still worked though. At this point the Sears 30 day return was passed, so I contacted the ghosttown that is Prima Electronics (seriously no one answers the phone) and a service technician came to my home. He declared the TV required a new main board, told me that part had to be ordered directly from Prima and should take about 10 days. So a month goes by, still no part, countless calls have been made by myself and the service company to Prima. Eventually, I get a call from Prima authorizing me to return the Prima TV (again) back to Sears and to either get yet another Prima or another TV of my choice. Being that I am more than a little annoyed with Prima, I choose an RCA TV instead. I get my neighbour to help me this time with the exchange done February 2nd, 2009 and getting the TV into the house, in the process damaging my back further and being left barely able to walk for 3 days. The RCA is set up, and it is giving off a horrible strong odor like a bandaid burning! So, I wonder if this is the "new tv smell" that some electronics give off, but it is VERY strong smelling and does not dissipate after 12 hours of leaving the TV on. I call Sears, they have no more RCA's. From there I am given a run around over the next 34 days, being passed from person to person, being accused of doing something to the TV's, questioned as to why I didn't buy an LCD, treated like total garbage, and finally ended up calling head office. After making FOUR calls to head office, Sarah, Marilyn, unknown person who drops the call after leaving me on hold, Shauna, I am told by the supervisor that someone would come service the TV, she is personally setting this up for March 9th and someone will call to one showed up after two days of waiting. March 10th, 2009 I make call number five and I am told by head office to call another number for "Escalated Divisions". I am told by Tanya, that Sears is not going to service the TV, she refuses to give me her superiors name or number or to transfer the call, tells me to write a letter, have a nice day and proceeds to hang up on me! I call back and get someone equally as rude, who tells me the same thing, pulls the name Jean-claude out of a hat, refuses to connect me or give me a contact number for this person, at which point I lose my temper and yell at her lol She also hangs up. I call back and get Pierre. After explaining the situation for the 7th time and after a lengthy wait on hold, Pierre comes back and says he has waived he 30 day return policy, I may return the TV to Sears for an exchange. I explain again that I cannot lift the TV and that I was told there were no more RCA's to do an exchange. Pierre says that over the past month somehow Sears Marlborough now has two RCA TV's in stock. I am told to contact Terry... no one knows who I am talking about when I call Sears. They finally figure out this is someone in "loss recovery", who is currently out to lunch (even though she just spoke with Pierre). I leave my name and number with Bob in electronics, requesting that he check the inventory for these two RCA TV's that Pierre is telling me are in stock, and to call me back and confirm these are not floor models, but in fact new RCA's still in the box. I now await a call back from Bob, Terry and still have to work out an arrangement to have the (new?) RCA TV delivered to my home without charge...wish me luck! I think I am going to need it :| In closing, it goes without saying, do not purchase electronics from Sears!


Lisa S.
Calgary Alberta, Canada


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    doublerun Jan 09, 2010

    I hear your pain. I suggest you to research brand and quality before purchasing products. Some are of higher quality than others.

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    prayalways Sep 08, 2010
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    I am so angry. My husband is a hard working man with years or experience. He worked as a service tech for Sears and was highly praised by his customers. He recently got awards for his work. He was a hard worker and showed up for work on time day after day. Few people have the expertise in this field and are as reliable as my husband. Sears terminated him for wearing open back shoes that he wore when it was about 94 degrees outside. He told his boss that he would never do it again yet he was still terminated and was never given a letter of warning. I don't think I will ever shop there are recommend this company again. This is a merciless act on the part of Sears. Sears has the greater loss.

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