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I purchased a Kenmore clothes driyer from my local Sears store Mach 31, 2009. Unfortunately I was under the gun to make the purchase quickly. My old dryer had just broken down and I was booked for a flight out of town the next morning. With an older son at home, I needed to have a new dryer purchased and delivered as quickly as possible.

I went to Sears. The salesman made delivered a good line and included the fact that this purchases would include "free delivery and pickup of the old machine." Sold! When he wrote up the sale, however, he informed me that I would have to pay $75.00 up front for the delivery, then Sears would send me a $75.00 rebate. Normally I would have walked out of the store when he gave me this information. However, I was pressed for time, so I took the lousy deal - knowing full well that this could be risky and that Sears would be holding my money for a period of time.

The day I returned from my trip, I filled out the rebate form, made copies of the store receipts and attached them to the form. I mailed this via Priority Mail from the local post office to ensure that it would be delivered without a hitch. After 4 weeks I went online to the Rebate Center to check the status of the rebate. The screen I saw was a little confusing. It looked like the Rebate Center had no recored of my receipts. I then entered the data on online form provided and also sent an e-mail message asking for an explanation. Two weeks later I have heard no response from the Rebate Center. I just went back online to check the status of my rebate, and I have found the same confusing message. I again re-entered all the receipt data and again I have sent a message asking for a simple explanation regarding the status of my $75.00 rebate.

At this point, and based on what I have read in this website, I doubt that I will ever see the $75.00. I am through shopping at Sears!!!


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    Frank Epps Jul 01, 2009

    I purchased a double oven from Sears in Feb 2009 with a 10% rebate ($289.00). All of the paper work was filled out the same day, submitted online. They have indicate recieving and matching up the paper work but can't seem to sent out the rebate (in the form of a debit card). You would think Sears could mail the rebate out in 4 months. They post your bill to your account in FOUR HOURS.
    Sears is really playing games (hope you get the rebate soon)with its customers. They are doing a lot more damage than good with the rebates. The rebate needs to be deducted at the time of purchase or you may NEVER get it.
    Good Luck

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    hunthf Aug 08, 2009

    Yes rebates are a bit of a scam. I purchased a refrigerator at sears and was given a rebate form for delivery charges. Waited 3 months, checked status and was denied. Reason was I bought during a sale. The rebate form does not mention this - when i called rebate center they knew this and agreed with me that the rebate doesnt say anythign about this yet it is rejected.

    Go shop at home depot or best buy...

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  • No
    Not a Happy Sears Customer Aug 18, 2009

    I had same bad experience. After I mailed the $75.00 I checekd on line. It was there for processing. Than after a week I checked the information for $75.00 deliver status, I could not find any information, and the 800 number they listed is no longer valid. Just wondering, is this a Marketing scam for consumer. I double I will see my rebate back.

    If sears can not do the rebate, just said it up front. Other retailer offer good service.


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  • Ki
    Kimmikens Aug 18, 2009

    We purchased a washer, dryer and refrigerator at Sears on March 2, 2009. We expected 2 rebate checks, one for $75 and the other for $797. After 4 months and many phone calls, we finally received our $75 check. Interestingly enough, we have yet to receive our $797 check almost 6 months later. Today I called the rebate customer service center, and they said that it would take 21 business days to process the re-issued check and another 4-6 weeks to actually receive the check in the mail. This is the second or third time I've heard this before. And back in May they supposedly sent our checks to the wrong address. When I asked them about this, they stated "We sent the check to the address listed on the rebate center", as if I don't know my own address. And the 800-number listed on the website for inquiries for the rebate center is not a valid number. Shady!!


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  • Ro
    robdacq Aug 19, 2009

    Sears, like many American retail chains, is in financial trouble. The reason they use the rebate system is to give them time to hold your money in order to make interest on it. The onger they hold it, the more money they make. I had the same experience myself recently. I will never make another major purchase from Sears again.

    At this point I would advise you to send a complaint form to your state's Department of Consumer Affairs or Attorney General, depending on how your state handles these matters. This form can usually be downloaded from the internet. Attach a simple letter. ALSO SEND A COPY OF EACH TO THE SEARS REBATE CENTER IF YOU CAN FIND AN ADDRESS. If an address is not avaiable, send and email via their website and let them know that you have filed a formal complaint with your state. This might speed things up a bit.

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  • La
    larry vanderpool Jan 12, 2010

    I bought a new refrigerator from my local sears store. Told it would have free delivery. Then after I agreed to buy was told it would be a rebate. I paid the additional $65.00 sent in the papers, but guess what four months later no rebate. A person or a companies reputation will grow or diminish with their ability to do what they say. Sears had a great reputation. It has in my eyes diminished to a shoddy company and not one where my money will go in the future.

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