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We (my wife and I) ordered a power rocker/recliner on July 6th with a delivery date set for July 26th. We waited all day on the 26th for the delivery truck to show with no avail, finally around 4:30pm I called the delivery number only to be told the order was cancelled. I called the store for an explanation, no one could tell me what was going on, but promised to call me the next day.

After not receiving a call the next day, we decided to visit the store and talk to the store manager Mr. Elsayed Abdelkerim. After waiting over an hour for Mr. Abdelkerim to return to the store from church we explained our problem to him. Mr. Abdelkerim must have been informed on the problem, because he had a piece of paper in hand, and told us that we where informed of the cancellation by email. I told Mr. Abdelkerim that under no uncertain terms, we had not been informed either by email, letter or phone of the cancellation. We would have not waited all day for the delivery, or paid to have our current recliner sent to goodwill. But our explanation went to no avail, Mr. Abdelkerim keep insisting we had been informed, and made the impression that my wife and I was not telling the truth. Then I asked Mr. Abdelkerim since you don’t believe us, can you tell me why the order was cancelled, he could not but went to his office to inquire. After a period of time he came back saying it was cancelled due to a duplicate order. I told him that we did not order the recliner twice, and why would you just automatically just cancel the order without checking with us, or better yet look into your computer system to track the orders, to see where the problem was. His replay was “I didn’t cancel the order”, I would probably accept this answer from a store clerk, but from a senior manager…NO!.

Mr. Abdelkerim became very agitated when I asked for the name and email address of his district manager, he said that he does not work for a district manager, “I work for the Corporate Office” take your problem to them and with that he scribbled down the Corporate 800 number and handed it to me.

It is understandable that companies that offer delivery on a wide variety products would occasionally come across a problem with delivery, and I can understand that, but the most disturbing thing to me out of this whole ordeal is Mr. Abdelkerim repeatedly tried to blame my wife and I for the problem and not once did he say, how can we resolve this problem, or that he was sorry for the mix-up. Had he done so, we would have more than likely reordered the Power Rocker/Recliner and the situation would have been over with.


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    stevo64 Feb 27, 2011

    Recently I purchased the Maytag Washer and Dryer made by Whirlpool at Sears. I wanted to go with whirlpool and am a big fan. They set it up for a left side vent and I was good to go. Delivery was scheduled for Wednesday. I spent over 3, 000.00 in the transaction.
    Wednesday, I was called and told it couldn't be left side vented. They weren't delivering it. After investigation they conceded that it could and we scheduled delivery for Friday. No calls were made to me and my washer/dryer was not delivered. I had to call and found out that it can be left vented but "Sears wear house L.A. " hasn't been trained and don't know how to do it.
    I decided to take the back vent set up and rescheduled for today, Saturday. Again I waited and no washer dryer were delivered. again, I called and they said it wouldn't be delivered.
    I am writing you because this order is now cancelled and you lost a customer. Someone needs to really address this issue with Sears. Completely unbelievable.
    Please forward this to anyone who would care to investigate.
    Steve Springer

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