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We have two Sears Home Services warranties. One is a pre-existing Master Protection Agreement for our kitchen appliances and the second is a later purchased Home Services Agreement for the rest of our home. On June 19th of this year, we discovered that our LG refrigerator was not operating and contacted Sears. However, we did not receive an initial visit from a Sears service representative until June 26th. After the visit, the technician concluded that the LG main board was not operating at sufficient voltage to test the system, specifically the compressor, and that the board must be replaced first. This was so even though he knew and I had already been informed that the compressors on this model were failing prematurely. Because of some system communication failure, no part was ordered and no other appointment was scheduled until Jury 1 when I found a manager in Sacramento, who kindly directed a representative to our home on that day. After looking the LG over, this technician concluded that the main board was fine, but that the compressor was bad - as I had initially suspected. The technician - or someone in the service chain - ordered the compressor, which was shipped on July 3rd. We are informed that the part is estimated to arrive at our home on July 8. The technician also told us to contact him once the part actually arrives so that he can attempt to fit us in before the next estimated appointment date of July 11. We are not holding our breath. Even presuming that the part arrives as scheduled and the refrigerator can be fixed by that date - by no means a certainty - it will have been three weeks since we have had a refrigerator. We have lost spoiled food and purchased a bunch of ice to carry us over. We even had to purchase a small refrigerator to house medication that must remain cool and dry. To be sure, some of the Sears and out sourced service personnel tried to fix the service and ordering problems. However, we remain very unhappy. It has simply taken to long for this problem to be resolved.
Supplemental Note: Finally. I received an email from UPS today, July 7, that the part was shipped this morning at 11: 06 a.m. from Lathrup, CA and is estimated to arrive before the end of business tomorrow, July 8. We will believe it when we see it.


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    mimzeleh Sep 13, 2019

    Hello. I am a fellow victim of Sears's abominable customer service, technical incompetence, and outright fraudulent Master Protection Plan shenanigans. I've been trying to get the ice maker in my fridge fixed and it's been an absurd and extremely unpleasant experience. I'm in NJ. Very interested to know what your present situation is. And would love to hear from others as well!

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