Save-A-Lotbubba cola 12pk.. blue color

I shop faithfully at Save lot for the great deals even though its a little out my way and i literally live beside a Walmart. But the last 2 purchases of the Bubba Cola 12 pks have had 1 can that was completely empty and the most recent has has 2 can not even have full. I have looked over the cans and there is no leaking at all. I have called the store and was told the whole 12pk had to be returned. How is that possible when we drank the cans vefore the bad ones? I'm not one to complain but with one income and 4 mouths to feed i have to stop just throwing stuff away when something is wrong with it. Im not sure if this will even be read but if so maybe can the machine that does all the work mayb be looked over to see if maybe there is a problem. I usually wouldn't even ask but maybe do you have a coupon or something to replace the 3 cans? If not i totally understand. A big corporation has more things to worry about then little old me and my 3 cans of soda. Thanks for your time and hopefully Save Alot isn't the reason i just walk next store for my weekly shopping.

Sep 28, 2019

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