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Save A Lot customer service representative and manager — mistreated by cashier and manager to my husband and my daughter 17 years old

3/24/2020 Good morning my name is Blanca I been visiting this store for almost 3 years as you know we are having difficulties, I have a family of 5 I have diabetes and other...

10pk Corndogs (fully cooked) — Raw dough on the inside

I hope that this message finds someone that will do whatever it takes to make this issue right. My husband bought your store brand Corndogs and they are raw dough in them throughout the inner part of the cornbread coating and thats absolutely disgusting because this is being baked in the oven and biting into the first one and it felt mushy. What if that was my daughter and she bit into this and she was to eat raw dough and get sick? I'd be doing far more than complaining I can ensure you that. The world we live in is having enough issues and for your company to be selling those things that are most definitely not safe to eat, just upsets me to my core. I would like to hear from you about this matter, ASAP.
Sharlet Weaver

Raw dough on the inside
Raw dough on the inside
Raw dough on the inside

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    Mr. Helpful Mar 22, 2020

    Hi Sharlet.

    Appreciated hearing from you.

    Have you tried deep frying the corn dogs?

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Stocking done during during the day and blocking aisles

596188 Every time I go into your store. Pallets full of product blocking Isles. Stocking Personnel may see you there and not move their car or trolley. This particular store prices have...

service/key holder

the problem is a key holder named, brenda tokarz, very rude to employees and to customers, this store is about to loose all of there employees, do to this employee she is very...

Horrible customer service

Hello I am writing to you regarding my recent visit to this save a lot, I was having a hard time with getting my WIC idems, the staff told me that it was a computer program problem, it is a new system and I understand however the staff was harrible, treatment of consumers is very important,
I was disrespected, demeaned, put down and treated horrible by the staff male at this store, I will not return for any of my family needs,

Save A LotThe employees

The employees do not greet me in a kind way. In fact they act like Im a nuisance. But someone behind me they will act like they are in love. Or if they are across the store they yell and talk. I have been going there for a YEAR. I heard the manager talking about a customer after she left the store and the manager said she should go to the ghetto where she belongs. When I told her I heard her she said nothing. I've worked in this industry in the past and never would I treat customers like this. Its racists as far as I can tell. Im not that person.

emilee a cashier

I was just at save alot here in Pekin, Illinois me and my friend were checking out...Emilee the cashier was checking out and she was whispering something to the manager which...

meat department

This isn't a complaint, but the Save A Lot Meat Department in Flemingsburg, Ky is one of the best I've seen ever. They're always seen working ridiculously hard and have good...

pickwell tomatoes and cream corn

I get most of my groceries at your stores in Farmington, Maine and in Zephyrhills, FL and have the most part been very pleased with your products. However, I am very displeased with the change to Pickwell brand for canned fruits and vegetables. The sliced peaches were hard, creamed corn very watery and I found the stem area of a tomato in a can of tomatoes . I will not be buying any more of that brand . Also, the Vegetable juice and stewed tomatoes were so much better when you carried the Diane's Garden brand . I returned the peaches to the Maine store and promptly, courteously received my money back with an apology . The manager of the Florida store said " Well, it proves they are real tomatoes ." No apology, no offer to return my money . Not the service that I am used to receiving from your employees. Please reimburse me for the tomatoes was a 16 oz. can . If no one tells you of poor quality of a product you sell, you have no way of knowing .
Adeline J. Taylor
4632 Coral St.
Zephyrhills, FL 33542

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    Did my complaint get submitted ? I received no verification of this .
    Adeline Taylor


596188 I was charged $81.12 which was supposed to be less than $25!!! I didn't notice until I checked my account today. I'm extremely angry. Unfortunately I don't have a...


Cashier was answering messages on her phone while helping the customer in front of me, laughing about her messages instead of telling the customer goodbye or have a nice day when...

black olives

I come shopping at this Save-A-Lot every two weeks when I get paid I always by between three and four cans of Olives, King shopping I bought three cans of one of my cans of olives was barely half-full and the other can only had 10 olives in it your cans of Olives cost a dollar fifty a piece I would like a refund or You can replace my olives please and thank you from Ashley Montana

black olives

  • Updated by Ashley Montana · Jan 21, 2020

    Went to Save-A-Lot on Mack Ave I got three cans of olives one was half full the other one only had 10 olives in the can and they are a dollar fifty a can I want you to replace my olives

liquor sales on sunday

Someone needs to tell your stores that the Blue Laws in FLorida regarding liquor sales on Sunday have changed three years ago. Sales on liquor on Sunday is no longer restricted to...

the manager (joe)

596188 I just fully just start feeling better after haveimg a C-section so I decided it's time to start working . I filled out the save a lot application on December 28th 2019 and after...

Savalot — employee very ignorant asked to speak to manager and she acted like she was the manager

Service was very bad I asked to be pardon for my wic is for my state id and she simply refused. At the 5800 Woodland Ave location, the employee is name Keisha a very ignorant...

employment complaint

On Saturday around 1 pm there was an altercation between me and customer about the system now allowing her transaction so she became upset and rude cursing me out and other...


We just spent over 20 minutes trying to check out. Cashier overcharge twice and each time I said something she use foul language and then said she would have to avoid the whole...


When i go the thaw my meat out. Its stinks really bad. I brought 2 pick 5's and all the meat was this way. At first i thought i was tripping.. BUT NAW YALL SELLING OLD MEAT. This is terrible when people have no choice but to buy thia food because its the only thing they can afford. Something needs to be done. Louisville, Ky Portland Ave. store. I will not go back.


  • Am
    Amish Driver Jan 02, 2020

    At the store in Grabill In. there is really no complaints about the store. BUT, since they have home delivery there, the delivery people keep parking in front of doors or in spots not marked for parking. This makes navigating parking lot very difficult at times due to size and high use of store.

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There are 2 extremely rude employees here. 350 characters are not enough!! There is a man named Steve that works at this location. He is SO RUDE! And a new woman that I have only...


I was in the Store on Mansfield Highway in Fort Worth, Texas on December 26. I witnessed some of the worst behavior I have ever seen. It started with a female employee telling a...


12/27/19 I was in the area so I decided to run in to the store at opening to pick up a couple of items. The posted hours on the door stated 8:00 a.m. as the opening time, so I sat...

the store in general

I always shop at this save a lot store, Im at lease in that stor two maby six times a week. When i notice all the prices went up, not to menion they started charging for the bag...


My mother has been a loyal customer for years. She has lived in this neighborhood long before there was a Save-A-Lot . It is especially upsetting when she goes into the store the...

customer service/cashier service

I was checked out at 5:36 p.m. by cashier, Duane. First, there were only two registers open with two long lines going back into the aisles, which is sadly normal for this store. I...


Around 11:30 am 12/14 Shawn was ringing up customers as I walked in and I noticed they were in a verbal altercation. Minding my business I continued to shop. While I was ending my...

service. this was posted publicly by pamela guy on facebook.

596188 Billy Ray did your girlfriend friend find her food stamp card or did your wife have it? You wasn't such a billy badass when the manager guy got up there was ya?...

racial comments

This is a compliment and a complaint... Compliment: I am a retired combat veteran, and I run a youth group in illinois and missouri for troubled children and teenagers. I used to...

unprofessional employees, unethical behavior.

There was an incident at the Newburgh store today that I found totally unprofessional. The Security Guard came into confrontation with a Customer and became out of control. He...

evening security lady nov. 30 6:50pm

I am disabled. I have burns covering parts of my body, pins in my ankle, and a rod in my back. I have an awkward stance and walk. When it is very cold or when precipitation i...

Save A Lot — unethical behavior

292945 Today Nov 18 th I was humiliated and called dummy by your employees at your store in Hollywood which my family always do shopping for years. I bought 3 coffee cans that where...

a cashier named vicky has poor customer service.

This is the third time that she has been rude to my husband. She is very snobby and for lack of a better word [censored]y. She has poor people skills and doesn't know how to talk to...

coburn farms string cheese mozzarella

596188 Opened a pack of string cheese and noticed that on a few of them had mold spots in random spots. This is not the first items that I purchased at this location where the food wa...

gerber baby oatmeal cereal

596188 I purchased 2 containers of this cereal for my son. I didn't think to check an expiration date when it's supposed to be fresh! The product expired on the 30th I purchased it on...

carding for alcohol.

First off we spend $$$ at the Save A lot in Dickson, Tn. Never again! We will shop Walmart which is cheaper, My husband is 65 years old and stopped for twelve pack of Miller lite...


I was shopping in your Rogersville Tn store today aling with my daughter and granddaughters. As we werr checking out my oldest granddaughter touched the circle where the bags are...

easton's chicken pot pie

596188 On November 4th, 2019 I was eating your easton's chicken pot pie and I found a small bone in it. Thankfully I did not swallow it but almost did. I am really not happy about...


I go into this story a few times a week & lately this store shelves have been empty. The shelves have not been stocked & always empty on popular items (tomato soup) for example...

rocky road ice cream

Your store brand Rocky Road ice cream is simply chocolate ice cream. There were no almonds or chocolate chunks and barely marshmallow. I am not exaggerating when I say none. These are the ingredients that make Rocky Road Rocky Road. To show almonds and chocolate chunks on the carton is false advertising and very disappointing. Please audit your ice cream flavors and do better for the sake of your faithful customers.

rocky road ice cream

easton's combination pizza rolls

I have been buying Savealot pizza rolls for a couple of years, but last time you had changed to a brand called Easton's.I bought several bags, thinking you had just changed the...

coburn farms milk chocolate hot cocoa mix

This morning for breakfast, when I was pouring the hot water into my cup of hot chocolate I noticed multiple little bugs in the hot chocolate mix. They floated to the top and I got them out with my spoon. It was three total.
The product is not expired, it doesn't expire until aug. 18 2020
Ice never had a problem before with this company, but this grosses me out greatly since I've been going to save alot for years now.