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I was told by SBTPG my account had suspicious activity, therefore, I had to provide a copy of my id. I did so on Feb. 27, 2017 and it was accepted. On Feb. 28, 2017, SBTPG sent me an email and ask that I resend the id, as it was not accepted. I did so and it said it was accepted again. I then called SBTPG to make sure that the id was accepted and they said yes, but it would be seven days before I received an email, if the id was verified and ok. I was told overtime that my id was not accepted, that the seven days started over. This is complete nonsense.

The IRS stated that my check was direct deposited on Feb 23, 2017 and if I did not get the direct deposit by Feb. 28, 2017 to call my bank.

I have contacted my bank for the last week and they have no trace of my 2017 Federal Tax refund.

I have contacted SBTPG everyday and gotten long waits on hold and a lot of hang ups. I have been told so many lies and every CSR told me I would have to wait the seven days to see what happens. If it was not approved in seven days, I would have to provide another source of id, which in turn, would be another seven days of waiting.

I provided Turbo Tax, as well as the IRS these documents. Why does SBTPG need them?

There is no need to hold onto my refund, as I have contacted my bank and Turbo Tax and they both have stated that there was no suspicious activity whatsoever on my account. Turbo Tax stated everything went through, that it is the third party, which is SBTPG holding my refund. The refund is not large and I owe no debt, but yet SBTPG is holding my money.

I have read so many bad comments about SBTPG, that I cannot understand why they are still in business and therefore, being a third party for all the tax pros.

If I do not receive my refund in a couple of days, I will seek an attorney to file the necessary paperwork to get my money.

I will not use Turbo Tax again, nor will I ever have fees deducted from my return. I have learned my lesson. I hope everyone else has too!

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