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Filed my taxes with turbo tax on the 9th of january so that when they accept it on the 15th/16th it would be good to go. IRS accepted an and since I wanted them to take out fees from my refund, it had to go through santa barbara group. They received the funds on the 28th, and for some reason that monday which was 3 days later, said it was rejected. I remember putting the correct information as far as routing and account number, but whatever. They required me to fax my driver license and my social security card... whatever... did that immediately on monday. I called back tuesday and said my funds are now on the release list. I called be multiple times everyday... the same ###... "its on the release list and it will take 1-2 business days. I kept calling my bank, nothing pending. It is now friday evening, and every day since tuesday they say it should be there tomorrow. Now they are saying it should be there monday. I've talked to probably every CSR there and multiple supervisors, many who didnt even seem like they wanted to get on the phone. I will never use turbotax again. I did my g/f's taxes using h&r block on monday, she received her funds today... STAY AWAY FROM TURBOTAX AND SANTA BARBARA TAX PRODUCTS GROUP! idiotic CSR's and useless ...


  • Jz
    jzazza Feb 05, 2011

    I was to be getting my tax refund today and I was reviewing my papers only to find that i was missing 1 number in the account number for my checking account. I contact the Irs in regards to the matter and they had told me to contact turbo tax. the people from turbo tax were very nice and was helpful then they transferred me to TPG (Tax Product Group) when I spoke with the representive Silva she said that there was nothing that she can do about it and that the bank would have to reject the deposit. Once the bank reject the deposit and it is sent back to them that they would then cut a live check and mail it to the address on the tax return. I asked if there was any way that they can help and they said no they could not that it would have to go up to the head office. I asked for the head office number they refused to give it to me. They said that if I wanted to make changes that I would have had to contacted them 4 days before the refund was to be deposited into my account. This I didn't know and I was very upset about what they were telling me. After I had spoken with them upset and frustrated about the situation, I was more upset to recieve an email in regards when I was to be getting my tax return and if having any questions to contact them. The only problem is that I got the email the same day that I am to be getting my refund. I had sent a long email to them complaining about how wrong they are to send me an email about my return on the day of my return suppose to be in my bank account.

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  • Ja
    jazzy2011 Feb 24, 2011

    Did youget your money? i am going through the same thing now.

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  • Kk
    KKSC May 03, 2011


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  • Cu
    customer dis-service May 03, 2011

    I'm having a similar issue with them. Talking to customer disservice has only made the issue worse. Also, the "supervisor" I left a voicemail for in an attempt to try resolving this matter hasn't gotten anywhere. So, if this isn't resolved in the next twenty-four hours, I'm contacting the IRS, BBB, and I'll be calling Clark Howard and maybe a local news station to spread the word and warn others about dealing with them.

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  • Ma
    Mark Copland Feb 21, 2020

    @customer dis-service They have messed with me for a year now and I jumped through every hoop and down to an indemnity bond notice then they say they couldn't find it, sent it again and now just silence.

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  • St
    StandUp92024 Feb 23, 2012

    I will never use Turbo Tax again! I had no idea that if I had the fees deducted from my refund that TPG SAnta Barbara would use my refund on a float for 7 more days. What a scam! Had I done the efile or paid the fees upfront I would have my refund the day the IRS issued it. I am so angry right now. I am expecting a large refund and can't stand that they are using my money like this. The delay is an outrage. I am telling all my friends not to use turbo tax anymore too.

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  • Vi
    VIPsAccess Feb 24, 2012

    I am going through the same scam as we speak... Claiming that they mail a cashier check which was never delivered and never returned back to them. It has been 23 days since the IRS released my refunds and TPG SAnta Barbara now has perfected their scam by imposing 11 working days delay prior to sending you their stupid "I-bond form" to re-initiate the process all over which advises you that it could take an upward of 90 days to receive the second check and they are refusing to simply put the money on a prepaid debit card which they can do as confirmed by their CS supervisor! The discrepancy regarding the first cashier check having been given two different mailing dates previously; Feb 06 and Feb 07-2012 by two customer service agents cast a cloud of suspicious as to the credibility of both agents and Santa Barbara Tax Products Group/University Bank policies. Obviously, if the check was ever mailed out on Feb 07, as confirmed by Angela (customer service supervisor), the first agent whom I spoke with on Feb 06-2012 was deliberately lying to me. He clearly affirmed that the check was mailed out to me that same day, Monday Feb 06-2012 while reading the transaction on his computer and told me to wait 3 to 4 business day to receive the check before he abruptly hanged up on me. Why would an agent clearly lye, if it’s not the company’s? The second lye I caught the agent on was when he stated that a previously check mail out to me had returned back to them, was the reason for the delay when I asked why I didn’t receive my refund yet. I had to correct him for the fact that I was issued a debit card by Turbo Tax which was suddenly closed for no apparent reason as soon as the IRS accepted my income tax application. Disappointed by the poor service I asked the agent which company was I dealing with and he informed me that they were the “University Bank”.

    Five days later, on Friday Feb 10-2012, the second agent “Damian” will give me the Feb 07-2012 mailed out date as I was inquiring on the where about of the so-call cashier check which I never received for all suitable purposes and conveniently to Santa Barbara Tax Products Group and Turbo Tax benefit. Despaired, I ask Damian which company they were with so much inconsistency, he would tell me that it was “Santa Barbara Tax Products Group”, at this point, I knew I was in for the ride of the worse experience ever… Agents giving me different mailing dates, different company’s name, it is the Epitome of the most unorganized and blunt scam I have yet to witness in my life. When I reported my concern to Angela, she was very humored by my confusion and had a good laugh about it, while I was seriously astonished of the level of unprofessionalism of this company. It’s apparent that with hundreds of Turbo Tax customers complaining online for the same problem that this is indeed a SCAM, coordinated by Turbo Tax and Santa Barbara Tax Products Group. The reason why Santa Barbara Tax Products Group is not mailing checks and prolonging re-issuing second check is for one purpose and one purpose only! Make money both for themselves and Turbo Tax, their partner. It’s simple economics, the farther out Santa Barbara Tax Products hold paying out clients the higher interest these forcefully held funds accrues at their bank, and is FREE MONEY FOR THEM. Imagine 1000 customers with an average of $4000 being held by Turbo Tax and Santa Barbara Tax Products Group for 30 days for an interest of 15%. THAT’S $600, 000.00 IT WILL GENERATE FOR THEM… $600, 000.00 FREE MONEY SIMPLY BY HODLING OTHER PEOPLES MONEY, IT’S CRUEL BUT IT DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THAT! WE MUST HOLD BOTH Santa Barbara Tax Products Group and Turbo Tax Accountable for this Scam... Let organize people we have Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and the press on our side, we need to coordinate our effort and Advise friends NOT TO USE TURBO TAX EVER!!! Email me at [email protected] on the subject box please mark Turbo Tax.

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  • Le
    Leopoldo Murillo Mar 20, 2012

    I am having a major problem with my refunds.I sent all info and they told me to get a P.O Box and they denied my money. My kids and i are homeless because turbo taxe suffer my money for 2 weeks and Santa Barbara tax products is holing it for a month. I need help, me and my kids are suffering from all this.Must be something i can do? My email address is blacklab[email protected]

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  • Do
    DomiNeeksAFreak May 03, 2013

    Going thru the same BS as everyone else here. My situation is CRITICAL and basically I have made commitments according to the refund date & status which has now come and gone. This delay is going to cost me an extra $4000 which I DON'T HAVE. I think Turbo Tax or SBTPG should be the ones to pay the penalties- especially since they get to draw the interest using MY CASH. But- what can we do? Not a $%[email protected]! thing...

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  • Do
    DomiNeeksAFreak May 03, 2013

    Unless this is an uncensored site- I cannot comment...

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  • Ri
    RidickItIs Jun 07, 2013

    @DomiNeeksAFreak have you had anything come of this? They have had my return since 2/14/13 and giving me some claim about the IRS wants my return back to look at it closer. Did they tell you the same or just the run around about paying for the return process out of your refund and having to go through the "physical check" process now?

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  • In
    inarv Feb 10, 2016

    I am going through the same thing with sbbt. Can anyone tell me if they ever got their money and how long out did they wait? Please.

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  • Ca
    car51 Feb 17, 2016

    i filed my taxes and one account number was wrong that was on january 20th I then had to fax them my ss# and ID I spoke to someone and she guaranteed my check was in the mail since 2.11.2016, so Im going to the post office today and I pray it will be there

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  • Ma
    Malu808 Feb 20, 2016

    Turbo Tax send email stating "Refund on its way expect deposit next business day". its 4 days later and no deposit. Contacted the IRS whom stated my refund had been funded. Then called the number listed by turbo tax the infamous Santa Barbara Tax Product Group only to be routed to 3 different 800 numbers, then to have my call dropped 3 times and finally to be put on hold for over 2.5 hours with no one every answering the phone. Logged into Turbo Tax to understand who SBTPG was and why they are involved with me getting by refund. Numerous complaints listed about this organization but found a link to their website. Logged in providing the request SS#, refund amount and filing status. A note pops up and says "your account has been put on hold due to suspicious activity (REALLY???? Who are they an how do I have an "account" with these people). Connected Turbo Tax and after 45mins of conversations and the agent being concerned that I may be a victim of a scam she gets her supervisor whom tells me..."thats the Santa Barbara Bank" they have no control over them. Um but they are your vendor right...she replies "yes". Tells me that since my refund is so large the have a process in place to verify identities to prevent fraudulent actives. To again try to contact them via the 800 numbers and that if I send in my drivers lic or passport information they would verify my within 7 business days and I would get my refund. Hmmmm..."fraudulent actives" really by whom...the only fraudulent actives at this point is with Turbo Tax and The SBTPG. Can you say...FRUSTRATED...!!!

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  • Qu
    Quinn Thompson Feb 26, 2016

    This account information wrong bank sending funds back to them bull$#[email protected] is one big joke. On top of the fact being so common over the years they should have definitely had a better plan of action for immediate release because they don't it proves they can give 2 hells about the reputation of they "business" which means they hire plenty uneducated non sympathetic customer care reps. Which means I'll never go through them again I rather pay my fees up front.

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  • Di
    Distraught13 Feb 27, 2016

    Okay, so we have all been on the SBTG merry-go-round. Has ANYONE received their money? What is our recourse, other than no using TurboTax again? I have a great need for my tax refund... and waiting, and waiting, and waiting isn't on my agenda. I've sent them ID, which unnerves me, Identity theft, Anyone! I feel completely powerless. HELP!!!

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  • Ei
    EileenG123 Mar 02, 2016

    Same here, I got the run around for a month. did anyone get their money?? I haven't read anyone say they got their money yet. Wow this is crazy.

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  • Jo
    John Bullock Mar 23, 2016

    I filed on Super Bowl Sunday, Feburary 7 and was told I would receive my refund in a couple of weeks. The IRS says they deposited my refund of $3750 on February 18 - of course I never saw the money in my Wells Fargo account.

    It is now March 23rd and after many attempts, I cannot get Intuit (TurboTax) or SBTG to assist me in any way - they only say that it can take up to 12 weeks for the IRS to clear up security issues. I have filed a complaint with the Department of Justice of the state of California and have received an acknowledgement letter stating that they don't do anything to help individuals. I have contacted my bank where my funds were supposedly deposited and they have only acknowledged that my questions and concerns are important to them. I will call the IRS tomorrow. I will come back and update my status here. Like others have said, it seems there are serious crimes being committed here, but apparently there is no recourse for the consumer.

    I would go back to filing by paper and waiting for a check, but my mailbox is vandalized so often I'd have to get a P.O. Box. Maybe that's the only way to go.

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  • Fr
    frustrated/me Mar 24, 2016

    I am experiencing the same thing. santa barbara bank has held my refund since 02/10/16. i have talked with almost every csr there with no resolution. i have contacted a lawyer today because I am fed up to this point, i was told to fax my id and ss# back in feb, which i did, feb 22 i was told my refund was to be sent back to the irs, and the irs only accepts funds back in batches every 15 days. I have waited 15+ days. I contacted sbtpg almost every day and even had the irs put a trace on my refund which i was told would only come back that santa barbara bank still has my refund and this is a civil issue. just last week i contacted that bank and was told that my refund is no longer pending to go back to the irs but now is in process and this will take 1-2 business days and I was to get an email that my refund went back. so this week i called because I got NO email, and was told they still had my refund, and their policy has changed so that now if I upload my ID again on their other verify website they could send me out a check. i did this, after 2 days i called today 03/24 and was told that information was mis-communicated to me and my refund has to go back to irs and i had to wait 15 more days...I cried yelled and almost fainted!! I called turbo tax and spoke to a very nice rep/ they had me call their office of the president which is their escalations dept. where I left a complaint (the president of turbo tax)? i got a call back assuring me that they will contact sbtpg directly and resolve my issue. after speaking to these people i feel confident that my issue will be resolved. they also sent one follow up email as well today and I am to receive another one later on, I do not have 260.00 an hour for the lawyer I called today to waste, but if i dont get my refund I will pay that 260.00. I have all of the recorded phone calls from supervisors a sbtpg as well as the lying csr's and they will not get away with this. has anyone received their refund from this bank because all of these reviews are horrible?! I feel like I have been robbed, I have never had an issue with turbotax and it seems this year everyone has an issue with direct deposit and or account numbers...I wonder if this is all on purpose as a result of last years turbo tax issue. please help

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  • Sa
    SantabarbaraIsCriminals Apr 02, 2016

    My deposit was rejected because of using a card not on file because i currently had two cards on file. I filed my refund on Feb. 4, 2016...It was sent back to Santa Barbara Bank on Feb. 18, 2016, after i spoke to an IRS agent requesting me to contact them which was three weeks later after receiving no funds...They held my funds for three weeks without contacting me. I later had to upload a picture ID which the process takes 7 days. After 7 days the taxpayer's site said they issued my check on Mar. 17, 2016 it is to take 5-7 business days. After the 5-7 business days NO CHECK!!! I called again they said 7-11 business days, still NO CHECK!!! im waiting on an email wednesday April 6, 2016 to fill out they BS form to receive another check. IF I DONT RECEIVE MY MONEY HELL BREAKING LOOSE my lawyer gonna get me my funds and more from these criminals. LETTSSS GOOOO!!! 6, 000 is to much money for me to be forgetting when I NEED IT THE MOST!!!

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  • Sa
    Sallymayjr Feb 14, 2017

    Certianly a lot of the same complaints about your way of doing business and integrity on tax refunds-seems like a lot of your clients being taking advantage of with refund information and questionable delays- as i am sure you are aware of these complaints are in abundance throughout
    Social media- I am sure this is true because i have a family member experiencing similar difficulties -sounds like an integrity/or personnel training problem- hopefully you folks will sincerely attempt to resolve these issues.

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