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My refrigerator is fault and I have been contacting [protected] and customer care No [protected] and daily reminding them. Every day they are calling me and telling that somebody will come and attend my complaint. Since 15/12/2006 I have been pursuing my case. I suggest everyone do not use or buy Samsung products!


  • Ve
    Vetrivel C.T Sep 02, 2011

    I have purchased Window A/c. from Saint Joseph Airconditioning center, Puducherry on 27.04.2010. During the period of 1 Year after several request made by me only two time they attended the service, at the time has they prefer. Because of this the capacitor in my new Ac & the fan motor was changed on my own cost. My family alone has purchased 5 Ac's from this above mentioned insitution this for your reference. The service of the company was totally poor. Further I will never buy any samsung branded materials and the same will be conveyed by me to all of my friends thanks for your kind service that you have render to me

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  • Ga
    gaurav ghai 24823 Aug 22, 2010
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    dear sir
    1.This is to bring to your notice that the undersigned lodged a complaint with your Samsung customer care center on 24 july 2010 BP No [protected] for a faulty Airconditioner

    2. The complaint still remains un addressed after reminders on 10 Aug, 19 Aug, 21 Aug 2010.(SMS Recieved of complaint confirmation)

    3. The undersigned was put through to the Ahemdabad Service Center on 21 Aug 2010 which claimed having addressed the complaint on 10 aug, but on a different address .I was given a Cell number [protected] of some Mr Ghanshyam who is not attending the call .Having been assured of the complaint being addressed on the 21st has still not been done.

    4. The undersigned is now forced to lodge a complaint in the National Consumer Forum for redressal of greviance

    Major Gaurav Ghai
    P 150/1 Old Officers Colony
    Dharangadhra Military Station
    District Surendra Nagar

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  • Ne
    never again will I buy Aug 16, 2010

    I will never buy anything from this company again, enough said.

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  • De
    Devaramani Suresh Jul 23, 2009

    I have perchased Semi Automatic washing machine from Ganesh Tradlink, Dharwad. I have given complaint regarding problem with the machine. It is working but only Heavy washing mode. Normal mode is not working and also it is giving current shock. I have received a call from call centre. They told that person will come but still after 2 weeks is not attended the call. So tell me sir what I have to please inform me soon sir.

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  • Sa
    sameer sayed Jun 11, 2009

    same with me i had bought a samsung split ac worth around 23, 000 rs the work done by there team was shoddy and they had left holes in the walls which i have to pesonally call up amason to repair it, secondly i have bought there double door fridge which is around 36, 000 rs after 6months the fridge has stopped working completly u call up the dealer they call up samsung helpline they hung up the phone, believe u me the fridge has become a cupboard with no life in it, forget about food products been wasted worth around thousands of rupees, i am really frustrated calling them up not asingle time they have called up they tell it will take aweek to get the parts but its amonth are they manufacturing anew parts for me, how can a new fridge stop working just after three months, if any one from the samsung is listening do atleast let me know do i need to repair with my own expenses, but if that be the case this will be my last samsung product
    [email protected]

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  • Su
    Suneel Feb 18, 2009

    Samsung is worst in customer service.
    I bought new refregirator 10 days.Got some problem in cooling.
    since last 3 three days they are not able to identify the problem.
    I suggest every one pls don't buy samsung product.

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  • Ra
    RAJESH KUMAR Dec 04, 2008

    Worst company interms of after sales service.

    The CMD/Chairman/President/Head of Samsung India/Head of Samsung HQ
    7th & 8th floor, ISCI tower, 61 Nehru Place, New Delhi

    Sub:- Faulty refrigerator and worst services by M/s Samsung.

    With due respect I submit that I have purchased a refrigerator of your company i..e. Samsung India Ltd. I have purchased the same from M/s Maheshwari Sales, Near Jyoti Cinema, Jabalpur MP vide Cash memo no. 5840 dated 25-04-08 and my model no. is 18 XHDR with Sr. No. 037942AQ401116J for Rs. 7450/-. Since then I am lodging complaint with your company at each and very level regarding water pouring in like rain from all sides of chill try which force me to keep all things covered. When no body visited despite complaints with the vender M/s Mahashwari (who helped much in calling your service center in front of me many time), I called your service center incharge Mr. Soni at [protected] who gave complaint number 5493. On 12-07-08 I lodged complaint at toll free number [protected] and got BP no. as [protected]. After 5-6 calls on same number on 26-07-08 a person visited and checked the refrigerator but left without doing anything saying he will come back after two days. When he did not come up to 6-08-08 I again called service center. Then after visit by two other so called your service engineers finally 4th person brought a new tray with a sheet of foam attached at the surface of tray with a solution. When I told that this is unhygienic and looks dirty the service person said this is temporary arrangement and after 1 week he will give us modified tray. This solved the problem up to 50%. I was surprised when after two weeks I was told that they have only this solution as modified tray is not in stock. Then after heated exchange of talks at call center I got 2-3 calls from Noida phone numbers [protected] and they admitted the problem and again sent some new person who again wanted 4-5 days to solve the same. This was repeated twice till I got the number of MP incharge Mr. Vineet having phone [protected]. Then the deputed Mr. Ritesh [protected] who give complaint number as HA2400 and visited twice with same results as above. After 2-3 calls to Mr. Vineet in Oct-08 he asked for some time and deputed Mr. Viplav [protected] who first keep on saying that he will replace the tray. After 5-6 calls he sent the person with same tray as existing one. Then he said he will do it by 7th Nov. Again he begged the limit up to 18th Nov. But on 20th to my surprise he told that refrigerator is Ok and there will be no problem when I will run in summers again. But I am not ready to wait till that at any cost as already in this summer I have lost piece of mind in keeping care of covering all liquid or solid food and still many time a lot of eatables were waste due to this raining of water in refrigerator. All these time Mr. Vineet responded promptly but could not arrange a tray which is modified one.
    I want to summarize it as:-
    1. Despite a number of calls nobody is taking complaint seriously. I have called call center toll free number 12-15 time and each time they have status of complaint as closed.
    2. If your company donot have modified tray in stock as told by your staff then you are not a international level company.
    All this shows:-
    1. Either your service staff is incompetent or knows that refrigerator is having some manufacturing problem which they can’t solve.
    2. All the time there is false clearance of complaint and nobody is looking into this. My complaint is pending in your central system for more than 5 months.

    I have purchased this refrigerator (due to my transfer from Sirsa-HR to Jabalpur) from above vender along with LG LCD TV and LG microwave oven vide CM-5838 of same date as above. The vender told that it is the only refrigerator in single door with plane back. I already have LG double door at my home in SIRSA HARYANA. With due regard to LG products I would like to say some thing as under:-
    1. I have got a chance to compare the two of India’s best and have no doubt which is the best as there is not even a single complaint in LG product. In a single day they replaced the cover of LCD remote damaged by my child. LG have each and every e-mail address and phone number of their officer/office on website but for yours there is no such detail even for a single officer or office. Only one thing you have done is a toll free number with a call center and your duty to give service is over.
    2. I want to give myself a chance to rectify my mistake of purchasing this refrigerator by giving this back to your company for which I will accept any penalty by your company.
    3. If you have any product better to offer me than this refrigerator, I am ready to pay difference of charges for the same which I have already offered to you staff again and again.

    So if it not possible for your company to any of 2 or 3 as above please take this refrigerator from my home for which I will not claim any thing. But if you did nothing with in 7 days from now then I will certainly move to court for getting my rights and suitable claim for harassment done to me by your company.

    With regards

    Yours truly,

    4/33, TTC COLONY
    E-mail:[email protected]

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  • Sa
    sam1 Dec 03, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What do you expect from cheap Korean junk. You people should have purchased a Whirlpool washer and dryer. They are the best and most reliable. PERIOD. I have owned many Whirlpool products in the past 30 years and I have not had any problems. They are simply the best. The Koreans know nothing about effective mechanical or electronic design. Most Korean products are of poor quality. REMEMBER THAT before you purchase Samsumg, LG, KIA, etc...

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  • Ni
    Nishi Verma Nov 04, 2008
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    Verified customer

    8/875 VIRAM KHAND,

    CONCTACT NO. [protected]

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  • Ko
    koyotes Nov 03, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

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  • Ba
    Barry Gilliand Oct 28, 2008
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    a verified customer
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    I purchased a DVD player model #HT-TWZ412 for my Mother this mother;s day only to find out that the rear wireless speakers would not work. After hours on the phone and several phone calls I finally got an agent that explained that the unit and rear wireless module did not work and was a known issue. They issued a ticket number and told me the unit would be replaced. I've called several times and been reassured that everything would be taken care of. I called TODAY 10-28 and was told that now I have to SEND THE UNIT IN FOR REPAIR! If I can find the box this POS goes back! I'll never buy anything with Samsung on it again! To add insult to injury I asked the agent to trandfer me to consumer relations to speak with a manager about my frustrationand after holding for over 15 minutes was promptly disconnected. Samsung obviously DOES NOT CARE about the consumer. My way of dealing with this is not to give them any nore of my money and recommend the same thing to everybody else I know!

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  • Sa
    Sangeetha Sep 18, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I would like to report my experience with Samsung Customer Service/Engineer and Samsung as a whole over here.
    On Aug 29th, I had logged a complaint for my Washing Machine as there was a lot of noise coming from the Washing Machine.
    The engineer visited on Aug 30th(Saturday) and said that the motor needs to be replaced and that he will return on Monday(Sep 1st) to replace the motor.

    Since he did not return on Monday, I called the Helpdesk and was advised that somebody would get in touch with me.
    I got a call late afternoon stating that the part is not in stock and would be available the next Monday, so the part will be replaced on Monday (Sep 8th).
    After Sept 8th, when I still did not receive any update on this, I called the Helpdesk again. They said that that they will arrange for the engineer to call me, however I did not receive any calls.
    When I chased again for an update, I was told that the part is still not available.

    I have been following up everyday for an update on this case.
    Your helpdesk is completely USELESS!!! When I ask to speak to a supervisor, they reject it outright.
    Then finally after much arguing I spoke to some supervisors, however they are more pathetic than the agents themselves.
    They promise me callbacks from the Service engineer, Branch Manager, Somebody from Delhi etc etc... however that never happens.


    You guys have tested my patience enough!! The last update I got when I called yesterday was that the case has been escalated to Delhi, and I was promised a callback from the Area Manager by 7pm.
    Since I did not receive any call yesterday, I called today morning and the lady I spoke to said that the part is expected only by October 10th which means, you would not be looking into this till then, and this will be unresolved for more than a month!!!

    Enough is enough!!!

    I have a piece of crap for a Samsung Washing Machine at my home which I have not been able to use for almost 4 weeks now. And, can you imagine the amount of money I have spent on the phone calls to your Helpdesk chasing up asking for updates????

    I do not need this any more. I deserve a better working machine and a better service than is being provided to me.
    Since I have lost faith in this machine and in SAMSUNG as well, I do not expect anything more than what I have undergone, I do not wish to keep this washing machine with me anymore.
    Please take this back and refund my money!!!

    If this is the kind of service you provide, I do not need such a service for the money I have paid. I will go to somebody who has better service. And, I will make sure that whoever I come in contact with gets to know of this SAMSUNG SERVICE and will advise them NOT to buy Samsung products ever.

    Mind you, if you take this letter lightly, my next letter will be through the Consumer Court.

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  • Tr
    Tracy Davis Aug 06, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would never purchace a samsung product. The service is really bad. I have just sent my 3 month old camera back due to a fault in the screen, yhey say i must have dropped it which is ridiculous, I have only used it once. Now thwy say if I want my camera back I need to pay £9.99 to post or £24 to repair and they could find other faults whilst doing this and the cost could be more.

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  • Pe
    Pearl May 22, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On the 2/9/08 I purchased a plasma TV for $4, 600. I only purchased a Samsung because of the promotion LCD they had on offer. Well 3 and a half months later, i still have not recieved it. I rand them after several weeks, they told me my application had been recieved and they were just waiting for stock. When i rang them a few days ago, they said i had to forward my reciept and claim number again, which i did by fax, and i asked when on previous occasions that i had rang id been told everything was fine and they were just waiting for stock?? Still I've heard nothing and just wondering if i will ever get what was promised. Its put me and everyone i know off ever purchasing another Samsung product for life. There promotion has been a demotion for them as far as im concerned.

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  • Ku
    KumaLisa May 08, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Purchased a Samsung sidexside refrigerator (RS267LABP) - called for service (local company who services Samsung products) 3 days (yes, that's correct, 3 DAYS!) after it was installed as it would not get cold and/or freeze. The repair person came out and did a complete overhaul (new compressor, restart computer, etc.) and after a week, only the freezer would stay cold. The temperature in the frig is a constant +11C. I have called service, and they have been trying to get through to Samsung Tech Support because they are completely puzzled. Tech Support has not returned any of their calls, nor have they returned any of MY calls! Along with the frig, I purchased a range and microwave and I am tempted to send everything back and buy Whirlpool or GE as they seem to stand behind what they sell a little better than Samsung! Samsung - you are going about your marketing the wrong way!!! You are flooding the Canadian market with your product to introduce your new line(s), but you don't support or stand behind your product! I don't know if I will ever buy Samsung again, and I will certainly not recommend the product to anyone at this point!!

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  • Ar
    Ariel Ordonez Mar 27, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a plasma tv that is a little over a year old. About a month after i bought it it ad problems with the color. I called samsung they sent someone out and now a year later the same problem is back and my warenty is up on it. They extended my warenty but sent the same company out again that didnt fix it right the first time and they have tried 4 times within the past month. STILL NO TV. Samsung told me a week ago they had a order for a new one that needed to be approved in about a week. Two weeks later I call and they dont have that order and they say it will take a month for me to get a new one. Oh and theyr sustomer service people are rude and dont know what they are doing! NEVER BUY SAMSUNG!!!

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  • Ch
    chander bhushan Mar 10, 2008

    Purchasd one DVD player P-172 in the month of July 07. On the very outset CDs did not play in it. After complaining it was changed and I was provided with a new set now again five months have passed some CDs are still not running in it. From where I purchased the CDs he showed and it was running in his Philips DVD player and Sansui DVD player how is it that in my player it is not running. I contacted the customer care centre there one Mr. Harpreet in Technical support told me that there is a coding our engineer will come and open the code with the remote and your 95% CDs will start running. Engineer Mr. Harsh came and told that there is no such coding which we can unlock, the person in technical support is telling a lie. Two persons of the same company are telling two different things. That means people in Samsung do not know anything. The senior persons at Samsung if they are going through the mail, i request them to kindly refund my money as I do not need their services nor do I need any product of samsung. From now on I will not purchase any samsung product. I am really sorry the service is very very poor and the product which they are giving is a garbage/dump which is no no use. If you are refunding the money without annoying me it is good or else I will have to move to court of law. After which you will be in a big big trouble.
    Chander Bhushan. My mob. No. [protected]

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  • Nu
    Nucam Systems Ltd Dec 07, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We as a company require to contact Samsung when they have faults with their Samsung equipment. However me and my colleagues find this a stressful and a very time consuming issue. The number which we call is [protected]. The people on the other end are abrupt and 9 times out of 10 we are waiting on the line to get through for a longtime, which is understandable as we are aware that they are busy however when we finally get through we end up with being hung up as the people on the other end clearly can't work the phones or just get bored and hang up. When customers call the call centre people are supposed to store the info which was given to them and log all the calls under the reference number however we have had to contact numerous occassions and go through the same stuff and info again and again as they had no record. Please appreciate that this is frustrating, hence this e-mail to you. It took us 5 calls to find out that the screen we wanted to replace was out of warranty and this could have been advised on the first call as we gave the date of purchase and we needed to arrange an engineer. Our customer of course requires this fixing asap and happens to be Northamptonshire Police who are understandably as frustrated as we are.

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  • Wi
    Willow Wisp May 08, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband bought a 42" plasma flat screen TV. The picture was good... for the less then 24 hours that it worked. So he called the company... and was told he would have to pay a service fee.

    After explaining that the TV was less then 24 hours old he was then told he would have to fax in the receipt. (we don't have a fax machine and live in a small town that doesn't have a place to pay for a fax). So after hooking up with an on line fax company he faxed it in, then was told it would take 2 days for them to process it!!!! After more searching, he found a place where he could fax it and it got processed right away. He called the next day and was told it would take 2 days to find a repair service. After the 2 days he called back and was told it would take an additional 10 to 14 days for service!!! We then called the place where he bought it and found out we could take it back there, they would refund our card and we could buy a different brand all it one day. What a concept!!! Needless to say we will never buy another Samsung product and we will also tell all our friends how we feel, not to mention posting it on line for anyone we don't know to read about.

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  • Da
    DAN77 Jan 25, 2007

    Yeah, samsung has very bad after sale support. They basically sell you the stuff and then forget about you after that. They don't care about your complaints, and they don't stand beside their products. I will never purchase another samsung product again. I don't care how good they are, there are always alternatives, and I would rather deal with a reputable and ethical company.

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  • Bh
    Bhuvan Sahrma Dec 25, 2006
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I m using and recommending my colleagues Samsung products fr the past 5 years and have purchased the following products:

    1> Samsung HDD-5 No.
    2> Samsung Combo drive
    3> Samsung CD Writer
    4> Samsung Monitor-15Inches
    5> Samsung Monitor-17Inches
    6> Samsung AC Model: 1.5Ton

    But now for the first time when I was inneed of the services I had a very bad experience because of the following reasons:

    One of my Hard Disc of 40GB (Model No.:SP0411N & Serial No.: 0779J2FX28328441) which was under 3 years warranty was giving problem which I handover the same to your authorized Service Station in Dehradun (Sunrise Technologies) on 14th Dec. who assigned Work Order No.: H-527. I was assured that in case it is irreparable I will b provided with new HDD with the permission of your Delhi Office on or before 26th Dec. I noticed that normally even in routine working hours also Sunrise Technology don’t respond over the phone No.’s [protected] and 3296655. After 3 days when they picked the phone the receptionist asked me to hold for more than 15 minutes and started attending the phone call of other customer and the second person attended the phone. That person keeping me hold for another 10 minutes he handover the phone to 3rd person who again asked me to explain the problem who was unable to provide me the correct details when I wl be getting my product back.

    Secondly, I have one more HDD of 40 GB Model No.: SV4012H with serial no.: 0627J1BW309495 which is giving problem. When I asked the service centre people to check whether it is under guarantee or not, here also they fail to provide me the details and advised me to check it on your website. When I tried to check the same on ur website, after entering the Serial No. every time the error message is getting displayed on your website since this feature on ur website is not functioning.

    Due to all the above factors I lost the faith in the services of your company and I came to the conclusion that your service centre people are not efficient. I decided that in future we should not buy or recommend your products to others.

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