Sam's Club / Sam's Westworst personal customer service experience to date

Just made it through my worst customer service experience with Sam's Club yet. We somewhat recently changed banks, and along with that, debit cards. I logged into to change my card details. I deleted my old card then got an error "Unable to add card" when adding my new card. Assuming my computer or browser was to blame, I tried several different computers and browsers, all receiving the same error. Then the nightmare started. I contacted customer service on Aug 26th, 2019. After being bounced all over the place and on hold several times, I was given a ticket number (#[protected]) and told it was an issue in their system (no? really???). The service rep confirmed my number and email and said they would get back to me in 24-48 hours... Only over an hour of my life wasted on the phone! Then the wait began... NO CALL, NO EMAILS, except their regular emails (which I unsubscribed from, both online and in-store...). I got in contact with Sams again on Sept 3rd. I was again given the fake apologies and said I would be getting a call or email within 48-72 hours this time! I asked if they would prorate my membership for the time I was unable to order online, she said they (whoever "they" are) would take care of me. After getting off with customer service, guess what happened? Surprise! No calls or emails again! Two Sam's reps lied straight to me. I tried to add my new debit card again (which I have used at other online retailers without issue) on Sept 12th. Sam's Club rejected it with the same error, yet again. So the issue still wasn't resolved either. I called into their support center again on Sept 12th. I finally talked to a manager who straightened it out, but again with an attitude of disgust, as if the whole issue was my fault in some way. I guess I shouldn't switch banks?! Keep in mind that part of the reason we went with Sams Club (over Costco) is that we live pretty rurally (over an hour to the nearest Sam's Club, a bit under an hour to the nearest Costco) but Sams included free shipping on many items online, so the membership made sense financially. Online ordering was the sole reason we got a Sams membership! This all comes on the heels of another experience that left my family of 7 waiting for over two hours in-store for an online order that should have been ready for pickup 3 hours before our arrival, at least that time they gave us a $50 gift card (without us asking for anything in return for our wait) and treated us like humans. We will be looking very seriously at Costco when our Sam's membership expires in Jan of 2020, very seriously. If the customer service would have resolved the issue in a respectful and timely manner and hadn't lied to me (twice!), I wouldn't be writing this review or considering Costco.

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Sep 12, 2019

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