Sam's Clubcash rewards/membership/store management


I went into my local Sam's Club about two and a half months ago and was going to pull my cash rewards that I had built up which was $100 and I was told that somebody already used them. Well I hadn't used them and I'm the only one on my account and I surely haven't been where they said they were used at which was up in Montana or somewhere up north and I'm all the way down here in Texas. Member services call the manager they made a copy of my membership card they told me they were going to fax it to some department and corporate that deals with fraud and I should hear something within 2 to 4 weeks well I went back to my local store 3 weeks ago the information had been faxed to the wrong Department which is going to delay the process 2 to 4 more weeks yet my membership is expiring because I don't have that money to renew it and management at the store is refusing to renew my membership because they say they're not the ones that are supposed to deal with it when to begin this without when all this started they're the ones that told me what was supposed to have been done which was the faxing and they faxed to the wrong location. All in all, the store management support royally SUCKS and will be loosingba VERY LOYAL customer due to their lack of customer concern and doing what's right by their members who PAY MONEY to shop at their stores!!!

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