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Saks OFF 5th review: shipped wrong item, rude customer service

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Saks Off 5th

I am writing to you today to report an unpleasant experience my husband and I had at 1330 Great Mall Dr, Milpitas, CA 95035. The person serving us at the counter was Deena.

I had recently purchased a jacket online. I was sent a wrong jacket. I read the return label/document to understand your return policy. It was mentioned that there was some deductible for postage/forfeiture of shipping fee. So I emailed to the customer service for full refund as the mistake was on behalf of the shipping department. I got a reply back stating that I will be refunded back the postage/shipping fee once I return the jacket.

I went to the Saks Off Fifth store at 1330 Great Mall Dr, Milpitas, CA 95035 to return the jacket. I paid $90.03 ($74.99 + shipping $7.99 +tax 7.05). The person at the counter (Deena) did not offer/return us any greeting even thoughI greeted her first. When I told her that I wanted to return the jacket, her first response was that the store could not accept the returns because I had made purchase online. I showed her my receipt and return label which said I can return the item at store as well as by courier (FEDEX/USPS). She then said she can accept the jacket but will refund me only $74.99. I showed her my email order confirmation and explained to her that I was sent a wrong jacket and it was not my fault to return an item I am dissatisfied with. At this point she said she can ship the jacket on my behalf to the saks off fifth online store but she cannot give me any refund back. She mumbled something about not wanting to add the jacket to her store inventory and the online store will give me a partial refund.

I asked her that if I return the jacket in the store and she ships it to online store, how can I make sure that I will get a full refund and there won't be any postage/shipping deductible? As a proof of email communication, I showed her the email I was sent by saks off 5th support/service assuring against any deductions postage/shipping. The moment she saw the email, she started accusing my husband and I of double dipping. She actually used the word 'double dipping'. My husband and I were aghast at her behavior, instead of advising us and assuring us about the refund she was made rude comments. She made a show of handing us to another sales associate who was on the same counter. We enquired with the other sales associate (Kathleen Tu - Selling and Service Supervisor) about who the manager was as we wanted to report the rude behavior. At this point Deena started screaming at us that she herself was the manager and that we can't report her to anybody. She also made comments on racial lines about Asians (my husband and I are Asian Indians). She then proceeded to the next customer in line saying that she will help him on another counter, acting as though we were at fault.

My husband and I realized that we won't be helped at the store and we proceeded to leave. Deena stood in our path and screamed on top of her voice, "Thank you for coming in the store. Have a good evening. And by the way my name is Deena". My husband and I were stunned at her behavior. She was standing and talking with another man at that time and fabricating our communication. We are not sure whether that man was customer or a store employee.

We were quite traumatized by our Saks off 5th store experience today. We believe that Saks Off 5th company is based on American values and does not support customer abuse and/or racial discrimination by its employees. The most surprising thing was the impunity by which Deena conducted and directed her abuse towards us as she said "I am the manager and you cannot report me." If the manager of your store conducts herself in this way, what kind of a role model is she to other employees of the store. After much deliberations, my husband and I think that this is unacceptable. Saks Off 5th company should take responsibility for the actions of their managers and we hope that you take corrective actions against Deena and the likes to avoid something like this happening to other customers especially racial minorities.

We are discerning consumers and have shopped in store/online with many companies before and had excellent sales service and if ever dissatisfied with the product for any reason we have been refunded. And here we are jumping hoops to return and get a refund for a wrong item sent to us. It was extremely disheartening that I could not receive the assistance I was politely requesting.

I hope to hear back from you about this incident soon. Please contact at your earliest convenience at [protected], or email me at [protected] Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.

Madhavi Naik

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