Saks Off 5thcustomer service while at register


I just recentlt shopped at the The Farmington Hills Michigan store on Orchard Lake and 14 Mike Road and was not regarded as a paying consumer. Upon getting in line the sales person, (black female, the store general manager knows who the employee is) informed me that she was waiting on a customer who returned to the floor to continue shopping. As the employee continued ringing up the customers items that were on the counter, I was made to stand there and wait while the customer was still shopping.

In dismay as to the employees behavior I could not believe that she would display such poor customer service etiquette.

When the customer finally returned to the counter, I had waited 5-6 minutes she continued with assisting the woman and then when the employee was done, she told me to go to the next register. I then said, "you could have told me to do that and you could had assisted me instead of having me wait while she is still shopping. " The employee made a rude response and called the next customer. A total disregard to me as a paying customer.

I said to her, I am next. She then said I am not going to help you, he will. The general manager came and began ringing up my items.

I told him how I was treated and all he could say was I apologize. I told him I wanted to file a complaint. I asked how to do so and he said he did not know there was no paperwork for him to give me to fill out. As I wanted to document my experience. The general manager did he direct me to this website.

The employee was disrespectful and displayed no customer service skills. She was unprofessional with a disgusting attitude.

She totally disregarded me as paying customer. She did not care that I waited. She displayed a behavior and demeanor that I am entitled to wait for her to service me. Unacceptable.

As a paying customer, I believe that I should have been treated better.

Thank you

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