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Raw chicken breasts were packaged in such a poor way that the wrappings came off and the whole tray of raw chicken dumped into a pile at the checkout stand. This store has no customer service whatsoever so I walked back to get another package. I couldn't find one that wasn't splitting open leaving gaps exposing raw chicken. I decided to not buy the possibly contaminated raw chicken breasts and will probably not buy raw meat from this store again. Unacceptable hygiene.
There is never any regular half and half available either. I've tried asking for help and that took over 20 min. Just to get the product, let alone stand in the huge checkout line. I have shopped at various Safeway stores and this one is a pit. It's horrible and lacks basic customer services. Could it possibly be in this condition because it's in a predominately Hispanic neighborhood?


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      Oct 28, 2017

    Please explain how the store being located in a "Hispanic neighborhood" would have anything to do with your experiences there.

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