Safewaydisrespectful & unethical behaviour

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On 11/23/17 at 2:30pm at the Safeway Store #1445 located on Alabama Ave SE, Washington, DC, I had a few last-minute items to purchase while waiting patiently in the long line, I notice that the manager Tish Sams had open the customer service register to help move the people out a little faster. There was a white gentleman who was in front of me which is rung his items up but when it came my turn she closed her line. I was frustrated & started to ask questions as to why would she open her line to only ring up that 1 person when it wasn't just me left in her line to close her register. I received a very rude, negative response with a disrespectful attitude. I was appalled that she was a manager with such a negative disposition. As I tried to have a decent professional conversation with Ms. Sams, the security officer #24692 walked to me very aggressive as if I was hostile or stealing out of the store. The officer began to speak wrongfully to me without knowing the situation and began to tell me that I can be barrowed out of the Safeway. I honestly don't understand how such a big company whose position is to assist/satisfy customers on a daily basis, have rude disrespectful workers, especially in a high traffic neighborhood & I shop at that location regularly. I would like this matter addressed & to see to it that both, the manager Tish Sams & the Officer #24692 get better customer service training or possibly not assist customers AT ALL!


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      Nov 24, 2017

    I would recommend trying to contact Safeway's corporate customer service directly.

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