Safewaycustomer service

L Nov 18, 2017

Our town safeway was sold recently to...? Before this sale customers were treated as if we mattered, especially with checkout. If the line was longer than four people a cashier would call for another cashier. Now, 80% of the time I go in, the lines are 10, 15, even 18 people long. When I go into the manager's office to ask for another cashier he is either playing on his hand held computer or looks up at the clock to tell me someone will be in in a half hour. Really? One day corporate was there and all employees but one cashier was up front - line was 18 people long. When I asked her to call another cashier she said, "corporate is here, everyone is in the back with them." I replied, "So, call them and remind them without customers there is no corporate!" Just because this store has a lot of tourist doesn't mean it should treat the locals badly. So many of us already go to Flagstaff to shop there, now you're losing even more customers/money. I am submitting this complaint for others also. Hope something is done as we have other options in this town. Safeway WAS a friendly helpful hometown place to shop, now even popular products have vanished. We are forced to buy large quantities - ridiculously huge - in order to get a good deal. Really? Who needs to buy 30lbs. of meat to save ten bucks? Your store is bordering on ridiculous. In this town, many businesses come and many businesses go...depending on how us locals are treated. That's a fact.

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