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Ryanair reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Mar 26, 2007. The latest review Lack of human customer service was posted on Aug 1, 2020. The latest complaint extra charges was resolved on May 30, 2019. Ryanair has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 88 reviews. Ryanair has resolved 27 complaints.

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+353 152 044 4004 (General Queries)
+353 818 303 030 (Post booking Queries)
+44 871 500 5050 (International)
+44 871 246 0000 (United Kingdom)
+32 90 233 600 (Belgium)
+358 60 019 055 (Finland)
+36 690 982 213 (Hungary)
+31 900 040 0860 (Netherlands)
Ryanair Dublin Office, Airside Business Park, Swords
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Ryanair Complaints & Reviews

Ryanairrefund amount retained on credit card

Ref: refund amount retained on credit card.
Car Hire Voucher booking number ES779644400.
The Damage Refund Insurance Policy G001ROUES779644400/18.08.2017
Contrato [protected]/12.09.2017.
The problem is that the total amount paid does not correspond to the amounts provided in the rental agreement and the insurance policy.
1.The Car Hire Voucher booking number ES779644400, at Payment is specified:
Total cost : 66.27 eur
Payment received : 112.69 ron ( 24.64 euro)
Payable at counter : 41.63 eur
2.The Damage Refund Insurance Policy G001ROUES779644400/18.08.2017 is specified
Total amount : 170.32 ron ( aprox 37 euro)
Total amount to be paid : 66.27eur + 37 eur = 103.27 eur
The amount of 61.69 eur was retained on the credit card on 18/8/2017, explanation CARHIRE IE 61.69 EUR.
We paid amount of 108.57 eur at the counter, Contrato [protected]/12.09.2017.
Total amount actually paid : 61.69 eur + 108.57 eur = 170.26 eur.
From the calculation, I understand that the initially retained amount of € 66.99 is to be refunded.

My complaint was made also because the type of car stipulated in the contract was not respected, which caused unpleasantness, not just the attitude of the employee.
I look forward to your point of view on these issues.
Customers service GOLDCAR respond: REF GAP Comentario : 1424801 / Bono Agencia: ES779644400 ae
(The cover that you purchased with the intermediary agency is a private agreement between you and Cartrawler therefore Goldcar haven’t resposability about that.)

Sorin Pirloaga( [protected]@yahoo.com)

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    Ryanair — flight brussels dublin cancelled last monday the 18th september

    Our clients had their brussels dublin cancelled with ryanair, they had tio buy tickets on Aer Lingus and are...

    Ryanair — return flight to lanzarote 4th to 18th august 2017 booking reference: rmr1fl email: [protected]@btinternet.com

    On the 7th July 2017 I made an enquiry/search for a return flight from East Midlands UK to Lanzarote from the...

    Ryanair Lost Property Service — extremely bad customer service

    I left my purse on a flight from Rome on Tuesday, 2nd May. As soon as I got off the plane I went to Ryan air...

    Ryanair — overcharged

    I made reservations for flights with cheap air for chania crete on Ryanair. My flight from U.S. was delayed I...

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    Ryanairrude and impolite employees

    I used RyanAir many times and up until now I didn't had any issues with them. But my recent RyanAir experience was terrible and I doubt that I'll ever use this airline again. I had an issue with my check in luggage and I was expecting them to help me. But RyanAir employees were very rude and impolite with me. I was treated terribly!!
    My luggage was too heavy and I wanted to take out some things and give them to my friend who was there with me. But they did not allow me to get my luggage!! They said that I have to pay extra for overweight and that's the only way out. They did not give me any chances!! What is the meaning of this? RyanAir used to be great but not anymore.

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      Ryanair — flight attendant took/stole our coat left on board

      30/10/2016 - FR2829 - Tarragona to Charleroi We left our coat (silver puffa with fur collar) on board and...



      I'm very disappointed with RyanAir and will never use them again! They almost ruined my flight. They said that my had luggage was to big so I was not able to take it with me on board. But it was not big! Some other passengers had even bigger bags and no one told nothing to them. So I had to call my brother, and ask some airport employees to find my brother and give my bag to him. The whole thing was a mess, it was a complete nightmare! The worst flight I've ever had!

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        Ryanair — lost property

        Left a coat on a Ryanair flight from Dublin and realised within 5 minutes. The Ryanir staff on the checkin...


        Ryanairglasgow prestwick to alicante 25/09/2016

        I have travelled with Ryanair since they started operating and always found them ok and not had any problems, my complaint is not a complaint about there service but about the behavior of there passengers on some of there flights the flight my family had on Sunday the 25/09/2016 prestwick to alicante was horrendous with around a dozen foul mouthed agressive abusive both male and female 35 to 40 year old drunken louts threatening mostly elderly passengers, the stewardess girls had no chance of confronting them as the louts were far to drunk to even know they were staff or passengers, they were drinking vodka out of litre bottles bought from duty free on top of the alcohol they had consumed at the airport.now I know this could happen with any airline and at any airport but it's now time to ban alcohol sales at airports including duty free and also every passenger should take a breath test before they allowed on the flight...Ryanair and other major airlines will have the power to make the airports alcohol free and would make your staff and there passengers enjoy the experience of flying again instead of being a nightmare.

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          Ryanairlost property

          On the 29th of August 2016, I had lost my car keys (with a please remove before flight red label) on a Ryanair flight. I have called the Stansted lost and found multiple times, with no answer the first two days! Despite calling within their office hours! When I eventually got an answer I was told nothing has been handed in with no additional advice or reassurance. I know my keys were on that aircraft, I was informed that they would be handed in on the return flight and yet nearly I've still heard nothing. It is just utterly disgusting that an airline can't even safely return things to lost and found. I don't know whether its pure laziness on the staffs behalf or whether they believe they would actually achieve something from a pair of car keys?!!! This is not the first time Ryanair have done this, as a few of my friends have experienced the same with their lost belongings. I would just like my keys back as they have prominent recognizable features.

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            • An
              Anniepadda Sep 10, 2016
              This comment was posted by
              a verified customer
              Verified customer

              Hi there, the keys were with me on the seat in the aircraft. Unfortunately I was extremely tired and forgot the keys on my seat. Upon realisation I rushed back to the aircraft and was not allowed access back on board. Later I was informed that the keys would be handed in on the return flight. They possess a "remove before flight" red keyring and a hi vis key ring. They are very noticable and recognisable.

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            eDreams And Ryanair — luggage extra charge by ryanair even though I had paid for it in advance

            We have been made to pay again for the luggage by Ryanair even though We had prepaid via eDreams. It costed...

            Ryanair — unfair charges

            On Friday 04 February my flight to Berlin (fr145)from Stansted was supposed to take off at 7.50 am and...

            Ryanairlost property

            Last night (5th Jan 2016) I left my new Samsung S6 phone on a flight from Pescara to Stansted. I know exactly where it was left; on or under the seat 3C on the aircraft. I realised it was missing just as I'd left the aircraft at which point I was not allowed back on the aircraft. I was given a slip of paper directing me to call First Flight - though they wouldn't be open until 9am the next morning. Upon calling they said they wouldn't know what they had received until 3pm that day. Upon calling at 3pm they said they hadn't found anything. and that was that. Despite desperately trying to call anyone at the terminal or airline I was told over and over there was nothing I could do and no one else I could call. I just can't understand how the process of returning my phone to me has become so convoluted and difficult! Alas if I were able to return to my seat upon realising I would have my phone. I can't think what has happened to it since I know exactly where it was. Could Ryanair elaborate on what to do next please as I'm at a complete loss? Toby BBC

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              Ryanair - Airlineaftershave purchased on board flight - bottle half empty when opened.

              FR3173 Saturday 12th Dec 2015 11.40am flight from Lanzarote. I purchased perfume and aftershave whilst on board the flight FR3173 to East Midlands. These were gifts for my son and daughter. When we arrived home my son said that the Paco Rabanne aftershave was half full. It was very embarrassing, I have since been out and had to purchase another bottle of aftershave. As you can imagine I am totally disgusted that the aftershave had been used bu either staff or as a tester bottle. We have been Ryanair customers for many years I have always been extremely happy with the service provided however on this occassion I am very dissatisfied. Please could you either reimburse the 20 Euros or send a replacement. Please respond within 5 working days. Rachel Hutchinson 86 Brettas Park Monk Bretton Barnsley S71 1XW Tel [protected]

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                Ryanair — customer service

                I am a frequent flyer of Ryanair. I am aware of the charges that they have, which I have always honored...

                Ryanair — very urgent complaint (request for 50% ticket price refund) ryanair: 26yld8‏

                Very urgent complaint - request for 50% ticket price refund, pls. Attn: edreams.com departure from london...

                Ryanairre charge on luggage/compensation

                QJCEMS // XRV77H

                I submitted a complaint on 30th July this has now been dealt with and I am awaiting a refund, however due to the stress and anxiety caused with regards this, I would like to think that Opodo will provide some sort of compensation as this nonsense actually ruined my holiday and I spent 2 days in my bed on return, I suffer from breast cancer and the holiday was to help with recovery when infact it added to the stress. I look forward to hearing from you with regards this


                Donna Riordan

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                  • Opodo Oct 08, 2015
                    This comment was posted by
                    a verified customer
                    Verified customer

                    Dear Donna Riordan,

                    We are very sorry to hear of your unpleasant experience.

                    As we could verify, the luggage was confirmed, but not added to the return flight. A refund for the paid at the airport amount of 70 eur / 50.96 gbp had been processed on September 23rd via international bank transfer.

                    Please accept our apologies for the inconveniences.

                    We will contact you via e-mail in case you wish to interact on this matter.

                    Kind regards.

                    Liv - Opodo

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                  Ryan AirRefund

                  I booked a flight using e dreams to book a flight to France using Ryan Air as the flight company, for my daughter and 2 of her friends to go as well, all the transactions and details came through and all was good. Until a week ago we checked the tickets and found that we had booked 3 adult tickets which on e dreams was 12+ however on the Ryan Air website it then stated that anyone under the age of 16 couldn't travel on their own. So, we had a major issue because as we booked them through e dreams and found out that my child and her friends couldn't travel on the actual plane. First, we called Ryan Air and they refused to give us a refund only change the dates? Which isn't useful as we will now have to pay for an adult to travel with the children so they can get to the intended destination. I am wondering if anyone has any advice to try and get a refund of some sort to comment below please or if anyone has had the same experience as us? Thanks

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                    • Sk
                      Skall Dec 01, 2011
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      I recently travelled to Germany with Ryan Air. I had a small case which I checked in, a handbag and laptop bag. When I checked in I was told that unless I could fit my handbag inside the laptop bag, I would be charged. The handbag would not go inside the laptop bag, so they charged me £40. The ticket cost just £80 return so the cost of the laptop bag cost same as one way flight! Be aware, be very aware!

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                    • Le
                      Leigh L Feb 07, 2010

                      I was on a flight from Beauvais(France) to Shannon today 7th Feb 2009. I left my new Cannon camera on the flight. No surprise Ryan air did not find the camera. I have called Shannon Airport lost and found, Ryan air baggage service etc. I would really appreciate any help at all??

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                    • Wi
                      William WAlace Nov 05, 2009

                      Ryan air are charging £5 per person per flight each way for using a visa debit card or any other method, I paid £40 surcharge on flights which were in total £80.

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                    Ryanairlost camera

                    I have also lost a camera on board a flights with Ryanair and phoned the first flight company to see if it has been handed in and it obviously hadn't been. I am totally distraught as they have pictures on the memory card that were from our holiday and my sons 4th birthday. I think it is totally disgusting that someone would take it. I mean seriously what is the world coming to-maybe i'm just naive but I would like to think that if someone looked at the camera and saw that it was a family camera with pictures of our kids on, that even if they had thought about taking it for themselves that they would have a bit of decency and had it in!!! totally gutted-yes a lesson learned but what goes around comes around!

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                      • Ru
                        Ruth and Kevin Mar 27, 2015

                        Maybe you need to grow up and take some responsibility for your own carelessness which lead to your camera being stolen. I bet if you let your child run around in Walmart and he was kidnapped you would blame the store. Yeah it is disgusting that someone stole your camera, but what is even more disgusting is you not taking any fault for your own carelessness. Before having children you need to grow up yourself, your son may be four but you are the one acting that age by refusing to take responsibility. The only person you should be angry at is yourself for being careless.

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