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incompetents in tenerife

On June 28th, I had to fly from Tenerife to Edinburgh, with 2 young people-15 and 16. Although the immigration laws are quite clear about the fact that all young people need to travel is-authorization signed by the parents, made by the police, to leave the country-the Spanish ID card, Ryanair pretends to do their own laws. they would NOT let the young people fly, saying that they had to have a passport to travel-for not being 18. The immigration officer was called, and showed the Ryanair employees the extract of the law. But this was not enough. They then pretended to be ringing -the company in Ireland -we all know that they don't ever do that) then the police in Edinburgh. The alleged answer from the police in Edinburgh was that it was up to the company to decide. Well, they had us stressed until the last moment. I have to say that I am 50, A British citizen, and that I finally became quite aggressive, strangely enough, they us got on the flight only 10 minutes before boarding time.

company from hell

At Easter I travelled with Rynair to Lanzarote from Prestwick. My flight was due back on the Thursday the 1st day uk airspace was shut down. I was advised to go to the airport anhow and see what was happening. I went to the Ryanair desk at Lanzarote Airport and rebooked me onto the next flight available to Scotland which was the following Thursday. Ryanair offered NO accomadation or food at all. I booked into appartment for one week payed out of my own pocket at the time . By the Tues night the Ryanair website said that the Thurs flight was cancelled due to emergency flights to Madrid so I went 1st thing in the morning to Lanzarote Airport to see if I could get booked onto one of the Madrid flights not knowing where I would go from there at the time. The Ryanair office at the airport said if we didn't accept the Madrid flights we maybe stranded for weeks as no flights available to the UK. I managed to get on an early afternoon flight to Madrid. It was funny how the woman behind me in the que went back to the Ryanair desk and managed to get a ticket for the Mon flight to Prestwick. They were at it! Anyway, I got onto the Ryanair flight to Madrid and booked into a hotel for 2 nights and managed to get on a BA flight to Glasgow which I ended up booking at a travel agent.

Today Ryanair got back to me (15/7/10) to say they were paying for my food and accomodation for Lanzarote + taxes to airport only and not the Madrid part of my Journey in order to get back to the UK even after advising us to goto Madrid. The letter said they were not liable for any expenses incurred after the period of delay and any such expenses, not covered by EU261, should be claimed directly from your travel insurance. HOW RESPONSIBLE WAS THAT OF RYANAIR TO TAKE US TO MADRID AND BASICALLY KICK US OUT THERE AND TELL US WE ARE NOT PAYING TO TAKE YOU HOME AND ARE STILL MAKING A KILLING FROM PROFITS!! I WILL NEVER FLY WITH RYANAIR AGAIN AND ANYONE WHO DOES MUST BE MAD AFTER READING THIS.

  • Ch
    Charlieboy77 Feb 23, 2011

    How come you've waited from July until February to vent your anger at the letter you received?

    Your flight was cancelled due to the volcanic ash cloud that shut down virtually the entire airspace over Europe for 8 days last Easter. It was not the fault of the airline as they were not permitted to fly at this time. Had you sat tight in Tenerife, under EU law, Ryanair would have been financially responsible for your accommodation costs including 3 meals per day until they could have got you home. Of course hind sight is a wonderful thing. At the time nobody knew if/when flights would start again and the press/TV made out it could be months before people could get home. You were stranded in Tenerife and decided that you would stand a better chance of getting home to Scotland from Madrid. That was your choice, not Ryanairs so why should they foot the bill? I'm guessing your travel insurance pretty much said the same thing. I'm sorry but I'm with the airline on this one.

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don't fly with them

We didnt get a text from ryanair untill we were on our way to airport to be told that our flight was cancelled due to air strike we were told after standing in a line for four hours to be told that they couldnt get us home for another week we had a 18 month old child with us and they said we had to sort our own accomadation out this was 1am we wre told to keep all our reciepts to cliaim our exspences back which we did the next day we managed to get avflight with another airlune and ryanair gave us a refund at the airportbfor our flights but when we tried to get fefund for accomadation food taxis ect we have been told we are not entilaled to anything never again will we fly with ryanair bewear

  • Am
    Amoretta May 01, 2012

    The only thing I can say to this is that even if the strike occurred a few hours before your flight, it does take time to send out information like that. How many flights per day etc. would have to be notified?

    I understand having an 18 month old child while travelling is stressful, but what has that got to do with anything? They should stop the strike to let you and your child fly? :S

    And you weren't entitled to any refunds as it was not the airlines fault that the flights had to be cancelled.

    All airlines would have been in the same situation and done the same thing.

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scam for more money - forced checked baggages

Last night (Nov 22, 2010) my girlfriend and I flew from Stansted to Porto by FR 8347. We were one of the last passengers and each carried one carry-on bag and one airport shopping bag containing perfume, chocolates and a small bottle of water. Ryanair's three employees, two men and one woman, started to rush us to put the airport shopping bags inside the carry-ons. While we were doing that, they kept talking among themselves rather amusingly suggesting that it is getting very late for the flight and the carry-on bags should be really checked in, etc (time was 18:12 then and the flight departs at 18:30). Then they rushed us more and took our boarding passes literally from our hands, and insisted that each pay 35 pounds because it is late and our carry-ons may no longer fit or be heavier, etc. We resisted but they were downright rude, forced us to pay 35 pounds each or else... Swissport is the handling agent of Ryanair at Stansted.

Our carry-ons were absolutely legal size, we brought them from Porto without any issues, and chocolates/perfume bought at the airport did not make them larger or heavier. In fact, later we saw many passengers who had entered the plane earlier with much larger carry-ons inside.

Is this another Ryanair scam for making more sales revenue by the end of the year? Rush the last guys and make them pay because there are no passengers behind to witness the scam!

  • Ma
    max_dort Mar 13, 2012

    On 13.03 me, my wife and our child flew from Stansted to Poznan, we arrived at airport quite late - 45 min before our flight departure and because we had only hand luggage and all papers ready to go through security etc I was quite confident that we will make it to catch our flight - what a mistake that was!!! they have installed new features to scan and examine liquids etc in security search area and they do thorough search on every passenger should they have liquids, etc in their luggage, we had some liquid stuff with us for our baby and our luggage was diverted for a additional check thus we got stuck in a queue (just 3 passengers but that was enough) Having seen what was going on I started wondering if we can make it at all, trying to explain that we are about to miss our flight was like a talking to a brick of a wall, basically people in searching area didn't give a toss, finally we turned up at the gate 14 minutes before departure, the plane was still there, doors opened, ground crew walking around a plane, nevertheless ryanair employee (older lady) said that gate is closed, final check was done and she was "sorry" my wife started crying our child as well we tried to explain situation but old ryanair lady stayed adamant, after that we were turned back to departure area escorted by another ryanair employee (the plain was still there) the only thing he tried to help was question if we bought anything in duty free shops (obvious reason)and that we should proceed to ryanair sales area to fork out £220 extra for 10.35 flight to Szczecin, puzzling thing for us was that this time our luggage was fine at the scanner area (we did not touched it, did not take anything out) when we asked why this time our luggage was not searched lady at the desk could not answer it but I think we can - sluggish ryanair people do that for reason and are instructed to do so the reason is pure extra revenue, we ended up flying to Poland for £520...cheap flights to Europe with ryanair!!!

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ripping off wherever they can

Today I have to complain about the way Ryanair is trying to squeeze out every coin from their customers in order to balance their rather cheap prices.
One story was with a friend, we booked the flight together but accidentally booked her with her nickname, which is shorter and a bit different than her real first name. Although the number of her ID Card was the same as in the booking (which should be enough as a proof that she *is* the real person we booked the flight for) Ryanair wanted her to pay 142 pounds(!!!) just for changing the first name! Mind you the flight itself was just 10 pounds.
The other story happened to my girlfriend who took a flight early in the morning. Unfortunately she had 1 kg of overweight, so she stuffed some clothes in her hand luggage. She was then at 15.1 kg, and yet the woman at the counter said it's still too much (sorry but 100g could also be a scale error!). When that was finally settled this woman made her weigh her hand luggage which had several kilos of overweight now. She wanted my girlfriend to pay 140 pounds for that! Since she didn't have the money I had to take a cab to the airport (since it was too early for public transport) and fetch her hand luggage, so that she at least could take the flight. Thank you Ryanair for spoiled vacations, wasted money, lack of sleep and lots of tears.

  • Fr
    Freeman007 Jul 15, 2010

    @myway: Sorry but as I said 100 gramms could even be a scale error. There are airlines that allow you up to 3 kg of overweight without saying nothing! So if someone mocks about 100 gramms they either have a bad day or it's their company's amusement to degrade their customer. And fyi, you're the first I've met so far who is not shocked about this kind of "customer care"

    @Robert E. Coli: I don't have the slightes clue who you are, what you do or what the h*** Thromby Air is. But maybe you have recognized that this is a complaint about Ryanair, and since this is *complaintsboard* I guess I have the fullest right to publish my complaint here. So I would prefer if you stopped spamming your surreptitious advertising on my complaints!

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  • Ma
    MarlyS Oct 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Totally agree. I've had so many problems with RyanAir- and airlines in general tend to have terrible customer service. Check out this post on the Worst Airlines in the World from Viewpoints.com. So true:http://www.viewpoints.com/thegoods/Worst-Airlines-in-the-World

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we lost flight, we lost hotel, we lost money for coming, they dont care

At 27/05/2010 we had a flight from Treviso (Italy) to Alicante (Spain). ONLY then we arrived to Treviso airport (Italy), (from Padova to Treviso, it cost us 16 EU) we have been told that the flight from Venezia Treviso to Alicante (flight no. FR 5345) was cancelled, due to so called "French Air Traffic Control Strike 26th and 27th May", but why then flight from Treviso to PARIS was not cancelled? I took pictures and I have evidence! Why they did not write it on their website, they knew about strike, why they were quite? I am so furious on this company, Ryanair employee at airport when she was asked about refund, she told that companys policy is first customer has to pay all expense (coming to airport, hotel, etc) and then MAYBE Ryanair will make a refund! (employee told it!)

So we lost flight, we lost hotel, we lost money for coming, they dont care!!

stupid refund procedure

I feel very anxious regarding the refund of air tickets, due to the recent cancellations following the vulcanic eruption. I had booked my original return flight with Ryanair, I received notification of the cancellation via e-mail, and followed the link provided to change to the earliest available flight (from Saturday 17th to Monday 19th, in the evening). No option to change the return flight was given (the return was scheduled for Wednesday morning), but a least I received an e-mail confirmng the change.

The closure of the airspace was prolonged to the Wednesday - again I could not change the Wednesday flight, so I selected the Refund option instead. I completed the process online but was only shown an on-screen message telling me the request would be processed within 10 working days (plus 5-7 working days for MY bank to process the payment)- NO REFERENCE NUMBER NOR CONFIRMATION MESSAGE WAS RECEIVED. So, the applicant has nothing to prove they HAVE made a refund request, nor the date in which it was made.

Hopefully the refund payment will arrive, hopefully it will be within the time limits stated.

I feel the timescale is a bit too long (it should be 7days) and I'd rather receive the money back with the same speed at which it was taken at the time of booking. The administration process cannot be that much longer.

Additionally, Ryanair should provide a written confirmation of the refund application receit!

ryanair rip-off

I fly regular to the UK, about 3 or 4 times a year and I have always given a glowing report on Ryanair, but this December has been the worst ever flight. Admitted they were cheaper for this time of the year than the other 2 biggies, but they seem to have a new clan of staff that are so rude, unhelpful and just a shambles of not knowing how the airlines work. I checked-in my hold luggage and to my horror I was over by 3kilos, now Easyjet on a full flight last time let it go, but not this lot and at 20 pounds/euros a kilo, what a rip off. Then when boarding the girl started letting on non priority passengers before all the priority were through and was so rude when a comment was made. Once on the plane there were so many of these little suitcases that they did not have enough room in the over head compartments and to top it I saw at least 10 of these cases that had to be taken off because they were to big and they could not shut the flap, but no payment was made and its supposed to be 40 pounds, they had to be taken off and loaded underneath with the buggies, so on top of that we were 20 mins late taking off.
Funny they have all these racks that you are supposed to check the size of the case as you go out of the door before you board and they will have the cheek to argue with you about carrying a handbag that is not inside your one hand luggage, but nothing is done about the to big overhead cases... I was so cross and then to top it all a very nice man tells me, well he was in the same boat but like he had been advised before by a Ryanair employee, that if he bought a 25 pound mini case and rearranged his luggage etc he could have the max 10kilos in that and his suitcase would then be under and therefore save on the rip off 60 pounds I had to pay... Also, when I got to the desk and paid, the girl there said, ¨right go back to the check-in desk and show the lady and get your boarding pass¨ I said but I have my boarding pass already as I have to print it off before I arrive and all I was told was to pay you, she said ¨oh well if thats what you have been told then OK¨. I could not believe that they do not know how their own system works, so sluggish. It´s like they have made all these new rules, but only a few know some and others know other bits, but no one knows it all. I will never fly with them again after this, I know they are no frills and spills and I don´t expect all that, but some sevility and to be helpful, I mean if I had had the guy who was helpful I could have saved 35 pounds by getting a overhead mini case, instead I thought I was doing the correct thing, by just having one small holdall. Well you live an learn, but Ryanair are now the TOP of ALL the RIP-OFF airlines.

  • Dw
    dwarfy Aug 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    recently i took a return flight to ireland later in the year i am flying to lanzarote both with ryanair, these will be the last time i use this airline. the staff were rude and unhelpful, i felt like part of a production line being rushed on and off.2 mins after selling me over priced wine they were trying to collect it back to clean the plane ready for a quick turn around.i understand it is a cheap no frills airline on the surface but the extra charges for other things make it as expensive as many other airlines. a lost boarding pass cost 40 euros to replace, slightest bit over on your luggage also brings a high penalty.there is no conformity on hand luggage size, some bags were as big as suitcases, as instructed i put everything in my case only to end up standing next to people who had handbags, shopping bags.

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complaints department

I have flown with ryaair twice this year but will NEVER fly ith them again following the problems with both...


I had booked online for hand luggage only from Liverpool to wroclaw(poland). I was due to attend a funeral and had had to pack an extra suitcase to take with me. When I arrived at the airport at 5am(Flight due at 6am), I was aware that i had little time. I went to the check in desk and explained that i had brought said suitcase and asked wheher or not i had time to check it in. "Yes, you have plenty of time", I was told. I was given a receipt and instructed to go to ryanair's desk to pay £28 for excess baggage. the queue for this desk was long and visible from the check in desk(ie to the man who'd told me i had "plenty"of time)and i stood there for approximately 20minutes growing more and more anxious. The ladies behing the desk were in no way capable of dealing with the amount of people like myself awating flights. by the time i got to the desk and paid for the excess baggage, it was 5.25 and i was panicking. I was given two sheets of paper and had my original print out from the online booking taken from me. I took these and ran as quick as i could to security. It was only when i arrived at security-some considerable distance away-that i was told these articles/receipts were not the boarding card i should have been given. I therefore had to run back downstairs, apolegetically barge past the still huge queue, where the monosyllabic desk clerk passed me the boarding card. Needless to say, by the time i ran upstairs to security(again-even after being kindly rushed through it by airport staff)I had missed my flight. I got to the gate at 5.55am and was told I'd been offloaded by the captain...along with three others. my suitcase had, however gone with the plane!

I did not complain at the time as there was really no-one to complain to at the time, plus i know how it is to work with angry, unreasonable customers and how little help they get and of course the plane had left;it seemed pointless going crazy about it. I requested an address/email/phone number to address my complaint to and was given a fax and address of head office in Ireland. i would just like to know How and why i was not given my boarding card..how they can offload me-due to their ineptitude, yet take my luggage(!)and then be so disinterested when i'm trying to get an alternate flight. There was no instruction from the staff at the desk and i was told i had plenty of time. Also when i realised the predicament of my situation i went to the desk again to enquire about next flights and the whereabouts of my luggage, the staff were so clueless(they told me it would"definitely"be in baggage reclaim and they didn't know where wroclaw is...?!)I had to bite my tongue. I have flown with ryanair on numerous occassions and have never had a bad experience before..but this one cost me valuable time and money at an awfully difficult time. the case contained clothes for both myself and my fiancee's sisters' funeral.

I eventually had to get a flight to krakow-300kms from my final destination through easyjet at a cost of £98, one way and then a grieving father to drive and pick me up at 8pm from that airport.

  • Fr
    Fried Oct 16, 2009

    I booked with Ryanair to go to Rimini on the 22/8/08 for 3 nights. I did this online for 4 passengers. I went through all the procedures and was told the amount was £580. I gave my card details and waited for the booking ref itineray. Once came through the company only chrged me for myself and only one booking. I then had to go back in and do each one individually therefore incurring each credit card charges x 4. The outward journey kepy increasing mine was £39.95 and the final one increased to £119. I telephoned and was told to fax and they very rudely put the phone down and laughed. I tried faxing but this is no good. Their lines are constantly unavailable. Ryanair are a very poor standard for customer service and would not wish to fly with an airline with such a poor reputatance. They clearly are conning their customers and must ne careful because people will cotten on and they wont have any.

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Scam charges

Booked return flights to Glasgow. Have been charged £19.00 for booking by debit card. Have been told they charge £4.75 per person per flight. Am aware they make a small charge for debit card purchases as i have flown with them before. Does this mean that a family of 4 making a return flight to Dublin for example will be charged £38.00 just for paying by debit card, surely this is obscene?

Scam artists

I booked a return Flight to Dublin for two people with Ryan Air, I paid by Debit Card and when i received my conformation i noticed i was charged £19.00Debit card fee. This amount for a Debit card is a total rip off by Ryan Air. My total fair return was only £30.00, GBP taxes, , Fees and charges amounted to £72.48 with a separate Debit card charge of £19.00.

We are all very aware of the hidden charges that Ryan Air attach to their bookings.The public think they are getting a good deal when in fact they are been ripped off. Ryan Air should have to show the the total price of the Air fare like the other Airline.. I now hear they are going to start charging £1.00 to use the Toilet. What next Possible a seat tax or maybe a charge for breathing Air in the cabin.

I can supply evidence of the charges made and will give any information that may be required.

Pushed for time

A description of the good or service offered and what happened. I recently made a booking with Ryanair flying from London Stansted to Rome Ciampino on Wednesday 19th March 2017 (Flight number FR3002). The flight was scheduled to depart at 6.10am. When I arrived at the check-in desk at 5.32am aware that it should have closed 40 minutes prior to departure I assumed I had therefore missed my flight. However, the agent at the check-in desk accepted me on the flight and proceeded with my admission.

By the time I had finished the check-in it was already 5.37, I then made my way to the Security Control/Departure Gates entrance.

The queue started from outside the actual Boarding card and liquids first control. I kindly asked if I could jump the queue but I was refused. By the time I passed the Security control including the footwear control it was already 5.56.

At this point I began my run to Gate number 54 (the last Gate of the Airport) without stopping. I arrived at this Gate at 6.05. The Gate was now closed and I was not allowed onto the flight.

I strongly believe that if YOU allow a passenger to a late check in, it is your responsibility to give them enough time to arrive at the Gate.

This situation put me under a great deal of stress having to go back to the help desk and having to speak to very rude customer service agents, who advised me to pay £257.62 to be able to get onto the next available flight.

I then asked to speak to a supervisor who tried to help me with my issue but I was then told that according to Ryanair terms and conditions I had enough time to arrive at the gate. Even though I had just explained that I could not in fact make it because the time given was just not enough to make it to that specific gate.

Following that conversation I then had to wait 2 extra hours to collect my luggage and missed the next flight to Rome, which luckily hadn’t been booked yet.

Later on that day I then managed to book Flight FR3006 to Rome Ciampino departing at 12.45pm. I had at this stage been in the Airport for 7 hours and missed a very important business meeting, thus resulting in a substantial loss of earnings.

  • La
    Laimine Jun 08, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I recently traveled to Germany with Ryan Air. I had a small case which I checked in, a handbag and laptop bag. When I checked in I was told that unless I could fit my handbag inside the laptop bag, I would be charged. The handbag would not go inside the laptop bag, so they charged me £40. The ticket cost just £80 return so the cost of the laptop bag cost same as one way flight! Be aware, be very aware!

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I was booking to flight from Italy to Brussels, two ways, Then at air port they prevent me to get inside the plane as I'm international student and I do not have Visa to Belgium !!! I have a student residence in Italy with multi entri visa !!! Then I just try to cancel my flight, the ticket issue office prevent to cancel my flight and order me to contact them by internet or fax, ofcourse the site that supply to me is not working, so I did not retrieave my funds till this moments .
Al all, Ryanair is bad poor company !!!

  • Ma
    MARTIN LANE Oct 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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disgrace airline

Dear Sir/Madam

As a first time customer flying with this company they call Ryanair, I would like to say that it is a disgrace of an airline. Not only do they not accept driving licenses (they changed the policy a few months ago) they didn’t bother to inform people who booked prior to these changes, we got through check in and security and sat for two hrs chilling before our flight only to be told we couldn’t board the plane!!! The lady said that if we hadn’t of checked in online they would of accepted the drivers license, but on an email they told us if we hadn’t of checked in on line they were going to charge us £40.00!!! What a bloody joke!!! When we went back out to see if we could speak to someone there was no Ryanair reps there (highly professional) all we got was a number from a lady who couldn’t speak much English!!! All I can say is do not travel with this airline they maintain they are the cheapest but that is a load of tripe!!!NEVER WOULD I GO NEAR THIS AIRLINE AGAIN!!!

  • Mi
    Miriam drysdale Aug 14, 2009

    I checked in on line with my passport- but forgot to take it with me to the airport- an internal British flight. They ripped up my boarding pass in front of me and made me pay £40 for a new one using my drivers licence. I will NEVER fly with Ryanair again.
    Miriam Drysdale

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boarding refused due to broken arm

My wife and I have just been refused boarding East Midlands to Nantes FR1634 as she has one arm in plaster. Apparently she needs a doctor's note before she can fly. No one at the check-in or customer service desk could tell us why, including a supervisor who was all of 12. They said it was a rule as it is 'on our web site' and was for 'Health and safety'. They said that we could not have a refund and would have to pay to book onto a two-day later flight.

The irony is that my wife actually broke her other arm a couple of years ago while we were away and we travelled back Ryanair from Tampere to Stansted in exactly the same conditions with no problem.

I have now looked at their site. It is not mentioned in the terms and conditions, but is in a 'tips' section. I am now down the cost of flights, parking and two all-inclusive tickets in Nantes, plus I'm having to fork out for the replacement flight.

We spoke to another airline who said providing the cast has been on for 48 hours no problem. We have booked with them to Paris instead. They also said (but this is of course heresay) that Ryanair staff are incentivised to bump people off flights in order to make them pay for a later flight.

I travel a lot for business and have been a staunch supporter of Ryanair and the low-cost airlines. I think they have done a great job breaking the mould, but I now think that this particular company have gone too far. They are now aggressive in their relationship with their customers and I don't like that - not when I'm paying. I am never ever going to buy anything from Ryanair.

  • Ha
    Hayley McKeown Jul 27, 2009


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  • Sy
    Sylvie - South East Area Nov 27, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am in a similar position, my husband booked Ryanair flights from Luton to Cork on 17/10/2018 for us to go stay with good friends for Christmas in Drimoleague for period 21-27/10/2018, for 2 passengers the flights have cost us £489.62.

    I have a problem with my shoulder, MRI on 22/10/2018 diagnosed a large tear to the Supraspinatus Tendon. On 23/10/2018 had appointment with surgeon to discuss MRI outcome and further requirement. This being surgery, which took place on 05/11/2018, after rehabilation being slow and careful over a 3-month period. Arm in a sling day and night for first 3 weeks, then Passive Physiotherapy, so assisted therapy, not me actually carrying out movements but therapist supporting left shoulder and arm with both hands and doing start of rehab movements for me.

    After week 3 (which I am now at) and at my appointment tomorrow possibly going on to next stage to take me to week 6 all being well if progressed enough to do so. I have been instructed via the surgeon that due to my illness I am not able to fly - moreso as I could undo all the good work he has carried out and I would be in much pain again, along with being not so easy a second time around.

    I have had some bone removed, the torn tendon has been attached to a small plastic plate with medical glue, the plate with tendon attached has been place within area where the bone has been cut out, 4 small plastic screws attach the plate to bone in rotator area, then medical cement is used to infill and seal the plate firmly in place - the next part is up to me to do what I have been instructed to carry out/do rehab wise over the next 3 months.

    Upon this taking place, I knowing the circumstances I applied for a Refund for 1 passenger only, not for both of us booked on this trip. I completed the Ryanair Refund Form under Article 10 - Refunds / Section 10.4 Serious Illness, further submitted all documentation required from surgeon along with rehab schedule - I received 'Standard' responses back via Ryanair Support Zen Desk!!! I am now on my 7th email, it would seem that Ryanair possibly does not refund under any circumstances...

    I have now written to Ryanair asking for the following information to be supplied:
    1) Please advise how many requests total Ryanair has received from Customers over the past 5 years under Article 10 - Refunds / Section 10.4?
    2) Of those total received 'Refund' requests under applicable area/section has Ryanair actually refunded monies to Customers?

    I am still awaiting a response! Ryanair has a legal obligation to keep this information for tax and claim purposes i.e. Ryanair actually making a claim themselves for reimbursement of certain funds under their insurance cover.

    I am actually disgusted at what Ryanair is allowed to get away with via Governments and all other Travel Parties that are in place to protect Customers - we have rights as Customers, but it would seem Ryanair can get away with all - they should be fined to the hilt and better still, made to comply with Customer Human Rights - my current situation is totally out of my control and I have to abide by what has been set before me, otherwise I will be back where I started.

    I currently have a lot of pain, movement is limited (this will become better with time, rehab and I doing what I have been told to do) - I am presently administering pain management of Tramadol and Paracetamol at the same time, again hopefully only for a period of time until movement becomes better.

    Now the above review has advised that Ryanair have stated this lady cannot fly because she is in a sling - well bingo, so am I and have put in a claim the opposite way and guest what, Ryanair have changed their Terms & Conditions to suit them, not to pay out - it would seem a lot needs looking at reference their trading rules and Customers Legal Rights, of which they seem to have none with Ryanair - I hope this airline goes under, especially with Michael O'Leary's latest brain waves he's been thing of: to charge for using WC's in flight, for passengers to carry their own baggage to the plane, to charge for overweight passengers - the man is greedy.

    One thing I do hope, is that Aer Lingus or BA can come up with some flight deals to compete with Ryanair, as their services are far, far better, they have respect for Customers and it's not a "Cattle Market".

    Hunt Residence - South East Area

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online ticket scam

Recently tried to book return flight with Ryanair to malaga from Bournemouth. Got all the way to the end, when I tried to pay it came up with an error message and asked me to do it all over again. Hey what a surprise the price of the flights had changed!!! They had gone up and its not the first time its happened its the third time in a year!!! Have spoken to others who have had same thing as well. I believe Ryanair is posting cheap flights to lure customers and then pretending there is a glitch to get them through again and then mysteriously the flight prices change!!! Spookey!!! Be ware all!!!

  • Gl
    globetrotta Jul 23, 2009

    I've recently booked 3 flights for 2 people with ryanair. Bournemouth to Reus for £5 each, Palma to Reus for €0.94 each (on the Spanish site) and Rues to Bournemouth for £5 each.

    In all its cost me and my partner appox. £21.70 all inclusive of check in fees, taxes, online booking fees and anything else.

    I couldn't get flights from Rues to Palma for the dates i wanted without paying a considerable amount more and most other airlines and ferry companies were either booked out or even more expensive. In the end we decided to travel from Rues to Barcelona by train (€7 each for a 1 hour 30 minute journey) and i booked from Barcelona to Palma with Vueling Airlines for €22.24 each. This was a specially discounted air fare from Vueling (a Spanish airline) but they added tax at €32.55 and a debit card fee of €4.50 bringing the fare up to €84.50.

    In summary 3 flights from Ryanair £21.70, 1 flight from Vueling £60.35, train fare £12.70, several short distance bus journeys at (€2 each) £10, total cost for an awesome holiday £104.75... no complaints here :)

    We're going away on a small budget but with the air fare being so cheap we were able to secure 3 hotels on the beach (most with breakfast or all inclusive) and a nice place to stay overnight in Rues before jumping on the train. Total cost of accommodation £327.

    Total "Package" Price is £432 which considering the number of flights, destinations and type of accommodation we're getting, i think is a steal compared to what i'd get walking into a high street tour operator...what's more we leave on 30th July, and are staying during the two weeks that are considered the "high peak" season, the most expensive time of the year to travel or stay.

    It's easy looking at the figures above where the majority of the savings have come from. Thank you Ryanair for a great holiday in advance and thanks for the extra spending power we will have while we're on holiday... it's much needed in this economic climate... we'll certainly have a drink on you :)

    Rob and Trace
    Cheshire, UK

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  • Ha
    Handymanitaliano Sep 30, 2009

    I have had the same experience twice. An error on the payment, then being forced back to booking again at a higher price. Both times with a 10 euro jump on the return trip part. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on...This and the rediculous processing fees that had already been a frustrating part of the booking adventure, made me decide this time to not book with Ryanair. The other airline that I went to, cost about the same but atleast I didn't have the feeling that I was being jacked around. I wonder if any authorities are investigating this scam.


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  • Ih
    I Holland-Hibbert Feb 23, 2011

    The exact same has just happened to me - went through to payment then claimed a 'duplicate' payment might have been made. Went back and the prices had jumped. From £50 yesterday when I first started trying to get tickets, they've now doubled. I know prices fluctuate and rise according to demand, but this is a SCAM - it's criminal. I see from complaints forums that people have been making complaints about this for at least 3 years. It's 2011 - how come no authorities have done anything about this?

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  • Pr
    Priscillian Oct 29, 2011

    Be very careful to ensure that you have not made a mistake with the name to go on your Boarding Pass. Furthermore, he booking form is deliberately crowded with add-ons which may escape your notice until you find you have been charged for them. The print is in places almost impossible to discern and confusing and once your name has been entered it never appears again. If you try to go backwards to check, you find yourself at the first page (interestingly your flight dates remain but nothing else) and have to book all over again. In the meantime, the fare has increased! If your boarding pass is incorrect, you will be charged. If others have made the same mistake, you will miss your flight. You will not be reimbursed and the ground staff will refuse to speak to you. Or if you are unlucky like me, they will be extremely rude and antagonistic. If you ask to speak with someone in charge you will be treated as though you do not exist.
    This is a disgrace of an airline running on seriously questionable practices. If you think that's OK because "they are cheap and can't be making much money", check out Ryanair boss's bank account.

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mobile phone

i left my phone on board a flight from freidrichaven to stanstead my partner saw it being handed over to a stewardess on board the flight but no lost property has been handed over to stanstead lost property department does this mean that ryan air dont hand anything over and pocket it themselfs

  • Tr
    traceyandersen Mar 03, 2011

    I left my spanish mobile phone on last nights flight from malaga to stansted. this phone has not yet been handed over to stansted lost property... will try again tomorrow and also call malaga lost property to see if after cleaning the plane, the phone was spotted there. Hope I have more luck than others. Wasnt an expensive phone but guess who didnt copy any of their telephone numbers.

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check-in fees, poor service,

we were charged 40 euros both ways to check-in, on return flight from girona we were not informed on gaining boarding pass, no information was highlighted above any check-in desk stating where we should check-in, thus this caused us to miss our flight then had to pay a missed departure fee and a further 100 euros each to get on another flight to gatwick= total £140 euros each!! Our package holiday was a load of tosh as there was lots of hidden extras!!! To add insult to injury, our one bag of hand luggage was to be off loaded as there wasn't any room left in overhead cabin space. Even though some priority passengers had taken two items on!! RYAN air is one big con!!! I will never fly with them again, would rather pay more and get quality, rather than a shoddy bus service like them.


I booked my flight from Paris to Glasgow on RyanAir website, but forgot to do the online check-in before going to Glasgow. So it cost me 80 euros !!! for me and my girlfirend ! It's really abusive price, don't fly Ryan air, they are robbers !!!

  • Ro
    Ross Apr 08, 2009

    I completely agree, NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER fly with them. their site does not state that if you dont checkin online that you will have to pay 20 per person for that flight! i was furious and i felt completey robbed and misled!!!

    the airports this ariline fly to are aways off the beaten track and far out of the destination city you want to go to!
    the cost to get to the city they advertise will in the end cost as much as a nice convenient flight with a standard more regular airline, like easyjetba etc

    Trust me this ariline are not worth flying with, ABORT them!

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  • Ba
    Badabing Dec 14, 2009

    Same case here.

    I was flying from Madrid to Porto and lost my ticket paper. These Ryanair ###s charged me 40 Euro for printing a new ticket. Considering that I flew with them 2 days before (going from Porto to Madrid) and having in mind they had all the info needed on their PC sreen (I gave them my flight reservation code and ID card, what else do they need? A DNA sample, perhaps?) I think its just plain stupid to surcharge passengers for something that can happen to anyone and having such an easy solution, i.e., printing a new piece of paper and maybe charging a simbolic value like 1 euro (more than enough to pay for that cost).

    I'm sure all Irish feel embarassed for having such a piece of crap company representing their country. Rayair doesn't seem to understand that "low cost" doesn't mean "low ethics".

    But hei, no problem, Ryanair! Since I feel robbed and you insist in not having an online form for complaints, I can always promise you that I will never fly nor reccomend your company to anyone I know.

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  • Al
    All789 Nov 02, 2014

    ryanair is a monopoly. Corrupted local officials and airport authorities are in bed with this monopoly and get enveloppes to allow ryanair to do whatever they want with small and medium airports.

    The result is the customer who is treated like a dog and like cattle for a price that is far from being low cost. Anytime you can, fly with other airlines even if you have the impression to pay more:

    Air Europa

    Whatever, 50 Euro are worth spending to avoid ###s.

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