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Air Berlin / flight cancellation

Jan 24, 2019

To The company "AIR BERLIN-NIKI" Trikala, Greece, 24-01-2018 A complaint and protest letter As you well know, I myself traveled with my two minor children with your company from the airport of "MACEDONIA" to Nuremberg. My departure from Thessaloniki Airport was June 23, 2017, at about...

Air Berlin / annulation de vol par la compagnie jpqmes

Dec 29, 2018

Référence JPQMES - [protected] Madame Monsieur Par la présente, je vous demande de procéder immédiatement au remboursement du vol référencé annulé par votre compagnie. A défaut, mon avocat vous saisira en responsabilité et dédommagements. Dans l'attente de votre réponse Salutations Angela LOPES BARRADAS [protected] fr+[protected]

Air Berlin / double payment on one flight. client number 1800756

Aug 22, 2018

Air BerlinHello Airberlin, A year ago we travelt with Airberlin from Dusseldorf to Malaga and back. We payed for the tickets twice, we payed at home on the reservation at the computer and at the airport we payed again at the airberlin desk, because they told us something went wrong. At the desk they...

Air Berlin / flight cancelled

Dec 06, 2017

My name is Julian Gendov . I have purchased a flight from Fort Meyers to Dusseldorf paying extra for special seat in addition .Flight was 0n 12.09.2017 . All i received was this message : Dear Guest, We regret to inform you that your flight AB7009 from Fort Myers to Düsseldorf on 12 Sep...

Airberlin / cancelling flights 2 days before departure due to bankruptcy with no refunds

Nov 06, 2017

We purchased 2 tickets on 5-27-2017directly from Airberlin but quickly cancelled because they did not offer any sort of travel insurance which I felt more comfortable having, we rebooked Thru CheapOair same flight, time, date, etc... leaving out of LAX, we purchased insurance through...

Air Berlin / air berlin stopped coming to boston mass. and never emailed me so when I went to the airport my flight was canceled and I had no idea

Oct 21, 2017

Air BerlinI have pictures of my flight information in this complaint. My flight was originally from Boston Massachusetts- Duesseldorf- Barcelona Spain. We booked our flights about 3 months earlier and it was cancelled by Air Berlin and I was never told anything. I was going with my girlfriend to...

Air Berlin / unethical behaviour

Oct 18, 2017

Dear Sir my name is Elio Guarisco. Today 18 October 2017 I took the Air Berlin flight number AB 8733 from Milan LInate to Berlin. The plane was delayed for about two ours. An dthe reason given 'fog' were sheer lies, for there was a crystal clear sky in Berlin. People were stranded at the...

Air Berlin / refund request due to cancellation of our flight due to insolvency

Oct 18, 2017

I received an email from Expedia that our flight was cancelled by Air Berlin due to insolvency. I have booked our flights from SFO to Venice, Italy in July, 2017. Our flight will be in a week. There were 4 bookings made and paid a lot of money for this flight. The email said that Air...

Air Berlin / air berlin flight cancellation

Oct 18, 2017

I would like to complaint for receiving no information about flight cancellation from Berlin to Abu Dhabi (AB7492) as well as the flight back (AB7495) . As this flights were part of bigger reservation we cannot go to our holidays as we cannot reach the final destination. The whole...

Air Berlin / cancellation of my flight

Oct 17, 2017

I booked my reservation with AIRBERLIN for vacation 3 month in advance. My itinerary was: Oct. 3 JFK to DUS, DUS to MUC, Oct. 15 VCE to DUS, DUS to JFK. On October 2, I day before departure, I got email from Expedia about cancellation of my return flight from DUS to JFK. I did not have...

Air Berlin / cancelled flight ab7249

Oct 16, 2017

Flight at 16.10.2017 from NY JFK to Berlin Tegel Ab7249. Our return flight from New York to Berlin is cancelled without given any information. We dont know what to do because noone get us any information. In the airport noone have information and we cant contact with anyone via phone. We...

Air Berlin / no flight replaced or full refund

Oct 15, 2017

I have bookt a flight Frome tlv to jfk and bake. My booking refrains number is: 'tgz7fs' on the name 'chanoch henoch hecht'. Before booking I have been promise by a air Berlin agent that in any case of canselaishon I will be put on a new flight with no cost's. My flight bake Frome jfk to...

Air Berlin / my flight was cancelled without notice

Oct 13, 2017

Air BerlinI booked a flight with Air Berlin from Berlin to Miami, I did only one way and the return flight was due to the 19th of October 2017 and now that I called to check on the status, they are telling me my flight was cancelled. I demand a a relocation on another airline and a compensation for...

Air Berlin / flight to los angeles

Oct 11, 2017

Myself (Kim DeCelles) and my Niece (Juli Fields) where scheduled to fly from Barcelona to Dusseldorf then from Dusseldorf to Los Angeles. After checking in online, I was told at the Barcelona airport Air Berlin counter, that Air Berlin was no longer flying to Los Angeles! They rerouted u...

Air Berlin / no alternative/refund for cancelled flight

Oct 10, 2017

Dear sir or madam, I have booked a return flight with four legs, and two legs have been cancelled without financial compensation nor an alternative flight. The following legs have been cancelled 22-10-17: AB 7481 23-10-17: AB 8588 Ticket Number: [protected] I demand either financial compensation or an...

Air Berlin / no responses or refund for air berlin cancellation of flight

Oct 09, 2017

Re: Booking Reference MK4AAD On Sept.9, 2017, flight AB7009 was cancelled by Air Berlin due to hurricane Irma out of Ft. Myers to Dusseldorf. As a result of this, our connection to Berlin was also missed as well as the return flights onSept 23. We had reservations with Globus tours for an...

Air Berlin / no reimbursement for canceled flight

Oct 06, 2017

I have been having a very difficult time with Air Berlin. They do not have a customer service. Only a form to fill out online. I left Prague in April and had a layover in Berlin and the final destination was Abu Dhabi. The first flight was Air Berlin and the second was Emeritus. The...

Airberlin / cancelled flight from tegel to chicago usa on 10/3/2017

Oct 05, 2017

My return flight from Stuttgart via Tegel to Chicago on October 3rd, 2017 was cancelled and no provisions were made by AirBerlin to rebook me on another flight or be of any assistance whatsoever. My reservation from Chicago to Stuttgart via Tegel for September 4, 2017 with a return via the...

Air Berlin / unusable tickets

Oct 04, 2017

We have booked our flights to Orlando via Mr Jet. As you are not going to fly our dates we will get our money back. We have booked December 16 Got-Tegel flightnr.AB8061 Tegel-Miami flightnr.AB7210 Januari 05 Chicago -Berlin flightnr. AB7421 Berlin-Gothenburg.flightnr.AB8062 Carina Bergstrand...

Air Berlin / canceled flight without alternative

Oct 03, 2017

Air BerlinDear sir or Madam, The flight from Air Berlin from Berlin to Frankfurt with the flight number AB6577 for October the 30th at 9:30am was canceled. The booking number for the flight is 4835EN. Unfortunately there won´t be any other flight provided to Frankfurt were we need to go because our...

Air Berlin / the voucher can never be redeemed while we book online

Oct 03, 2017

2016 we supposed to fly Air Berlin back to our home Sweden Gothenburg, but the flight was fully booked and did not allow us to go on even thought I was 7 months pregnant. So we got the vouture from airberlin afterward via Email. But I cannot even use that redeem vouture while I am trying...

Air Berlin / retour de voyage

Oct 02, 2017

Bonjour Madame, Monsieur, Je me permets de vous contacter suite a un voyage effectué avec votre compagnie . Je vous fais part de mon mécontentement, car celui ci ne c'est pas déroulé comme prévu . Je me suis rendue à l'aéroport de düsseldorf le 22septembre pour un voyage vers Miami...

Air Berlin / damage to baggage

Oct 02, 2017

We took a flight AB8032 from Copenhagen to Berlin on Aug 27, 2017. During this flight both of our bags were damaged. We made a damage report with the airline Report number TXLAB43230. We were contacted by Dolfi1920 a Ms Anne Holzhaeuser about replacement bags. Their case numbers are 1035078 and...

Air Berlin / delayed luggage - 2 weeks

Oct 02, 2017

September 25, 2017 Dear Customer Relations Department: My wife and I booked with American Airlines for a flight on September 8, 2017 from Charlotte, NC to Berlin, Germany (Flight 786). American Airlines flew us to Paris, France and then handed us off to Airberlin for the remaining leg of...

Air Berlin / cancelled booking

Sep 30, 2017

I've just received the invoice informing me about cancelling my booking for the flight on 4.10 and 7.10 Berlin-Vienne and back without explaining me any reason for it. To day I'm trying to reach the service centre ([protected]) but without success, it is all the time busy. I have planned...

Air Berlin / flight cancellation dusseldorf fort myers

Sep 29, 2017

I booked two business class tickets from Düsseldorf to Fort Myers return. Out on 26 Oct 2017 return 6 Jan 2018. I booked and paid in early July 2017. My bank was charged with the fares an 6 July 2017. I have now received an Email cancelling the trip and because I booked before 15Aug2017 I...

Air Berlin / services not received (change my plane tickets without even inform me)

Sep 28, 2017

I bought airplane tickets thru justfly website from Boston to Barcelona Airberlin stop flying from Boston .They want me to fly from new York, which is 5 hr away from where i live.They don, t want to pay for tickets from Boston to new York.I want to get my money back and i want to get the...

Air Berlin / flight cancellation

Sep 28, 2017

I booked a flight through expedia on august 31st from Budapest -> Berlin -> JFK for the date of October 23rd. I was informed on Sunday September 24 that my flight from Berlin to JFK has been cancelled due to "operational issues" on the end of air Berlin. Today, September 28, I finally wa...

Air Berlin / flight cancellation str-agp during christmas

Sep 28, 2017

Dear team, My flight, bought on the 8th August, before insolvency announcement, has been cancelled. It was an early morning flight from Stuttgart to Málaga. I received the option to fly from Munich but this would mean to pay for a hotel night (because it leaves at 6am) plus the train...

Air Berlin / refund for flight: ref #: p3vfew

Sep 26, 2017

Hello, My name is Tyler Porteous and I am scheduled to return from Munich to Los Angeles with a stop in Dusseldorf on September 29th. However, this morning I was notified that my flight - AB7430 from Dusseldorf to Los Angeles - has been canceled. After speaking with a representative of...

Air Berlin / refund

Sep 26, 2017

Airberlin service team, In June 2017, I was traveling home after a month of touring Europe. After flying from Copenhagen to Berlin TXL my flight was redirected to another airport in Berlin SXF due to weather conditions. Upon landing in SXF, we were requested by flight crew to stay seated...

Air Berlin / refund of ticket purchased after insolvency filed by airberlin

Sep 25, 2017

Request full refund: I purchased Business Saver, round trip ticket to Berlin on the 22nd of August 2017, after bankruptcy already filed by Air Berlin on the 15th of August 2017. No information on insolvency given at the time of purchase. Flights no longer bound for my destination from Lo...

Air Berlin / flug von sfo nach txl

Sep 23, 2017

Sehr geehrtes airberlin Team, Ich habe meinen Flug via Tripair gebucht. Diese leiteten mich an diese Seite weiter. Mein Direktflug von SFO nach TXL am 27.09.2017 Flugnummer AB 7397 wurde am 15.09.2017 überraschend gestrichen. Stattdessen wurde mir der Flug von SFO nach DUS (AB 7393) und...

Air Berlin / cancellation without any warning-

Sep 22, 2017

Dear Airberlin! Our flight´s reservation code: YXLAOH Flight date: 14 Oct 2017 MIA Miami to TLV Israel Our names: ESTHER LINDA TADIR/DAVID TADIR Payment was done with Credit Card. We were informed by AIR BERLIN that the airline cancelled our return flights the day of our arrival in...

Airberlin / flight ab8734 berlin-milan @12:40 missed due to misleading information

Sep 22, 2017

AirberlinWe booked AB8734 Berlin- Milan @12:40 on 8 Sept. We arrived TXL @10:00, went to C-counter to checkin. We were told plane will not leave from C but at gate A12, we infact got boarding pass with A12 printed. We went to B26 to drop bag. Man at B26 repeated boarding at A12. TV text shew gate...

Air Berlin / changed flight

Sep 21, 2017

I received email after my wife left to Berlin that her flight back was changed and now its at different time and has a transfer when I specifically booked direct flight even though the one that you have changed it to was $300 less at the time of booking. im trying to get in touch with AB...

Air Berlin / flight cancellation

Sep 21, 2017

Air BerlinThe reservation code is: OBAIGB E-ticket Numbers: [protected] Greetings from Tripair, Following our communication with the carrier we are sorry to inform you that they offer no alternative flight combination for your re-protection. Additionally, due to the Air Berlin’s current financial state...

Air Berlin / cancelled flight

Sep 20, 2017

My family and I were scheduled to fly from Chicago ORD to Budapest Hungary on 10-4-17 and back home again from Budapest to Chicago ORD on 10-15-17. Itinerary # [protected] and Confirmation # P33PMX. We were informed on 9-15-17 through Travelocity that our flight had been cancelled by Air Berlin...

Air Berlin / flight and offered

Sep 20, 2017

Dear Air Berlin, My name is Abdulhamed Nekzad I live in Sweden. I had a flight with Air Berlin on 18 June 2017 from Arlanda to Berlin at 06:05 am, Flight No. AB 8001- but the flight had too many passengers so they asked requested me to take the next flight and offered compensation of 250...

Air Berlin / service at the airport

Sep 18, 2017

Air Berlinon saturday 12th, August we arrived to Wienn airport 4 hs before our flight with Air Berlin to Madrid, through Düsseldorf to verify our credits cards, (nobody else asked this before, in many others flight. Only 1 person for 8 airlines was avalable to do it. After 20' and many people complaining...