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Airports Company South AfricaParking rates

I parked on level 2 whuch is the normal level that i usually parked on Thursday 22 April. On my return on 26 Apr i was charged R6 249 rand and when i went to the ticket office they just said i parked on the drop off level. There is no signage that explain that this is not for parking. This is an exploitation of unaware traveller's that is hold to ransom thet if you do not pay u can not get your car. This rates is 10x the normal rate for this level. I request your assistance in defending this amount.
L van Zyl

Parking rates

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    Airports Company South AfricaParking 2 exorbitant rate on unwarned client

    It is against the law to make people pay for exorbitant fees without warnings or Informing them prior.
    We demand refund for our R4389 fees paid today at 21h50 at the airport for parking at level 2. This is unacceptable and we can sue you easily for negligence to inform your client for the costs they will incurred after parking at certain places in the parking lot.

    We will be gathering all complaints in one and hit you back! Watch us.

    Contact us at [protected] to arrange for refund.


    Parking 2 exorbitant rate on unwarned client

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      Airports Company South AfricaParking

      Yesterday I parked my car on level 2 for the day as I flew to ELS. Upon return in the evening I paid for my parking and was shocked to see that I had to pay R720 for the day. One of your staff said to me that level 2 is designated for Drop off and pick up. Hence the adjusted tariffs.
      1. I was not warned when entering the parking of the tariff structure, I saw a tariff list on the pay machine, but then its too late and after the effect
      2. Why then are you still operating with the change when the regular drop off and pick up points are now in full operation ?
      3. I find the exorbitant charge grossly unfair and demand a refund. Please inform me how the refund will take place.
      Thank you
      My E-Mail is [protected] or Cell [protected]


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        • An
          AngeliqueP Apr 16, 2021

          This is unacceptable! Have you got your refund?

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        • Dr
          Drum noise Apr 19, 2021
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          @AngeliqueP Nope, no response. I feel as if i was set up in a trap by ACSA, pay or you don't get out !!

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        Nov 02, 2019

        Ortambo Airport — service

        Arrived today with Rwandair at 3.15am from Kigali. When we disembark we reached end of sky bridge to find...

        Oct 30, 2019

        Airports Company South Africa — disrespectful acsa staff

        I am a Traffic officer who is deployed at one of your airports and went to an induction course by ACSA on the...

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        Airports Company South Africatheft/invasion of privacy

        Dear ACSA

        My last trip from Cape Town to Johannesburg (BA6410 - 16 October 2019) this past week was very upsetting.

        Upon arrival at my hotel in Pretoria I discovered that my suitcase (65/67Lt) had been broken into as per the attached.

        Even though nothing of value appeared to be missing I felt extremely violated as someone had definitely riffled through the contents in my suitcase.

        At first glance one could see my lock had been broken off from the suitcase and thus rendered the zippers useless.

        I then had to - at my personal expense - purchase a suitcase (32Lt) to transfer my belongings over into it. I still had to keep the broken suitcase and leave my toiletries and some minor items in it as these were not suitable for the new (smaller) cabin size suitcase. It included various bottles with liquid in excess of 100 ml etc.

        To make matters worse the staff at the JHB British Airways Baggage Counter were less than enthusiastic to assist after I attempted to lodge a complaint before leaving for Cape Town after my short stint in Pretoria.

        Prior to leaving my hotel the maintenance staff were kind enough to provide me with cable ties to secure my suitcase in transit back to Cape Town (BA7407 - 17 October 2019) as I was forced to do so with the state my suitcase was in and also to secure what I needed to check in.

        Upon collecting my suitcase once I had landed in Cape Town, I once again realised that my suitcase had again been broken into as the cable ties that were used to secure my bag had been removed - a serious violation of my privacy!

        I therefore request as a resolution that I be reimbursed for the funds spent on purchasing a new suitcase of which the receipt has been attached for your perusal.

        More importantly, can you advise what steps will be taken to ensure the safety of my luggage in future and to avoid loss of and/or damage to my property?

        My contact details are listed below and so I eagerly await your response.

        Ms T Albertyn
        British Consulate General
        8 Riebeek Street
        CAPE TOWN 8000
        Mobile: +[protected]
        Email Tania.[protected]

        theft/invasion of privacy
        theft/invasion of privacy

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          Airports Company South Africapassport control or tambo international

          My unaccompanied minor daughter arrived in Johannesburg this morning 08.01.2019 and the official refused her entry as she had lost her birth certificate. He refused to speak to me the parent of the minor and threatend not to let her into the country despite her being a resident. She was left in tears and he just refused to help. Everytime I tried to speak to him on the phone he would refuse and shout at my daughter. Counter 22 or 23. My minor daughter is extremely traumatised.

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            Airports Company South Africa — extreme dangerous event - overfilling of transit bus - flight sa express 1797

            During a recent flight on Flight 1797 to Lubumbashi on the 26th of November 2018 at 09H20, an incident...


            Airports Company South Africa — booking number: tcp-390417 with icare airport parking car park king shaka international

            Icare airpot company is a parking service provider, which is done online for parking for those using the king...


            Airports Company South Africa — noise pollution

            Good day, I reside in the Boksburg area, close to Jet Park an would like to lodge a complaint against...

            Airports Company South Africa — unethical behaviour

            Good Morning! My name is Priscilla Anne Whiteman - Bakoume Flight JE 129, 15 Sep I would like to thank you...

            Airports Company South Africastole my 14 year old niece jewelry and sim cards

            My 14 year old niece travelled from cape town for the 1st time on flight je146, she handed all her bags in at cape town intern. 19/06/18, when she arrived in or tambo 11:41. When we arrived in pretoria and she wanted to unpack, all her jewlery was gone and the mtn sim card, the jewlery boxes was damaged and this gifts has sentimental value to her, she is only 14yrd old and the poor child was crying because all her memories are gone. When I called they said sorry we can not assist you, you should have taken out insurance, this is utter bull u have thieves working there, hell to steal from a 14 year old is disgusting

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              Airports Company South Africa — bag broken into, and item stolen.

              On Monday 26 Feb 18, I flew with British Airways to ORT, then on to Singapore, with Singapore Airlines. My...


              Airports Company South Africatheft from baggage

              Been victim of this for many years but now in December / January terrible!

              My locks broken on my bags from Doha to JHB

              Brother in law baggage Amsterdam to JNB - toiletries stolen - next day to Pemba his wifes perfume stolen

              My daughter this month perfume stolen from JHB to Pemba and then again back to Joburg makeup and now again today arriving from JHB to Heathrow - makeup stolen

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                • Aj
                  ajpardesi Jun 20, 2018
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  they stole my 14 year old niece's jewlery, they steal from the old to the young,

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                • Ja
                  Jamie Wilson Jun 20, 2018
                  This comment was posted by
                  a verified customer
                  Verified customer

                  @ajpardesi and nobody will answer or look into your complaint - still waiting

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                Airports Company South Africa — victimisation / unfair removal of passengers

                Good day On the 05/11/17 we travelled from or tambo int to east london airport with kulula airlines, or...


                Airports Company South Africanegligence in keeping car safe in paid-for parking-facility

                I am seriously disappointed at the P4 shaded-parking security at CT International. I parked my car at about 5AM on 1 Aug to catch flight JE702 to Lanseria and upon my 4 Aug return via flight JE709, I found at about 5:40PM that my car was stolen. What's concerning is that everyone is aware of the crime situation in SA, but when I was walking up & down the parking-area in a state of trying to convince myself that I've just forgotten where I've parked, no security guard were in sight. Nada, zip, zilch, zero, get it!!! I had to go look for them to assist. Then, one guard rode his bicycle around the parking area looking for a car that fits the description. So, the guards have bicycles to efficiently patrol around the parked areas, but doesn't seem to bother? Given the price of air-travel and the fact that CT International should obviously expect travellers to leave their vehicles in the parking-areas, maybe outsourcing to a "no incident" security company to guard customers' vehicles should be a priority. I'm referring to the types who patrol upmarket suburban areas in tactical vehicles with a no BS protocal. Why don't you get those guys-who-get-the-job-done to PROTECT your customers' vehicles??? The immense inconvenience caused, some lost valuable documents & cherished personal items causes emotional distress that was avoidable. I regularly parked that car, isolated at the beach (many times out-of-sight behind sand dunes) or wherever I'm taking my dogs for walks across the Cape Peninsula, but cannot believe that it was less safe at an access-controlled paid-for facility at an airport that should have the highest-level of security measures EVERYWHERE!!! I'm not bitter. The general service-levels at CT International Airport is world-class, no doubt. I just sincerely trusted that my car would be as safe as I feel when I'm inside the airport facility.

                I hold ACSA directly responsible for this loss and want reparation to the full monetary-value of the loss I suffered i.t. o my car and valuables within. Total loss suffered is estimated at about R100000

                The police case-number for this incident is CAS86/8/2017 and is registered at Ravensmead police station with their tel no being +[protected] or +[protected]. My contact details can be directly obtained from the police as per the case-number, but my e-mail address follows as:

                hendricks. [protected]

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                  Airports Company South Africa — missing lock and broken bag

                  On Friday the 26th May I travelled from Cape Town to Durban on a British Airways flight. Upon arrival at King...


                  Airports Company South Africa — suitcase broken into

                  On the 13th of May 2017, I flew from King Shaka International to O.R. Tambo (International. When my bag...


                  Airports Company South Africanoise pollution

                  We have noticed an increase in airlines flying over the central surburbs areas (Edgemead/Bothasig) in recent weeks. The noise is unbearable as it is persistent, we are woken up by the noise and the whole day till evening.
                  Has ACSA changed the flight route and if so what are you doing to ensure that residence are not negatively impacted? As I write this email I had to wear ear plugs due to headache resulting from continous exposure to this noise. This has certainly affected my health and I am sure many other residence as well. I called ACSA on the 4th of March but they informed me that they have not changed their routes whigh I do not believe as the noise frequency has definitely increased.

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                    Airports Company South Africabroken surf board & luggage

                    On Sunday my boyfriend and I flew back from a week long holiday in Cape Town. During our stay in the Mother City we had collected his surf board from a friend's house and were flying it back to Joburg with us.

                    Upon checking into our Kulula MN488 flight at Cape Town International we quite specifically pointed out that the surfboard was fragile and could they please be careful with it. Fragile stickers were put onto the board and we dropped it off at the oversized luggage check-in - again advising the staff to treat it as fragile. When we arrived at Lanseria and went to collect our luggage the surfboard was sent out almost last - we walked round to where the baggage comes onto the conveyor belt and saw the Lanseria staff throw the board onto the conveyor belt. If they had treated is this badly when we were watching, what happens behind the scenes?

                    Needless to say the back fin (skeg) of the R3000 surfboard was broken. The handle of his luggage was also broken off. What a great end to a holiday.

                    So between CTIA, Kulula and Lanseria I would like to know how this happens; and what they're going to do about it...

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