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they don't keep their words

I purchase a Love seat, a Chaise, and four set of dining chair from Rooms To Go, in Sept 06. From the point of contact and the end of the sale, the salesman demonstrated the benefits of getting the 3 year fabric protection plan. He even took his pen out and wrote on the sofa, same fabric as the sofa I own. To my surprise it was removing with the cleaner liquid that was provided to me when I made the purchase. I can't not remember his name, but he explained to me that with this fabric protection plan, if there is any food or drink stains that wouldn't be remove, that either Room To Go will fix it or replace it. Call customer service they sent a Technician out, he remove some of the stain but not all of it, told me to get it professionally clean. Which I did and cost me $140.00. Then another Technician came out and told me to keep the receipt so that I can reimburse from Rooms To Go. Got a call back from customer service telling me that they can't do anything for me? After going through will all the process that the customer service told me to do. I get nothing in return, they got my business and they won't keep there word on the fabrics protection plan. They offer a 3 year protection plan and yet they do not even follow through with it. Just giving me the turn around. The salesman even uses my little as selling tools to demonstrate it will be best if you use it because kid will be kid.

All that's said, Rooms To Go is dishonest to their customers. To offer a product and don't follow through with it. Not explaining the protection plan to it entity. Giving customer the turn around. I am a very patience person and do not waste time on this nonsense, but to spend almost $2, 000.00 on their product and in return getting the door. I want everyone to know this and not to purchase anything from Rooms to Go or buy their warranty, it's a SCAM! You can find better quality else where.

horrible store

My dealings at the Rooms to Go in the Woodlands TX store was horrible... I bought 3500.00 dollars worth of furniture’s with the understanding that the furniture would be delivered by a stated date. Both the sales person and manager agreed and promised that my furniture would be delivered by the given date.

I gave the sales person my % down in the form of a check. The wait to process the order was almost 2 hours. The excuse was, the sales person was new and the office staff was new. The manager repeatedly had to be called during the process of my order. I was told by the manager that he would call me the next day with confirmation of the delivery date and time.

The next day arrived and I stayed home by the phone awaiting a call from Rooms To Go, guess what, no call. I checked my checking account and the deposit to Rooms To Go had already been taken out of my account. I truly felt at this point that something fishy was going on.

I went to the store the following day. I spoke with a different manager. He said the original sales person and 1st manager had no right to promise the delivery date that was stated, that this was totally impossible... My reply was to cancel my order and to give me my deposit back. This manager said that they would cancel my order. (I was with in the 48 hrs). But I would have to call the main office and request my money which would take 4 to 6 weeks...

I called customer service and received a «I’m sorry but that’s policy". So now I have no new furniture, no money to put down. And when I went to another store my credit report shows the Rooms To Go credit and my report looks like I am over extended.

It’s been 4 weeks, still no money from Rooms To Go. The sales person and 1st manager were total liars just to get the sale. I truly believe they thought that when my deposit was processed and out of my account that I would not back out of the deal. The 2nd manager was a total condescending ***. And the customer service person sounded like she was suffering from a Prozac overdose.

If you do not heed my warning and stay away from Rooms To Go, be smart and put your deposit down with a credit card so you can stop the transfer. Remember you only have 48 hrs to cancel your order, or you will be stuck with having to deal with these ###s.

When I was leaving the store after I had bought my furniture, there was what I thought at the time to be a crazy lady in there who was being escorted out of the store. As she passed each customer she would say "Don't buy at Rooms To Go, they will ***". Hindsite shows no truer words could have been spoken..

scam warranty!

We bought a very expensive Pillow Top Mattress from Rooms To Go. We also purchased the maintenance...

mandatory delivery!

Beware of mandatory delivery with "every" purchase. After visiting rooms to go in metairie, la, I finally...

terrible delivery service!

I am writing this complaint on behalf of my brother, james darriel burcham (Goes by darriel), who has lost...

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rooms to go does not honor their warranties

Rooms to Go -

In January of this year my husband and I bought a couch, chair, ottoman and rug from Rooms to Go, all pieces with fabric protection on their 16 months same as cash program.

Sept 16- Noticed tear on inside seam of chair had previously noticed snags, and stains on all three pieced as well as threads on rug (which was not brought to customer service attention. Purchased fabric protection for all four pieces at the time sales person (Nancy) gave us dry cleaning solution for spot treatment and stated that if this does not work on spots that Rooms to Go Service Tech will inspect furniture. If possible have the pieces steam cleaned, if that did not remove the stains then the pieces would be replaced free of charge.

Sept 21- Service person came and fixed the torn seam on chair cut extra threads from seam of couch, looked at ottoman but did not resolve issue to my satisfaction. Stated that he would report his findings and someone from customer service will contact me in 5 to 10 days for my satisfaction.

October 2- still no contact from Rooms to Go customer service.

October 3- I call customer service and voiced my complaint. Elaine explained that the service person issued a report that stated he had resolved all problems. That a customer service representative attempted to call but did not leave a message. I patiently explained and had her note that I do not have called ID and the person contacting me home number must leave a message. She apologized and sent a customer service dispute to the service department and someone from that department will contact me within 24 to 48 hours.

October 5- no contact from Rooms to Go. Tried to call, call center systems down.

Oct 9- no contact from rooms-to-go. Tesse Explained the Service order was submitted on Oct 3 and forwarded to the service dept in our area. They should be calling in the next 24 hours and noted the time and personnel must leave a message. She also noted at my displeasure with the situation.

Rooms to Go returned call- Spoke with Lisa, I explained issues she set up another appointment (2nd evaluation) with a different Technician for Oct 17th. She was pleasant and seemed genuinely helpful.

Tech Arrived on time was helpful. But he didn't use the same cleaner to that furniture that was given to me by Rooms to Go Personnel (I thought that was interesting) Some of the spots came out.

I received a call from Rooms to Go Customer service this morning in it the Tech admitted that there were stains he couldn't remove and that furniture needed to be professionally cleaned at my expense.

Part of the fabric protection warranty I have written on Rooms to Go Receipt clearly states that if a professional from their own cooperation cannot remove the said stains then the furniture will be cleaned at Rooms to Go expense.

Also that the snags in the furniture were the direct result of having dogs. Thought i showed the man several places where there were snags and they were in no ways caused by my dogs considering one was on the side of the ottoman and the other on the side of the chair near the wall.

My husband and I have since decided that you get what you pay for, and next time we will pay for better quality furniture at a better quality furniture store. I urge anyone looking for furniture to pass right by Rooms to Go all they care about is the bottom line. They don't honor their own warranties and the service people lie about their work.

  • Ca
    Carlos Apr 16, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I’m very disappointed with Rooms To Go lack of customer service,
    On 3/16/2008 we bought some furniture from the store at
    707 NW Loop 410, San Antonio. (order# 2064795). On April 11
    (three weeks later) they delivered the furniture but they delivered the wrong poles (two right poles for the foot board instead of a right and a left), we lost 4 hrs of work because they didn’t want to call us an hour ahead to let us know the delivery time.
    The delivery person told us that Rooms to go will call us to reschedule the delivery of the poles. On 16 April I received a call at work (No one call me to set up a delivery date or time) and told me that the delivery crew was at my house. I asked If they could wait 30 min so I could get at home from work and I was told that they couldn’t do it
    I called customer service I they didn’t help me, also I called the store and the customer service person (male) that answer was very rude and hang up the telephone, when I called again the service person (female) that answer told me that the male person told her that I cursed at him, I was very professional but I guess he knew I was going to complaint so he
    made up the story. I will never buy anything fro rooms to go and I will make sure everyone knows about my nightmare.

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  • Do
    Don Wright Aug 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Warranty issues too - have a defective couch sitting for MONTHS because they can't get parts and won't replace. They're quick to tell me that part of my problem is abuse - and all I do is sit on my couch! go figure.

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fraudulent policy on invoices!

I purchased a furniture package totaling 1805 dollars. Rooms to go charged me 100 dollars for delivery that I did not want to pay. I offered to pick the furniture up myself at their retail location, and I was told that I could not. They said I could drive to Alabama to pick it up, or pay the 100.00 delivery charge. I canceled my order within 48 hours per their policy. I paid by check, it says on their website that returns will be processed in 10 days and money will be applied to the account. My check was cashed on 3/6/07. I called customer service to find out why my refund was taking so long. I was informed then that my money would be held for 21 days after the check was cashed. Nowhere on any paperwork, or on their website did I see this policy in writing. The sales person told me I would have my refund in 10 days. I don't understand how they can hold my money interest free for 21 days. The customer service rep couldn't explain the reasoning behind holding my refund for 21 days, I was told, "that's just our policy." I have filed a complaint with the BBB.

I want rooms to go to post this policy on invoices and their website so that this doesn't happen to anyone else. I want rooms to go to pay interest for holding my refund for 21 days, unless they can provide documentation showing that the funds were held in escrow. I would also like an apology for getting the run around.

  • Ba
    Barbara P. Mar 24, 2009

    Furniture not delivered when promised, as I see everyone else has had the same problem.

    I purchased $8, 000.00 worth of furniture which included the EXTENDED WARRANTY which the salesman, "Dave Bridgewater #025369" @ Grapevine, TX store, told us the warranty was for the lifetime of the furniture if ANYTHING went wrong. No warranty documentation was given to us.
    Come to find out, this is a total LIE, after calling to get service on the CHEAP furniture which has NOT LASTED TWO (2) years. Customer service said they would email a copy of the warranty WHICH I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED.

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  • Ob
    obrienjackieo Mar 07, 2012

    ROOMS TO GO IS THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!! I would rather go to Pottery Barn and pay double the price, but at least they will do what they say!
    I was extremely patient for 1 hour while my salesman tried to help three different people - I should have been in and out in 20 minutes because I already knew what I wanted...
    After an hour we finally had the deal done it was to be delivered today
    3.7.2012 (I watched him click the button for today) - It's on my receipt that I signed... so I called customer service this morning to find out which 4 hour window I was in for delivery...only to get the person on the other end to say, we see your order but there is no delivery date set!!! WHAT??? Is it just going to sit there in your warehouse forever, until I call and say I didn't get it? Now the first available ship time is over a week from now...So guess who gets to explain to her three year old that his bunk beds will not be here today (after I have pumped it up so much- he was so excited this morning it was all he could talk about) crush his little heart...not rooms to go, MOM! I don't care if someone from the store or the warehouse has to load it up on their personal truck and drive it from Atlanta to Birmingham but YOU NEED TO MAKE IT RIGHT!!! I knew I should have gone somewhere else!!! PLEASE DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID - Go to another store, deals are everywhere, and find someone who will actually do what they promise - You just lost a brand advocate RTG!!!

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  • Ch
    Chad_RTG Mar 12, 2012

    obrienjackieo - I think we may have received an email from you from another post. If not, please feel free to contact us directly at [email protected]

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never put a bed together!

My husband and I purchased a castle bed from rooms-to-go in Augusta Ga in Nov. We were told that we could pick a date for it to be delieverd and they would bring it and set it up for $69.99. It is a very big bed and I new it would take a long time to put together so we paid the extra. They came in Dec on the day they said they would and as soon as the two men came in the house and realized what bed it was one of them said " It take a long time to put this together and I'm not sure we have that much time". This should have clued me in but I let them bring it in and they began to put it together. About 20 min later one man came out and said they did'nt have all the pieces, and listed the hardware that was missing. He said to call a # and they would handle it. So I did and told they lady what hardware was missing and she said " I will ship them overnight and as soon as you get them call us and we will set up a time to send someone out to put together" This was late on Wednesday, so I waited all day Thursday and no package. Then on Friday after knowing when fed-x ships to my neighborhood I called the # back. The person on the phone then said "It was never ordered" and that she would call about it and call me right back. She never did. So now I had to wait till Monday and call and when I did they said " I have e-mailed them and let them know and when we hear from them I will call you". Now it is getting less than 2 weeks before Christmas and this was to be my grandkids Christmas present. Still I never heard from them. By Wednesday I was mad and called and talked to a manager who again stated " They haven't been ordered and he would call back". He never did. Finally on Friday I called the place where I purchased it and talked to a very nice lady who said she would call me right back and she did. They told me it would be delieved on Wed the next week and I took off work. It was brought at around 4 pm and when the men brought it in they had a whole new bed. They seemed very confused about how to put it together and stated " We don't have everything we need and we will have to send someone else out". They was talking to someone on the phone and kept complaining that it would take hours to put it together and they had many more stops to make. I talked to the lady on the phone, who they were talking to and she said they would take this new bed back and send someone out. I told them "NO" Both beds would stay until someone could come out who knew what they were doing. After 1 hour and 10 min back-n-forth on the phone she told the men to stay and put as much on the the bed together as possible. Between me and the two men we put the bed together in 2 hours and 20 min, which by the way we did have all the pieces but the real problem came when we noticed that the hardware that the men first said was missing was all in one box and that the first men who came had put some on the bed together. So if they had the hardware for that, then the rest should have been it the box, which I think they took out of the house so as not to have to stay any longer. During this 10 days I had talked to 12 people who most didn't know what they were doing and the men who came out had never put a bed like this together. I will never do business with them again. I never got any apologue nor any refund for the delievery charge, which I did ask for.

Thank you for your time,
Rhonda D

  • Wi
    Willie F Mar 02, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    WOW, Rhonda D, you must be new to Augusta. The service you just described is the typical service you get from people here in Augusta. why do you think you don't see many businesses here anyway, they are run out of town by the people they hire.

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[Resolved] avoid any business with rooms to go!

On 12 february 2007 my friend purchased a couch at rooms to go for $350. This seemed like a great deal, so my...

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