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Living Spaces Furniture - Percy 5 piece counter set

I went to Living Spaces in Menifee, CA on November 13, 2021. I spoke with a sales clerk about ordering the Percy 5 piece counter set for a friend of mine who is a senior citizen who lived in Phoenix...

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Living Spaces Furniture - Tempurpedic Mattress not delivered

We ordered Tempurpedic mattress - (the most expensive in their catalog- Luxebreeze) which was promised to be delivered on 07/09. The delivery confirmation was received on 8th and 9th and the mattress never showed up. Then we went to the store on 11th and got confirmation that all our items (mattress and base) are locked and loaded on truck and it will be delivered on 12th. The truck came and only delivered the base without the mattress!! Now when we call to ask for status the rude and arrogant customer service rep is saying that mattress will be delivered in August. The item was never in stock and they had a system issue! You need to spend 3 hours on the phone with customer service to get this answer. We got a new home and ordered this mattress and now we are left to sleep on a carpet! We spent so much time on phone to talk to customer service on what our options are and they only said that the mattress will now be delivered in August and the system had an error - the item was never in stock! The order confirmation number is SO - [protected]

3 hours is a win with their awful customer service. In my case, it took them 10 days and they did not provide a helpful solution, they forced me to cancel the order multiple times to charge the 10% restocking fee.

Living Spaces Furniture - Delivery

My husband and I placed an order back in December for which we have had scheduled a delivery date for today (for which we had received an email confirmation). Today, when my husband called to inquire...

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Living Spaces Furniture - Recent order

We ordered (order number SO-[protected]_[protected]) a bed frame from living spaces. Our bed frame arrived on March 8th but when we started to put the bed frame today (we were waiting on our chest to arrive before we put the bed together) and there were a lot of scrapes, cracks, uneven wood, metal defects and wood chips on the bed frame. I was pretty sad to see this as i loved the bed set color. Please see pictures attached. I did see that it is a 10% restocking fee and at this point it would be more work than needed to return the item but instead would like a percentage of the purchase credit back on our credit card. Please feel free to email me at [protected] or call me at [protected].

Desired outcome: 50%

Living Spaces Furniture - Delivery of cabinet

I spent my whole saturday driving over 150 miles to inspect curio cabinets at various living spaces stores. I needed two. Found two. Purchased two, scheduled delivery full service. While loading one...

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Living Spaces Furniture - Recliner, vip service is not being honored

I bought a recliner in 2016 with a 5yr. Vip service my second purchase there at living spaces, [ I like the furniture there and the prices are good} I was cleaning it and I accidentally tore it, I have read my warranty and it says accidental rips and tears but when I filed a complaint and sent in the pictures of my recliner, I was told it was from wear and tear, The tear is on the headrest I rarely sit on it. please help me with this complaint and honor the vip service

Living Spaces Furniture - Recliner

Bought a recliner in 2016 with a 5yr. Vip service it says it covers accidental rips and tears, I accidently ripped it on the head rest called the # on the warranty serv. And sent pictures this was on the 30th of september finally 2 weeks later they emailed me and said it was from wear and tear I called again and asked to speak to a supervisor but was unable to. This is not from wear and tear. Please honor your warranty and fix my recliner. The # I called was [protected]. I went to living spaces in person but was told they no longer have that service and to call the same # I had been calling. Thats so sad after they get your business if you have any problems they dont want to help you. I hope ypu can help me.

Living Spaces Furniture - Outdoor cantilever umbrella

I went to Living Spaces in Huntington Beach. I was looking for a cantilever umbrella which I found on the show room floor. I thought it was reasonably priced and functioned well. I ordered one as a...

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Living Spaces Furniture - Alton cherry king bed - damaged rails

I placed my order on August 28, 2020. My bedroom furniture was delivered on September 2nd. However, when I was making my bed I realized that both sides of my rails had cracked wood. I purchased thi...

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Living Spaces Furniture - nolan leather dark grey sleeper couch and warranty service

Purchased a $1495 couch (Nolan Leather Dark Grey Sleeper) along with a $559.50 5-year "Care Free" Plan (oh the irony). Specifically got the warranty per the sales associates recommendation because...

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Living Spaces Furniture - $4000 worth of furniture

I purchased a new living room set and bedroom set in September. We scheduled a delivery date in October to ensure everything will be delivered. Day of delivery which was 3 weeks out we only get half of the purchase.

No one informs me about when I will get my delivery. I have called 4 times to voice my displeasure and still nothing. They told me today oh we have it in now you want to schedule a delivery? So if I didn't call today to complain who knows when I would have received it.

It is also appalling that there is no manager to deal with these issues. So unprofessional.

Living Spaces Furniture - furniture delivery

My daughter ordered a couch set on June 29, 2019 we were told that because it was a custom order and had to come from CA it would take a month so when we called last Friday they said that it had been...

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Living Spaces Furniture - furniture store

I purchased a living room set from living spaces and the experience was a nightmare, first they gave me a an early delivery time that i asked for but when the sent out the text the next day the time was changed and when i tried to call no one answered the phone, they game me a late delivery time and i was the last stop so my whole day was spent waiting on them and when the finally came they had the wrong pieces and one of them was damaged, the driver called the warehouse and offered to go and get the right piece and bring it back and they said no that they would have to schedule it for monday. so now i have to get someone to sit at my home for mondays delivery i will never buy anything from this company again, customer service is [censored], shop there at your own risk because i never will again and im going to advise evryone i know to do the same.

Living Spaces Furniture - leather recliner sofa and loveseat

BEWARE of the cheating they do at the Fremont store. We picked up a leather recliner sofa and loveseat for 5k, first time the sofa got delivered it's lights weren't working, and the loveseat's lumbar...

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Living Spaces Furniture - horrible furniture experience - bedroom set

I purchased a full bedroom set (bed, dresser + mirror, nightstand, and chest) in April and my only delivery option was May. I scheduled a delivery option with their third party vendor, Ryder, to have my pieces delivered and assembled on May 25th. The morning of that date, I get a call from Ryder Customer Center to inform me that my delivery was missing pieces. I asked what pieces, they simply stated pieces to set up my furniture. So, I can either have it returned to the warehouse or delivered now to come back later to assemble. I chose the latter. Later that day, I called Living Spaces to inform them of the issue which caused me to push the delivery back of my mattress. Now, I was under the impression as Ryder was a company they hired, they had all details to my delivery mishap. I had to re-explain my ordeal to several reps. And the same, repetitive question was being asked of me, "what pieces" as if I did not pay a sizable charge to have experts determine this of my items purchased.
I asked if Living Spaces and Ryder performed due diligence to ensure all items and pieces were there before shipment and delivery. Supposedly Living Spaces does and Ryder should as well. And I was informed that at bare minimum the vendor should have assembled the bed as all the necessary pieces would be in the packaged boxes. I was informed that the pieces (i.e. hardware) would be UPS'd to me and I would be provided a tracking number. They also informed me that they contacted Ryder to schedule a date and time for assembly. Ryder representatives came June 1 to uncover that they can't set up my bed because it has no hardware (i.e. screws). Surprise, surprise. The only action they were able to perform was putting legs on some of the pieces, that's it! Mirror still not attached and bed pieces lying on the floor. I paid close to $3, 000 on a bedroom set and still, still...the job is not complete, I am missing pieces, and I can't sleep on my bed. My mattress is on the floor. Choose Living Spaces at your own accord, but this whole entire experience has left me pissed off and irritated, and the furniture has become a symbol and reminder of that.

Living Spaces Furniture - poor customer service

Purchased a couch and paid for next-day delivery. We received a call next morning informing us they were overbooked and wat to schedule for the following morning and would refund me the delivery fee...

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Living Spaces Furniture - furniture, delivery and damage

Delivery drivers caused major damage to 8 foot wood door when trying to bring furniture in. Also wood floor damage where they slid the coffee table op the stairs. Also lags to furniture missing along...

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Living Spaces Furniture - rude and obnoxious service

Friday, 10/19/2018, 11 a.m. my wife and I along with our granddaughter ( second daughters child) met our daughter and her husband at the Huntington Beach store as they were shopping for a new coach...

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Living Spaces Furniture - sofa

I purchased a sofa from Living Spaces. I visited a few times to the store to find a sofa, and spoke various store representatives about different options, including the dimensions of the couch and my...

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Living Spaces Furniture - sofa

Never again will I buy a piece of furniture from living spaces. I was happy with IKEA but had decided to get a new couch from a "real" furniture store, MISTAKE! It's been a while but everyday...

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