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Google is Demonetizing my Google+ account for no good reason! My account with Google+ is only Historical / Educational in nature and without malicious! I have been with Google form its conception with my e-mail account along with other Google Products! I'm baffled and it behooves me why Google+ and Google would do this to such a benign account. Again this is totally inappropriate for Google to have taken the account which again is Historical / Educational in nature and should not be offensive to anyone, at all! 'If the truth is evils then let there be silence' Please Stop this nonsense!


  • J
      Nov 05, 2017

    Yes, Google has been maliciously blocking accounts that they use bots to control to demonetize what some at Google identifies as politically incorrect by some at Google usually Millennials who have a strong uninformed misguided opinion! It's a shame that they are allowed to be judge, jury and executioner without due process... Antitrust is needed to guide Google and others...

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  • T
      Jan 05, 2018

    Yes, this is so and perhaps with Eric Schmidt departure this will change and that alphabet /google will make changes as to the software engineers and googles agenda to silence the masses! So sad that google has gone down this path of censorship as if they are the Stasi! Perhaps the upcoming antitrust lawsuits against google for this very problem will lead back to googles original agenda to allow people to speak freely without different types of censorship!

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