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Someone made 2 unauthorized purchases at regal cinemas with my card

I have 2 unauthorized charges on my debit card to Regal ciemas ! I have tred calling to take care of this matter, Just to be put on hold and noone ever returns to the call . These charges were both made on1/3/20 from a mobile app $46.00 and regal cashstar giftcard for $50.00 . I WANT MY MONEY REFUNDED IMMEDIATELY! I AM 63 YEARS OLD AND this has caused my bills to show INS. FUNDS, Whoever did this has taken more than $1100.00 OFF my debit card, all within a few days.. I intend to prosecute to the fullest extent of the law . WAL-MART/GREEN DOT BANK HAS CLOSED MY ACCT, so you will have to call me to refund my money. MY NAME IS MARLON RAMEY, [protected]. PO BOX 920 LEEDS AL 35094

Regal Stockton City Center & Imax — companion ticket

ive taken my disabled daughter to this theater many times and always have to wait and argure about ur policy to provide me a free "companion ticket"they always tell me they cant...

popcorn tastes foul like dirty. tasted like it was old and had some funky pungent taste

Not only was the popcorn disgusting kinda tasted like mold. But someone broke a car window out of the vehicle parked directly in front of where we parked in the parking lot. We...


I attended a movie with my son this past Sat. Between tickets and snacks we spent almost $50. We finally got in to the movie and our assigned seats were taken; which I dont care...

Regal Cinema — harassment in theater

On 12-14-19, I attended the 3:05 showing of 21 Bridges. Three couples (30ish), possibly high or intoxicated, continuously made disruptive noises while the movie was playing...

parking garage attendant

190032 I'm writing a review on the parking garage at this theatre. The parking attendant is extremely rude and verbally aggressive to customers. I went over the 4 hours (validation...

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Groupassigned seating

I want to thank you for all the money you have saved me with you Assigned Seating Policy. . . I USED to go to the movies almost twice a week. I have not been now in about 6 months. . Not sense I was humiliated by one of your little Seat Natzi's by setting in the wrong seat. In a theater of abut 350 seats, I was forced to move and set between two 300 pounders and there was only 9 people in the whole theater. NEVER AGAIN!!
Who's big idea is this. Must have a college education to come up with a fool idea like this. . I understand that many time couples can't set together because the computer didn't two together even though two seats together sat empty the whole show. How about the people that are habitually late can now show up 10 of 15 minutes late and still get great seats, disturbing and ruining the movie for everyone who has to get up to let them in. Maybe a family of 5, taking off their jackets and talking while they get in their seats. . With theaters struggling to fill seats, these [censored]S are chasing loyal customers away. . I will NEVER go to a movie theater AGAIN with this policy in place. . . Poor Brad Pitt. . Not getting my money again

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Group — service, facilities

Addams Family 4:20 pm October 26, 2019. I bought 6 tickets for this showing and told the ticket agent we were attending with a person in a wheelchair (my guests had not arrived...

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Group — manager/ team lead

604080 I'm making this complaint on is Christopher derby don't think that's his last name but he's showing racism against me his being very rude his smoking weed on...

Regal Palladium Movie Theater — customer service

Hello. We just left the Regal Palladium in High Point, NC. This is the one theater we always go to with never a problem. However, today we purchased 5 tickets thru my regal app...

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Group — unsanitary conditions

Conditions at this theater are horrendous. Department of Health should shut it down. Every theater smells like sweat & mildew & Just yesterday my kids sat in a seat...

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Group — new policy to buy tickets at regal box office

What corporate "scholar" came up with new procedure to buy tickets at concessions along with food and now have to pick seats? Are you insane??? 9/24/2019 got to theartre 1:15 for...

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Group — management

No previews, just silence, then when the program starts, no sound. So the whole introduction was missed. The first 5 minutes of the movie had no sounds. After we complained since...

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Groupwouldn't sell me a ticket

I am a seventeen year old girl just trying to see a movie with my friends. But apparently that's impossible to do at the regal because a new regulation has passed that requires everyone to have an ID for 6 oclock movie. I hadn't had mine with me since 1 i don't drive and 2 don't carry my school ID around because because why would anyone do that. So now my two friends were able to get their tickets while I was not. I tried to show the staff a picture of my ID which is clearly me because how on earth would it be someone else, and they said they don't accept that. I don't understand why this measure is required for a movie before eight o'clock and why it would matter anyway, if i am willing to show you an ID wouldn't you be able to assume that I am of age, why would I try so hard to show you an ID and get someone to get me my ID if i'm not even of age. This is absolutely ridiculous and the regal cinema has definitely lost my business!

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Group — manager mr. esquivel

Manager yells at employees in front of customers on a daily basis. He is rude to employees and customers alike. He makes the customers feel unwelcome and answers their simple...

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Group — concession service

I came in to watch a movie, mid day-afternoon. I got my ticket, walk over to grab pop corn & drinks. The gentalemem that served us our order, smelled strongly of alcohol and...

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Group — ticket services

Last night I went to the movies for a 10:55 PM movie. When I walked up the woman asking what I needed waited for my request and then laughed at me with her male coworker. Thi...

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Group — concessions stand understaffed, inconvenienced customer

I came early to the movies and bought popcorn. About 15 minutes before my movie was to start, I came out and got in line to get a refill on popcorn. This was on 8/7/19 for the...

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Groupmanager

I was at the hollywood theater at river city market place in jacksonville fl. Look I know jobs are stressful I have been going to the theater ever since I moved to this side of town 2 years ago. My compliant is about an african american young woman that is a manger there. Very rude, very, very, rude. I was standing line when one of the worker s behind the counter at concession stand when one of the workers asked her a question and she gave an attitude was rude and disrespecful with the worker, as she walked away from the counter I heard her say to her self "damn stupied ass white people and that [censored] white girl get on my damn nerve".. This is not the first time I have witness this behaver from her. She has no respect for any one that works there and I hope this will get taking care of rsvp. I pay good money there and I feel I should feel comfortable each time I go there. Racism is a big problem in the world right now I really dont think being in a managers postion gives the right to use it, nor give you the right to belittle people.

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Group — guest services

We pre-purchased tickets to a movie but couldn't make it. We called ahead of the showing and were told we could come by and pick up vouchers for a later viewing. We did...

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Group — loud attendees

Purchased 4 tickets to see 745 pm airing of Lion King. Two attendees continued to talk louder than the screen. Only irritated because I tried to tell them to be quiet... people...

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Group — ticket booth and snack bar

It seems that the last few times I have gone to Regal Cinemas at Eagle Ridge Mall the ticket counter is closed and you have to go to the snack bar to get your ticket. Today wa...

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Group — inconsiderate customers ineffective staff

We went to go see Lion King today 7/18 at 7:05. It is my husband's favorite movie and we very rarely get to go out, and money has been extremely tight at the moment. A large group...

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Group — the manager

I believe the managers name was heather and I honestly can say she is the most awful manager I have ever seen. I saw how Poorly I she talked about one of her employees that wa...

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Group — refund

I made a purchase for 7/19 Lion King tickets for my 10year old daughter(booking # [protected]). Apparently I selected the wrong date(7/18), and I contacted the customer service dept...

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Grouprpx

We paid $5 extra per ticket for your so called RPX premium experience. This is a scam. The only difference is the seats are pleather, which is uncomfortable in the summer. I will tell everyone I know not to waste money on this, and you should be ashamed that you are charging people extra money for these theaters. I would rather watch a movie in the standard 2D theater.

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Group — theater service

604080 We went to see Crawl (horrible movie by the way), and we got there 3 mins early however the power went out and they restarted the previews which left us watching 49 minutes of...

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Groupreserved seats system

Dear Regal

I just wanted to communicate how much our family dislikes the fact that all seats are reserved in Nashville.

We are avid movie goers but now we attend less because we cannot get good seats without planning well in advance. It used to be that we could impromptu decide a movie would be fun, show up early for the show, watch the pre movie entertainment and enjoy great seats and the show.

Now we have to check the app and go in and out of show listings only to find that the only seats left are a bad vantage point. So we don't go.

I am not saying that reserved seats aren't a good idea. What I am saying is having ALL the seats for all showings reserved is a bad idea. It takes away the impromptu fun experience of let's go to the movies knowing if you show up early you can get a good seat.

I have seen in other markets that you still have some showings that are not reserved. We would ask you to restore this option for Nashville. Thanks.



Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Groupmovie

Today I went to a 10 am showing of Yesterday at Regal Royal Palm Beach. The projector broke during the previews, which we had to watch twice. It ended up breaking 3 times during the first half hour of the movie, and they kept replaying the same 10 minutes with no audio and distorted color. There was also no air conditioning in the theater. Disgraceful.

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Groupwhy do I have to suffer when you should have security stop in

I attended the 530 showing of Toy Story 4 on Sunday at the Regal Oxford Valley in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. There was an infant who would cry every so often and a 2 to 3 year old would talk to the screen throughout. Why must I leave the theater to find security when not a single time, as my son and I sat by the entrance, did anyone come in to check. Your security, each time I saw him, was leaning on the wall. What exactly does he do? Why must I miss the movie just to find a person to tell people that they should bring an infant or small child into a theater?
Ed O'Leary

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Group — entire visit

I went over around 10:50 to get tickets and was told that the box office does not open until 30 minutes before the show so to come back at 11:30. I came home and got everyone and...

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Groupnot pleased in how manager handle my complaint

On June 22nd of 2019 I purchased 4 tickets H7-H10 in row 14 at 11:09 for the Avengers Endgame. Location 2828 Cinema Ridge San Antonio, TX 78238 (Regal Cinemas 18 RPX)
I have heard wonderful things about your theaters but when the opportunity presented itself I had a horrible experience. There was an African American woman who refused to remove herself from H7 and instead of me arguing back and forth with her I went to the African American manager that was on duty that day to resolve the issue. Instead of him making her move he gave me a free ticket. I wanted my 32.90 back since our movie experience was terrible. Why am I paying for seating if people just sit wherever they want and why is he a manager if he can't handle conflict. I will be contacting someone his boss because this is absolutely ridiculous. I truly hope that the rest of Regal Cinemas is not this way.

not pleased in how manager handle my complaint

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    TheManager Jun 22, 2019

    Lmao. Wtf. Sit someplace else. Sure the lady was rude and it should’ve been handled better but damn.

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Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Groupgift card

On Saturday my wife and I went to the Regal Cinemas in Turlock Calif. In California there is a law Title 1.4a Gift Certificates [1749.45-1749.6] 1749.5 (2) any gift certificate with a cash value of less than ten dollars is redeemable in cash for its cash value. I use a gift card and had less than $10 on it and ask to cash out the card and the manager put me in a embarrassing situation when she wouldn't do it. I explained to her that this is a California law and she still wouldn't do anything. Please train and inform your manager of this law so it won't happen again.

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Groupregal cinemas theater credits

My name is Merci Rice Lewis and I have been a customer of Regal Cinemas since 1997. Regal Crown Club #[protected]
I have an estimated total of 9706 credits that I cannot access because the website will not allow me to do so. There are comments on your website from other customers having the same issue. AMC Theaters have an easy process that provides customers the option to use credits during the time of purchase at all their theater locations. Customers do not have to go online to use credits/points towards purchases. Regal Cinema is not treating customers fairly with regard to the process of receiving points but unable to access the points. Please change your process to a user friendly program where paying customers can redeem their points.

Thank you,
Merci Rice Lewis
8222 Golf Ridge Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277
[protected] cell phone
[protected] home phone

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Groupcustomer service

I was at the theater in Fairfield CA last week to watch Aladdin. I was in the lobby near the back concession counter when a young man, who I have seen at the theater on several occasions walked up to a customer and asked if everything was ok. She spoke to him for a few min. My daughter had just gone to the restroom to wash her hands. Before my daughter had returned (so less than 2 min) a manager approached and asked the young man if he were on break, she said this loudly enough so that I could hear (I could not hear his conversation with the other customer) he said that he was not. She replied that he better go now. He said goodbye to the customer and left. About a min or so later my daughter came out of the bathroom and we left. As we were exiting the same manager woman was standing outside the front concession booth glaring at another young man, who has been employed there for a long while, with her arms crossed - he looked nervous. I looked at her and she gave me, what I would consider, a threatening look. As we reached the mall I seen the original young man who was told to go on break and made a comment to him about where he was getting lunch. He said he would not be getting lunch because he was sent home for talking to his mother. I could not believe it. I was there thru the entire transaction and he was not talking to his "mother" for more than a few min, and I do not think at the time she knew it was his mother, in addition I think that it is good company policy for employees to engage with customers. Yes, it is a fine line, when working with young people but the attitude of the woman who sent him home was ridiculous.
I later inquired as to who the woman is and I was told her name is Cat the deputy general manager. I would simply call her a bully.
In short I would like to add that the young man who was sent home has worked there for, what seems like, several years. I have always found him to be extremely efficient and friendly with customers, the "deputy" on the other hand is someone who is making me question if I even want to visit Regal anymore, especially when both Cinemark and Brendon are nearby and are quickly surpassing Regal in every aspect.
Thank you
A former Regal Customer

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Groupticket lines & choose seat process

We frequent the Edwards Mira Mesa location at least 1 to 2 times a month. We've noticed a couple of changes they've made for the worse, they took out the retractable barriers where the line formed which is now increased the wait time and dysfunction it seems to cause patrons, today the manager came by after noticing the long line & told everyone to make three lines - that really messed things up, then we noticed we have to choose seats, for normal shows at ticket window, this is ridiculous as it causes such a delay with people choosing, then re-choosing, asking questions, etc. it's a great option for those opening weekend big movies or when ordering online but it's causing such longer check in and frustration. Please go back to how it was.

Thank you
Debra Toth
San Diego, CA

ticket lines & choose seat process

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Groupassigned seats

Absolutely HORRIBLE idea. TOOK WAY TOO LONG TO GET THROUGH THE FRONT OF THE LINE. When I got to my theater, everyone was clustered and 80% was empty. This stupid check in makes you believe the room will be packed and take the first front seats possible. STOP THIS PLEASE, EVERYONE WAS SOO ANGRY IN LINE. EVERYTHING WAS so slow, even at the concession area.

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Grouppotomac yard theatre awful, unsanitary, and should be shut down

I went to a movie for the second time in Potomac yard, Alexandria Virginia and I will never go back to that theatre. And maybe no other regal depending on the response to this complaint. The first time I went last month, the theatre was filthy. Drink cups left in holders, trash and popcorn and leftover food in the seats and on the floor. Trash overflowing. I thought it maybe a bad day except I went on Saturday and same thing. Literally let us in after the last crowd exited and no one came to clean. 10 minutes before the movie began I went to complain and ask if someone planned to clean the theatre before the movie. Someone came back with me and asked people to pass trash to the end of the isle. Then only went to isles. And then left. Left a completely filthy theatre. Trash overflowing. And in addition, the air wasn't on in the theatre, so it was 85 degrees and smelly and full of trash. Does regal have a policy not to clean the theatres between viewing? My two experiences suggest that there is no standard cleaning between movies. Which is disgusting and unsanitary. And the air worked because when you went near the door it was cold, but walk into the theatre and it was sweltering. Paying almost $40 for a 3D movie that was in a filthy and stifling theatre is sub standard and all my money should be refunded. That was the worst experience. You should be ashamed and everyone working there should be disciplined and retained. Do you care about your brand? And in case you doubt the veracity of my statement, I have pictures of both times I visited your establishment. I'll be posting those pictures and this review on yelp as well so everyone will know what to expect when going to your theatre and won't be blindsided like I was.

potomac yard theatre awful, unsanitary, and should be shut down
potomac yard theatre awful, unsanitary, and should be shut down
potomac yard theatre awful, unsanitary, and should be shut down
potomac yard theatre awful, unsanitary, and should be shut down

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Groupbar service

Dear regal,
I recently have had to renew my license and have a waiting period of 30 days before my new license comes. I am trying to celebrate mine and my girls two year by seeing a movie and getting drinks. I am denied to be able to drink because I have a paper Id. There is nothing posted about no use of paper Identification. We go to the movies often but will be reconsidering where we take our business from here on out. Regal could at least have the courtesy of posting about not being able to accept paper identification. Thanks for your time. If you would like to get back to me my email is [protected]
And my cell is [protected]
Thanks, Benjamin

Regal Cinemas & Regal Entertainment Groupimax showing

I pre-ordered tickets for the IMAX showing of Avengers: Endgame to be watched on 04/26 at 7:00PM. At 6:30PM I was told there was a blown fuse on the IMAX camera and wouldn't be able to watch a movie I initially had issues purchasing in the first place. I know we can't control the mishaps that could happen during these times but the Regal Simpsonville Stadium 14 & IMAX location and its staff have handled this situation poorly. There is only one associate working guest services and tons of angry customers who won't be able to watch the movie as well. There is no way we will be able to watch this anytime soon due to sold out tickets elsewhere so something has to be done about this other than giving us a refund or replacement tickets for 3D when that's not what we purchased in the first place. I am very upset with this situation as it was something I was looking forward to. Please figure this out