Cinemark Complaints & Reviews

Cinemark / horrible management

Sep 10, 2019

I work for about 8 months as an usher there and I can say is [censored] them. Management suck they don't care about there employees are rude to customers and act fake when someone from corporate comes not only that but the pay is not worth it! $7.25 even after working there for 8...

Cinemark / isles

Sep 07, 2019

I'm retired & disabled, but still love to go to movies. But because of my back & legs I can't climb steps. I love to sit up higher to watch the movie, but can't because of the steps you have to climb. I went with my son & his family a few weeks ago & he got seats about half way up thinking...

Cinemark / poorly treated by manager at location

Sep 06, 2019

Yesterday, Sept. 5th, I went to this location to see the new movie IT: chapter 2 with my brothers. We got our tickets in advance- I am a member of the movie club and have always loved this location. & It is always my go to spot. When we got there and I received my tickets at the front, we...

Cinemark / I worked here

Aug 29, 2019

This work place unsanitary, they have fruit flies everywhere and and other staff that works behind qsr don't use gloves when they're making pretzels. The work place isn't safe because 1 staff get hit by customers and I actually got threatened by a coworker and I got sent home. Also there...

Cinemark / theater usher

Jul 13, 2019

Last night My husband and I took our cousin out to see Crawl( a rated R thriller) at a 7:30pm showing. It was made known to us that by one of your ushers that we had a 4 noise complaints towards us due to our expression to a THRILLER RATED R MOVIE. She told us to keep it down and walked...

Cinemark / workplace harassment

Jul 08, 2019

Started with this building since it was open in april, so far working for this company has been the worst. All if the managers who were hired for this location is inexperienced & very unprofessional. I was forced to quit my job due to a specific manager named ms. Minis & I would...

Cinemark / need a refund

Jun 20, 2019

I was just at the Cinemark in Palmdale mall and bought 2 adult tickets and 1 child ticket for child's play and purchase a large drink large popcorn and a cheese pizza and when entering the movie we were told no kids were allowed after 6 pm. They way they manager approach us was very...

Cinemark / movie club

Jun 16, 2019

I previously enrolled in the movie club on 05/12/18 and cancelled 11/24/18 eff 12/12/18. The email stated I had 6 months to use any unused credits. I had 5 movie tickets left. When I tried to redeem today it would not allow me to, I called customer service and spoke to Sup Travis who...

Cinemark / long lines at concession and rude employee hollers after me

May 19, 2019

Went in to see a movie on Tuesday night. You have all these assistant managers standing around talking and you have long lines of customers worst than the grocery stores. So i ho over to the bar and ask for manager directed to sn assistant who had just opened up a 3rd line card only and...

Cinemark / discrimination as a busy customer.

May 19, 2019

Hi, i am a former cinnmark coustomer. I am a former UPenn student who decided to stay at Rutgers University and a U Penn security former officer. I used to work with Spectuguard on Penns campus along time ago. I am about to dive and start head into a busy masters degree program, while...

Cinemark / ticket for babies, customer service needs improvement asap

May 03, 2019

My family and I went to the Cinemark Harlingen TX and as soon as we were getting our tickets the boy checking tickets told us we had to get out because we had a stroller and if we were going to stay we had to pay for my babies too. My twins are 9 mths old, they were asleep in their...

Cinemark/Tinseltown / food/concession stand/cleanliness

Apr 29, 2019

On april 27, 2019 my husband and I went to see the box office hit, avengers: endgame. I'm a movie club member. When we went to the concession stand to buy our drinks and popcorn we couldn't tell how clean the pop machine spouts were nor if the workers were washing the popcorn machine properly...

Cinemark Tjesters / interview for usher I am disabled

Apr 18, 2019

I interviewed last month for the usher position around six o'clock p.m. indicated I was disabled I do have experience with job when I left it was a denied email that was sent to me about the job that I had no experience they also took my application off line I put down weekends and...

Cinemark / being treated badly while trying to purchase a small popcorn

Apr 14, 2019

The date this happened on was april 13, 2019 at approximately 10:45 pm. the guy at the popcorn stand was a tall black male with braids. All i wanted was to get a small popcorn and when the first guy ( he was a little heavy set ) he looked like he was going to help me and then he walked...

Cinemark / cinemark/ managers

Apr 08, 2019

I love working at movie theater and working at cinemark for long time of my past years of working at cinemark in Ohio. I did my job I wanted to work and stuff I was most hard worker there and most was teenagers there didnt want to do [censored]. But I know every place as there faves. And...

Cinemark / cancelled a movie

Apr 05, 2019

On Friday April *5, 2019 I met a friend at Cinemark to watch the 10:40 am showing of Unplanned. When we went to purchase the tickets, the woman said that showing was cancelled. The manager was standing there and she shrugged and said they weren't responsible for the cancellation. We asked...

Cinemark / ticket counter staff's rudeness and misbehaviour

Mar 22, 2019

Yesterday was a busy day, I asked the girl to give me 2 tickets of a movie but she didn't listen and engaged on phone I asked her again and again but she busied with another telephonic bookings, and shouted at me saying that can't u see she was working, the quea was also long and the show...

Cinemark / privacy policy

Mar 10, 2019

My movie club account was hacked on March 6, 2019. I recieved an email stating that the emal attatched to the account was changed and in turn the password, I did neither of these things. After a call to the guest services, I was told they couldn't find the account through my email...

Cinemark / concession employees and services

Feb 23, 2019

Hello, I purchased tickets just fine, and then got in a very long line and waited to buy concessions. I had 2 concessions gift cards that each stated "1 free junior popcorn and 1 small soft drink". After patiently waiting in line I finally got up to the cashier. I gave the cashier my gift...

Cinemark / i'm complaining about an issue that happened to me when I was working at cinemark

Dec 29, 2018

The cinemark that I worked for I always got the job right I always was on task was a fast lerner and I never got introoble or write up but today a new manager that's use to be an employee went to the gm and wrote me for termination and that is because I was siting in the break room...

Cinemark 16 Grand Prairie TX / poor service by theater sr. manager, mr. brown and no response from area manager, mr. whitehead. cenimark 16 grand prairie, tx.

Dec 26, 2018

Here is my email to the area manager sent on 12/23/18. I have yet to receive a response. Thanks for your attention: I'm very sorry to bother you Mr. Whitehead, but I felt compelled to express my feelings about how rudely and how poorly my wife and I were treated by Mr. Brown on a recent...

Cinemark / service

Dec 17, 2018

Good evening my name is Patricia Montenegro and the reason for my complaint is due to Managers customer service. On December 14th my family and I decided that we wanted to watch a funny movie so we decided to go to the Cinemark Theater that is located at 5412 San Bernardo in Laredo, Texa...

Cinemark Valley View Ohio / movie

Oct 22, 2018

Hello my son and my niece and I viewd 'the hate you give " on saturday 10/20/18evening, before the rain storm. The movie cut off and we had to wait 10 minutes before it restarted from the beginning.. It was already late so we were not able to stay to re watch the whole movie again. I feel...

Cinemark / cinemark 12 in cypress, tx

Oct 14, 2018

I only went to this location due to time restraints. Even though It is only 8 minutes from my house, I avoid this location because It has been nothing but horrible experiences. I usually drive to the Katy location which is always perfect, even though it's 30 minutes away. And on Friday, it...

Cinemark / not about product and services

Oct 02, 2018

I am a customer and at the same time a parent. Cinemark management in San Bruno is not treating the staff (most especially the working students) the right way. Just because they chose to have an education and chose to work at the same time to provide themselves, Cinemark making harsh move...

Cinemark / asked to leave theater

Sep 29, 2018

We had purchased our tickets on [protected] for showing on [protected] for night school at 8:30. The guy has had scanned our confirmation bar code, gave us our physical copy and we went to the theater. My boyfriend has lost the physical copy and about 15 minutes into the movie we were asked to...

Cinemark / sexual harassment

Sep 25, 2018

Hi, I previously worked at Cinemark in Fort Worth Tx, Rave ridgmar 13 . One of the managers there Alec Albright made my experience there very uncomfortable. While working he would say dirty things to me and speak sexually to me, he would tell me how when I turned 18 for his birthday...

Cinemark / management

Sep 17, 2018

Let me start by saying I love movies. I have since I was a child. To this day I still very much enjoy going to the movies. I go quite often and I never go without buying a minimum of popcorn and soda. Its the entire experience. I have been going to Cinamark since the late 90's. I really...

Cinemark / customer service

Sep 15, 2018

Cinemark is my family and friends theater of choice always. Word of mouth can help or hurt a business and we have spread the word that this theater is the number one choice for parking, cleanliness, comfort and choice of films. On Wednesday Oct 12th at 4pm, my sister and I went to see "God...

Cinemark / refill policy

Sep 08, 2018

I would like to suggest that you inform your franchises/employees about what constitutes as a free refill. I have several times been allowed to get a free refill of your Coke Cola Slurpee if it was a Large size in the past. On 9/8/2018 I was told that refills for your Slurpee are not a...

Cinemark / I am complaining about the gm mistreating his employees

Aug 23, 2018

Hi, I am a recent customer that came to watch a movie at the suncoast hotel & casino. A couple days ago, I overheard the GM (Mr. Johnson), speaking to his employees in a disrespectful manner, & mistreating them. I also heard one of the staff members say they didn't like how he talks to...

Cinemark Theater, South Park Meadows, Austin Texas / movie sound

Aug 07, 2018

Tuesday 7, August 2018 - 9:45a.m. Showing" Mission Impossible Fallout" in Theater #4 We were all set to enjoy a movie this morning and as usual the sound setting was extremely loud - as (I assume) it was still set for the Monday evening crowd. We usually have to ask that the volume be lowered...

Cinemark / theater room

Jul 30, 2018

Walked in the movies at 6:15 and the clean up crew came and told us to step out so they could clean. We walked out and like 10 mins later they told us we could go back in. When we walked out the room was nasty and when we walked back in the room was still nasty. Look like the only picked...

Cinemark / employee

Jul 14, 2018

At this theater, there was an employee which was rude to multiple of the other employees and customers. I've only seen her a few times, but every time that I have seen her, it has always been the same; she's rude and/or disrespectful to both customers and other employees. She refuses to do...

Cinemark / cell phone use

Jun 30, 2018

Booked two tickets online for four person row. Guy next to us took his phone out four times in the first half hour of the movie. I politely asked him "excuse me could you please put your phone away" he replied "[censored] you I'll look at my [censored]ing phone" I went to...

Cinemark / service and food

Jun 27, 2018

Waited in line more than 5 minutos (cinemark by katy mills) cause the lady in front of me forgot her debit card and left to get it I asked the employee how much longer I have to wait and she did dont know cause the lady went to get her card... her food and drinks were ready just waiting...

Cinemark / stereotypical discrimination customer service cinemark 12 rosenberg tx

Jun 26, 2018

My daughter and I came to see a movie... We go to the concession and she gets a 6$ icee... At that time I tried to get a margarita I was instructed that I had to order from the bar register! I go to the bar register to get a margarita and the dude wes asks for both me and my 15 year old...

Cinemark / concession stand

Jun 25, 2018

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction and disappointment with the lack of courtesy and customer service at this locations' popcorn concession stand. I am a long time patron of this cinema. This afternoon, I purchased our usual large soda and popcorn combo. During the movie, my son...

Cinemark / noise level and distracting reflective screen

Jun 19, 2018

My wife and I go to our local Cinemark (Rave at 53rd Street, Davenport, IA) theater quite often but not since it was remodeled with the new reclining seats (Very Nice!) so we decided to go today, 19 June, 2018. To our displeasure, the movie showing next door was so loud that it drowned out...

Cinemark / clackamas town center

Jun 07, 2018

Went to go see a movie w/a friend on May 29, 2018- "Mindy" a manager, was standing out in the lobby greeting customers. She was wearing a top that exposed a large amount of her breasts- they were literally popping out of her shirt. It made me feel very uncomfortable; inappropriate & unprofessional for the workplace. Too "friendly" with some guests.