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I purchased and unlimited pass last year and paid 3 months in advance. I used the pass one month and the second month my son was in a motorcycle accident which left him in the hospital for almost 3 months. I took a leave of absence from work and moved from Florida to NY to be with my son. My son is now a quadriplegic as a result from the accident. Now that my son is home of course we resume life as best we could. I then remember about this subscription that I have not used. I called to cancel before the next billing date 12/29 I called 12/28 and of course they already billed me on 12/26. I tell them it isn't due yet and can they cancel and refund. As per customer service again and again because of PROGRAM RULES they cannot give a refund but will cancel starting January 29th 2024. I tried numerous times to request to speak to a supervisor and they kept stating due to program rules nothing could be done.

So now I explain to them my situation and why i was requesting cancellation and they keep telling me the same thing. I told them that I was now requesting a refund for the 5 months due to the crisis I endured and again due to Program rules nothing can be done. I then called Headquarters and was pretty much told the same thing. I explained the situation and ask them if they could issue a couple of months credit so that I can keep the subscription and utilize it (to try to recoup some of my loss of course) again due to program rules nothing could be done. Now all of a sudden, the CSR goes and reads all the emails and says we can give you back the last month. I guess they figured I originally contacted them requesting one month refund and they rather lose one month then to give me a refund or credit for all the months I could not use my membership.

My family and I go to the movies often. My husband has an unlimited pass and now I am going to tell my whole family to boycott Regal Cinemas and moving forward we are going to have to find another theater to go to. I will just keep spreading the word as they are heartless.

Claimed loss: 5 months @ 23.53

Desired outcome: A full refund or credit to be able to consume the service I paid for.

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