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StubHub Complaints & Reviews

StubHub / unfair debt

Beth Jaeger-Skigen on Sep 16, 2017
StubHub 199 Fremont Street, Floor 4 San Francisco, CA 94105 CC : Scott Cutler scutler@stubhub.com  Tod Cohen tcohen@stubhub.com   Daron Folkesfowlkes@stubhub.com Twitter @TeamStubHub Facebook @StubHub  Your erroneous charge has cost me hours as I try to find the right people to help me...

StubHub / tickets not advertised fairly nor correctly

SinBax on Sep 11, 2017
HI I have two tickets for sale as we speak, the tickets are for either people who do not use a wheelchair and have disabilities or for wheelchair users. Stub hub despite my argument continues to advertise those for wheelchair users only which is absolutely incorrect and will cost me a sale...

StubHub / refund for lsu verse byu game in houston

Theudas Allen on Aug 30, 2017
I have called you customer service department over and over again this week no one in your company cares about people its all about policies and money no one knew that this life changing event would happen in Houston over the past week but sticking to your policies in and time like this i...

StubHub / Didn't receive my refund for the cancelled event

LoMikks on May 9, 2017
I want to get my money back but Stubhub refuses to refund me! I have no idea what to, spoke with Stubhub so many times and all they said was that they can't help me. I bought tickets via Stubhub and event was cancelled. I contacted Stubhub and explained what happened and I really thought that...

Ticketbis Stubhub / English premier league ticket - fraud and poor customer service

SReece on May 4, 2017
I purchased a ticket to see Manchester United through Ticketbis; I was given a guarantee that the ticket would arrive at my hotel by 10am on match day. This was not a cheap ticket - but with Stub Hub on the name and a guarantee presented it would be ok right? Wrong: the ticket never showed up...

StubHub / They made a mistake

Kim on Apr 26, 2017
I bought two tickets for a show for me and my wife. We were supposed to sit together, but StubHub made a mistake of some kind and as a result our seats were on different rows. I contacted StubHub right away but they said that there was nothing they could do because all seats were taken. Of...

StubHub / They are selling fake tickets online under stubhub

Carolyn Theng on Apr 3, 2017
- Name of Event : Armin Van Buuren Singapore - Date of event : 1 April 2017 - Purchase Reference number : 2H831V5H0R27 - Listed Price : $109.04 - Date purchased online : 27 Feb 2017. Received an email reply saying that for security reasons the StubHub Sales Team is reviewing the payment...

StubHub / Tickets not delivered

Gaston Moglie on Mar 15, 2017
I bought two tickets for san Antonio Spurs vs Cleveland Cavs on march 27 th 2017, and I did not received them. Fedex said that they delivered them but I did not received them, I looked for them anywhere. I asked to contact the seller to reprint.them because he is the only who could do that...

StubHub / I will never use this booking site again!

LauraRovy on Feb 28, 2017
I bought a concert ticket from www.stubhub.com. Concert was in London and I'm not even from UK. I really wanted to see my favorite band live, so I decided to go to UK just to see them. I booked a flight and a hotel stay and everything cost me a lot of money. Two days ago I received a...

StubHub / Scam

Lauren18 on Jan 17, 2017
What a nightmare my Stubhub experience has been. Long story short -- I listed tickets for Dear Evan Hanson in NYC. I listed my seat and row and uploaded the ticket. It was bought - and then the same day canceled. Okay, no big deal - until I received a message saying my cc was charged $611 for...

StubHub / Such a lying website, stubhub

So Yoon Ahn on Dec 3, 2016
This is indeed my first time writing this review to warn people using Stubhub. I originally listed tickets on Stubhub, but I wasn't sure which rows it would be. So I listed randomly (the section was correct), and then later when I got the ticket I figured out that the tickets are...

StubHub / Tickets

Reika on Aug 26, 2016
I've purchased two concert tickets from www.stubhub.com for me and my friend. But unfortunately due to some health issues my friend will not be able to go. So I decided to return one ticket and go alone. I contacted StubHub and explained the situation. Their rep seemed nice at the...

StubHub / Unethical charges

Wilameana on May 9, 2016
On 4/22/16 i sold derby tickets on stub hub. On 4/25/16, i still havent received my tickets, so stub hub told me to lenghten the delivery date. When i did this the buyer decided he didnt want wait till i got them, so stub hub got them some other tickets. After this i receive an email...

StubHub / Shipping to wrong address

Dorsey Dick on Mar 29, 2016
I ordered tickets to the Final Four for my girlfriend and her brother and entered his address for shipping at checkout, since he lives in Houston that would be most convenient. But, for some reason they sent them to my girlfriend's old address where she hasn't lived for over a...

StubHub / Not paying

Reviewer14608 on Dec 11, 2015
They received the payment from the buyer, who attended the event. They keep giving me the runaround and refuse to pay me for the tickets, which were a birthday gift and I had to sell last minute due to illness. Horrible unethical fraud that this company is.

Stub Hub / Chris Brown concert at Concord Pavilion

Reviewer22904 on Sep 19, 2015
On September 18, 2015, my daughter purchased a Chris Brown concert ticket.We received an email confirmation and instructions how to print the ticket. The next day we tried to print her ticket but it stated that it was in progress. We checked our credit card and we had been charged $154.35. Her...

StubHub / Seller hasn't sent my tickets, but his mail box is full

Oeht2K on Jul 31, 2015
Don’t deal with the company www.stubhub.co.uk. I paid money for the tickets and waited 5 days as it was written on the website, but the seller charged me fast and hasn’t sent the tickets. All my emails and messages were returned back, because the seller’s mail box wa...

StubHub / Executive claims

Mamyamin on Jul 18, 2015
I purchased legitimately bought tickets. I sold them through last minute sales on stubhub. The executive team claims the buyer, who I suspect sold the tickets at the venue then claimed I sold fraud tickets. He was given access and I have to foot the bill for his ticket and my original...

StubHub / Charged my card $11,460

dpearce on Oct 8, 2014
I was buying ten tickets for $159 each, but they say I "somehow ended that session", went into a new "session" to buy ten tickets for $1146 each, and when I checked out they charged my card $11, 460. Both sets of tickets were general admission. They still won't fix it even though I...

StubHub / Misleading Ticket Sales

Max1227 on Aug 29, 2014
StubHub indicated that TNDirect had tickets to a Bruce Springsteen concert in Row A. When I was directed to TicketNetwork.com, the ticket was represented as Row A-EDG. I never saw this labelling before, and even Google'd "A-EDG." Upon finding no indication of what A-EDG meant using...

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