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Non payment of a sale

I made a sale on March 5, and though I've since changed from PayPal to direct deposit to get paid, since StubHub claimed Paypal was rejected their payment! Paypal, who I have had StubHub deposit to for years, has no record of StubHub trying to pay them. Here on March 29, still unpaid. This is my last StubHub sale. On another note, the NCAA canceled games and has yet to issue refunds, but StubHub IMMEDIATELY charge my credit card back the sales I made. I'm done. I have many other unethical stories I'd share but these two are enough. Glad I found Vivid Seats, and using Ticketmaster more in the future too.

mobile concert tickets

Stub Hub locked me out of account after receiving payment. Could not access mobil tickets for concert. Scamed for $549.50 by Stub Hub. I purchased tickets online. They notified me that the tickets were delayed and could not give definite release date. I looked online and posted on their ad for this concert it stated that release date was the day after concert. I disputed charge with credit card company. Stub Hub released the tickets 3 days prior to concert. I undisputed the charge with my credit card company and notified Stub Hub. They were paid one day prior to concert. On the day of the concert Stub Hub locked my account and I could not access the tickets This is fraudulent business practices.


Dont use stub hub! I purchased tickets for Louder Than Life (concert). When I arrived at the concert the tickets had already been scanned. So I was sold duplicate tickets from stubhub. I called and received a refund. Then a month later come to find out they took the money back out because stubhub said thier was no proof since somebody else had used them and got into the concert just fine. So since I threw the second pair of tickets that I was forced to purchase at the gate away. StubHub said they have no proof of purchase. So much for fanprotect guarantee and 100 percent refund. Dont use them.


Purchased 5 tickets to el classico for October 2019, one week before my trip from New York to Barcelona the event is to be rescheduled. I am already going there since i cant cancel the entire trip. Stub hubs only response is to try and sell the tickets, which is impossible because they now went down over 50% in value due to scheduling. I just want my money back the event is not happening as scheduled there for should be void.

order id #[protected] tbd at new, york yankees: alcs tickets (home game 1 if necessary)

I placed an order for the Oct.12 game at Yankees Stadium. It was clear stated by Stubhub: "This is a contingent game. If the game is not played, you will automatically receive a full refund, including fees." However, the game was moved to Oct.15. I called in to customer service that my order shouldn't proceed if the date has changed. However the Stubhub rep said there is nothing they can do. I have 2 options, transfer my tickets to another friend (I don't live in NYC, therefore I don't have friend to transfer) or re-sale them on Stubhub. I got no choice to re-sale them. My initial ticket price was $180+ each, the suggested price when I tried to re-sale was only $125+-. I originally spent $677.50 and end up getting back $306 (Order #[protected]). I felt totally ripped off. My order should NOT place since the date has change. I would like a full refund back. Thanks!

Herman Ng
C: [protected]
Toronto, Canada

  • DeAndre Washington Oct 20, 2019

    Hi there Herman, I'm glad to hear that you were able to successfully sell the tickets that you couldn't use on Stubhub!

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tickets to van morrison in reno

So i pay over 500 dollars for Van Morrison concert in Reno on the 2nd of October. Tickets are purchased in April.
Fly to Reno. Get to the concert and wow, one seat is a handicap place... no seat... nosebleed section.
The people at the Grand Sierra Resort Theater get my hubby a chair to sit on.
Then 3 other couples show up with tickets for the same 2 seats.
We are interrupted 3 times to xheck our tickets. Finally they tell us we have to go to the office.
They tell us there are 3 other couples with exactly the same tickets.
So they kick us all out, not knowing who is the legitimate buyer.
Had to purchase new tickets from the grand Sierra resort theater. Missed a third of the concert.
StubHub is no help. They say multiple tickets not sold.
I just read i should have called StubHub when we were booted but who the heck would know that.
Do NOT buy tickets on StubHub.
They arw non reputable and non responsive if you are ripped off.

ticket sale fees

Our email sent to Stub Hub Customer Service followed by their response. Hi, We listed tickets on your site...

ticket price gouging

I have been a StubHub customer for many years. I decided to purchase Barbara Streisand tickets half an hour ago for $139.50 each. As I am CHECKING OUT and PAYING, they raised the price to $200 per ticket. I refreshed the page but the tickets were still priced at $139.50. I called StubHub and was unfortunate enough to receive an extremely rude male employee with a thick eastern European accent who put me on hold for nearly half an hour only to tell me that the ticket seller has the right to raise the ticket prices even if they are mid checkout. Apparently, price gouging is totally legal and acceptable on this site. I sent him a screenshot of the tickets on their site for $139.50. I asked him if it would be OK for him to shop on my site, purchase tickets for one price, and then have me hike them up $100 WHILE he is PAYING for them. He said "No, that would not be OK". Then WHY is it OK for them to do it? How did the conversation end, you ask? HE HUNG UP ON ME AFTER LAUGHING ABOUT IT TO HIS COWORKER ON THE PHONE WITH ME. THAT is StubHub!! BUYER BEWARE, and always surf in incognito mode since STUBHUB is NOT above price gouging and unfair business practices, as well as EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL employees. NEVER shopping with them again!!

ticket price gouging

selling concert tickets

I could no longer attend a concert, so I figured I would sell my tickets on StubHub. These are completely valid tickets since I had purchased them through Ticketmaster, I had a receipt and all. Well it sold the day of the concert just 5 hours before it started. The next day I get an email from StubHub saying that the tickets were invalid and that they would be charging me a whopping 925$. That's crazy, that is well more than what the tickets were sold and worth! Anyway I'm still trying to get scan reports but either way it won't matter because if the buyer is a scalper they could have taken the tickets and sold them to multiple people and then the scan report will show that it was used multiple times so this "confirms" that YOU sold them invalid tickets. So then you have to pay that ridiculous price. Truly an awful company to use and work with! No seller protection at all! But they don't care about these issues because they are making an insane profit off of issues like this!

attempt to sell ticket

At the last minute on the day of a show, June 28, 2019, I listed tickets for re-sale on stubhub where I originally purchased the tix back in March. When listing the tix I did not recall that the tix were delivered via UPS. I also assumed I would be able to transfer them electronically as the format for listing was not intuitive. The tix sold the next hour. The email stated that there was nothing for me to do and the tix would be delivered in the next hour. Three hours later when I did not receive a confirmation email I reached out to stubhub to inquiry about the transaction. At that time, I was informed that since the tix were delivered UPS there was no way to have them delivered to the seller and I was instructed to cancel the order. The rep assured me that I could go ahead and use the tix and a confirmation email would be sent cancelling the order. Cancellation ##[protected]. At no time does the email notify me nor did the rep notify me that I would be charged another $178.5 above the already $470+ spent on the tix. When I noticed the withdrawal from my bank account, I contacted Stubhub and was basically told to read the fine print, there's no way we can reverse it. I am extremely disappointed that I would was not given notice that a fee was being withdrawn from my bank account or given the option to attempt to meet the seller and provide the tix. The fact that the rep was negligent in providing me sufficient information to make an informed decision and the 2nd rep basically blamed me for not reading the fine print has caused me undue financial hardship, stress and I will never do business again with an unscrupulous company. By the way I was unable find in the extremely lengthy fine print any such support of a 40% penalty fee as the rep claimed. I am filing a complaint to demand the return of my $178.50 as no services were rendered or warranted this fee.

attempt to sell ticket

unethical behaviour

I had listed two tickets to sell in StubHub.#[protected] 2019 Cricket World Cup - Bangladesh v India...

unethical behaviour

I purchased tickets many months ago to see the Rolling Stones on June 25th in Chicago. Unfortunately the tour was postponed and ticketmaster offered me a full refund for the tickets I purchased. I forgot to take down my resale listing on StubHub and they have just charged me over $1, 400 as they sold them 24 hours ago. I called them and they were not helpful and told me I had no recourse. I post various things for sale on different sites but never has this happened to me. See my email trail below from ticketmaster. Please help!


Hi Rolling Stones Fan,

The Rolling Stones have announced the postponement of their No Filter Tour. The promoter is working on rescheduling your show now.

The Rolling Stones
Soldier Field
Tuesday, June 25th at 7:30PM
Event Details
The Rolling Stones: 2019 No Filter Tour
Tue • Jun 25 • 7:30 PM
Chicago, IL — Soldier Field
Get Directions
My Tickets
Your order has been canceled. If you have any questions please contact Fan Support.

Order #

champions league final tickets


I just have been cheated by stubhub.
I bought 6 tickets for usd 18, 000 two months ago and we flight from Chile to Madrid just for the game.
The day before the game Stubhub inform us there will be no tickets for us, after weeks telling us everything its ok and tickets are being delivered.

Now Im looking for some lawyer that can help in in a class action lawsuit because I know there is a huge amounts of funs in the same situation.
I will cover all the legal costs to anybody that would like to join my claim

Alejandro Molnar

  • Ni
    Nikky15 Jun 25, 2019

    i've faced the same situation, would you please leave your contact information that I can contact you.
    Much appreciated

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atp 2019 tickets women's finals

I bought 2 tickets for the ATP 2019 Women's finals for $623.35.
It is originally a gift for my girlfriend 30th Bday!
Women's finals is at 7pm this Sat 26th Jan.

Now I look at the PDF, I have 2 tickets for a play at 1pm on the ROD LAVER ARENA: THESE ARE FAKES!! There is no game at this hour!!

The price on the tickets is even $148 x2!!!


atp 2019 tickets women's finals

tickets sales /fraudulent charges

I have been billed and billed for fake tickets I bought off stubhub and resold. The show was out of town and car issues meant I couldnt go. I resold the tickets through stubhub! They repeatedly bill me and refuse any kind of resolution. I was robbed! Dont make the mistake of buying or selling here; you are safer in a dark alley.
This customer service team is only helpful at screwing you out of your money and making fake promises before charging you again!!!

fail to provide the credit accordingly

the ticket below was received hours after the concert started, consequently we didn't have enough time to attend the event which is against your policy. Under your policy I'm requesting a full refund or a credit towards another event. Please issue the credit towards my account as soon as possible. looking forward to hear from you.

FanProtect Guarantee contents

FanProtectTM for Buyers

FanProtectTM for Sellers

FanProtectTM for buyers

Summary of StubHub guarantee to Buyers:

•You will get your tickets in time for the event

•Your tickets will be valid for entry

•Your tickets will be the same as those you ordered

•If any of these things do not occur and you comply with applicable policies and timelines, we will find you comparable or better tickets to the event, or offer you a refund or credit for use on a future purchase

•If the event is cancelled and not rescheduled, you will get a refund

Getting tickets on time

If you don't receive the tickets you ordered by the date communicated to you when you placed your order or in subsequent communications, notify StubHub. StubHub will, in its sole discretion, attempt to locate and facilitate delivery of your tickets, provide you with comparable or better replacement tickets at no additional cost, issue you a full refund (including any fees and shipping/handling charges), or issue you a credit for use on a future purchase.

invalid ticket handling

StubHub Order #[protected] - I sold tickets on Stubhub and on November 2, 2018, I get an email telling me that a buyer was unable to gain entry with a ticket I sold and they requested a scan report from the venue. I contacted the venue and apparently this is not standard practice to give scan reports. They did however send me a printout showing which of the tickets I sold had actually scanned and which did not. Anytime I send information to them it takes at least 5-7 days to hear back from them but in turn they wanted this information from me in 2 days and have since charged me because the 2 day deadline passed.

overnight hair ended up being 4 days later

on Monday the 19th I went to ups store the minute it open in Palm Harbor, Fl. The clerk assured me that the...

parking pass at the forum

I purchased a Stub Hub parking pass on November 15, 2018 en route to the Forum to hear Michelle Obama speak. I was with a carful of friends and they asked me to get a special parking pass for the event. They cost 124.88, but since I was treated to the event, I felt it was my responsibility to purchase the parking pass. With no time to spare, we stopped at a Fed Ex store to print the tickets. I couldn't get past the "find your order" step because it wouldn't accept the access code I received. The Fed Ex people also couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work. I didn't have time to call Stub Hub and engage their help. Turns out that the last digit in the passcode looked like the letter O, but was a zero. I failed. Never got the ticket. We paid cash for parking and we were late. Stub Hub will not refund my money and simply say, "I'm sorry you had this issue. We won't be able to process a refund for you." I've used Stub Hub in the past and been satisfied. I am very frustrated and disappointed this time.

parking pass at the forum

purchased world series tickets

Me and a friend flew down for the World series at dodgerstadium it was 3 hours before gametime and I wa...

selling tickets then being charged as invalid

I sold 2 tickets with Stubhub. I contacted customer support multiple times before tickets sold involving...

ticket to a johnny mathis concert

I purchased 4 tickets for over $157.00 per ticket. On top of that, I was charged over $186.00 in fees...fees for what? I have no Idea. To add insult to injury, my tickets arrived and were marked $80.00 each. I feel such a fool. I am so mad, I am willing to sell these tickets to anyone out there for half of what I paid. I will never use or recommend StubHub. Never ever! Fees for what? For having someone charge me almost double the ticket price. I've been scalped by StubHub, but never again. They run a business with a license to steal.

tickets to a concert not purchased by me

Tickets to a concert was purchased from someone using my card information due to my identity bein stolen. I...

ticket: charged visa on tickets that are being speculated on (admittedly by stubhub)

I bought tickets from stubhub because I missed the early sale for a concert. The tickets were a special (and...


cannot remove your account ever

three years ago, i was a victim of fraud linking my stubhub account with my paypal account. i was told back then that stubhub would scrub my account from the internet. i recently found out that it is still there. i again was told the account was scrubbed, but it is still there. now they are telling me it is impossible for them to scrub an account, even after fraud - they also refuse to give me the fraud office contact or the corporate contact. most sites offer a button to click to remove an account, but not stubhub - so beware, once created, they will NEVER delete it, only deactivate it, which anyone then can reactivate. insanity!

ticket purchase

I tried to purchase tickets through Stubhub for Hamilton in Boston. I succeeded in only making several mistakes as a first time user. I wanted to purchase 6 tickets total for my family for husband's surprise birthday. Mistake one, I purchased two individual tickets, thinking that they were side by side only to find out after that the tickets were in different rows (piggy backed). Mistake two, I went back to purchase more tickets (as I needed six total) and the site had automatically brought me to the current day, not the date I had last purchased the tickets . I immediately then called customer support to try to fix all of my issues. Four tickets all mixed up and not what I wanted. I was told that the only way to correct this is to resell the tickets.
Two tickets were easy to relist (the ones in the separate rows), but the two tickets that are the most time sensitive (tickets for today's show) took over two hours on the phone with customer service as I could not list them for sale until they were transferred to me. These are two hours I can not spare if I am to have any shot at reselling. Further, since the tickets are mobile form only, I am not able to list them on other sites. Stub hub charge $50 per ticket on the sales side and $25 on the resell side. I have to date paid out $225 for buy side and fees for the sell side have been waived for which I am grateful.
That said, I feel very strongly that Stubhub should be refunding my buyer fee for the tickets that were purchased in error for today. Strictly speaking and in the disclaimers you are not required to, but in good faith it would be the right thing to do.
Elizabeth Reynolds


I purchased tickets for a Thomas Rhett concert last December. The 2 tickets i purchased totaled $520 and were...

online tickets didn't match up

I paid a premium for VIP tickets to the Dierks Bentley concert at the Tampa Mid Florida Ampitheater. When I...

tickets delivered to wrong address

My wife ordered tickets to the UNM vs UIW football game and was having trouble updating the delivery address at the time of the transaction. After repeatedly updating the address, she was able to check out with our current address listed at the time of checkout. A week later the tickets showed up at our old address, 700 miles away. Multiple phone calls, inquiries, and online support from diverse representatives indicate that StubHub is only capable of making mistakes that they are able to detect. I, the lowly customer, am clearly ignorant and incompetent. StubHub is incapable of doing right by their customers and accepting the possibility of fault in its software or servers. They didn't even offer to refund their service charge, though it is clear their service was not up to par. All of this disrespect over $100. Some things are worth more than money; I will not accept an explanation from the customer service department that implies that I am a liar or an imbecile.

non-existent tickets and egregious support

I purchased David Byrne at Red Rocks tickets in late June 2018. The transaction completed, my precise seat...

no protection for sellers

I recently attended Rogers cup in Toronto Canada for tennis. I sold some of the sessions as I had a weeklong ticket on stub hub. I had no problems except for one session for semi finals in which the buyer claimed the barcodes did not work. StubHub charged me the full price of the tickets as well as $162 service fee and I have spent literally hours on the phone trying to get scans another information from Rogers cup.It is far too easy for a buyer to simply get a ticket reprinted at venue, which issues a new barcode, and then re-claim money from the original ticket. DO NOT SELL ON STUBHUB! No protection for sellers and it's the onus of seller to disprove what buyer simply says.

ordered tickets for certain day... issue with getting them

Then when I received them. While I was at the Stadium, they were for the next day. I received two order...


ticket seating complaint

Good afternoon,

I purchased four tickets for the Beyoncé and Jay Z concert on July 28, 2018 at Fedex Field Stadium on StubHub. The tickets were purchased for section 104 Row 23 Seats 13-16 for $271.62 a piece. Once arrived at the seats for the concert, I was absolutely disappointed in disgusted that the seats were even sold. You couldn't even see the stage, all you got was a side view of the stage. Where the seats were located, you couldn't even see the screens to watch the concert. I will never again purchase tickets from StubHub. Completely disappointed and a complete waste of my money. I have been trying to find a way to contact StubHub to see about reimbursement of funds with no success. These tickets should have never been sold, and at the price sold was completely absurd.

(See photos and video attached)

ticket seating complaint
ticket seating complaint


I sold 1 ticket to the Chicago/Reo Speedwagon concert in Atlanta Ga for 7/14/2018 well under face value. Several days I was cleaning out my email and came across a email from Stub Hub saying they were charging me a 200.00 fee and taking my commission from my ticket sell for a invalid ticket. I called them right then. The so called investigation department makes you do all the work. They send you a list of things to try but the only one you really can do is provide the tracking number where you shipped the tickets, I looked one line and most venues will not give you a scan history that Stub Hub want. Stub Hub they would do a 3 way call but the venue said they would only speak to Stub Hub and Stub refused twice, I sent Stub Hub the copy of my Live Nation Account with all the information about the ticket location, when I bought it and everything that wasn't good enough, I even had them to write a email sating the same thing and they apologized for the problems it had caused, So far they have give me some money back but owe me about 119.00 still . As of right now I am got giving up until I get that money, The venue provides parking passes and it worked so why didn't the ticket? Another thing the venue did tell me that the when the ticket was scanned it wasn't invalid it just didn't scan, I wonder why they didn't try another scanner? So I say don't sell or buy on Stub Hub you can be ripped of.

  • An
    Ang Rosenthal Oct 29, 2018

    They rip off peopke selling tickets. We need a class action lawsuit to hold them accountable.

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beware sellers nightmare!

I am surprised sellers have not filed a class action lawsuit against RobHub for the thousands of people they...

unauthorized charge

I listed tickets on the site, I was unable to list them correctly- balcony seating was NOT an option. I contacted support immediately afterward, was told they would look into the issue. My tickets sold, I was unable to find how to correct the seating- never saw an option to do so. I then updated the status that I could offer "replacement" tickets, which were the correct listing. The buyer cancelled the sale, I was charged $92.00 for the cancellation.

Both live chat and a phone rep told me that there would be NO REFUND. How is this fair? How is this my fault? Why did the "HELP" section provide no actual help, like informing of what to do to correct the issue I contacted about?

I would like to be refunded for the charge that should never have happened to to re-list my actual tickets, correctly.

unauthorized charge

  • An
    Ang Rosenthal Oct 29, 2018

    Yes their customer service said my tickets were ok then they ripped me off. I want justice. Willing to join any class action lawsuit against Stubhub. I hope the FBI shuts them down.

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I bought the U2 ticket for months and today there was the concert in the Td garden today and I forgot the...



I purchased two tickets for the cubs game on ******* and the game was cancelled. The game was rescheduled for the next day at noon, but due to work obligations could not make it. I think it's absolutely asinine that you would not refund my tickets or atleast give me a credit or exchange. If I would have purchased them directly through the cubs I would have been given a ticket exchange. This will definnitely deter from using your company again. I will make sure I encourage everyone else not to as well.

  • Updated by gnmsanchez1 · Jun 19, 2018

    I purchased two $50 tickets to go to the cubs game on June 18th, after sitting there for 3 hours the game got cancelled. The game was rescheduled for the next day at noon, but due to work obligations I couldnt attend. If I had gotten my tickets through the Cubs directly they would have exchanged my tickets for another game. StubHub would not do anything. So basically I just lost $100 and more with all of the other expenses. I think its absolutely horrible they will not give me a credit or a refund. I will not be using them for tickets ever.

buying mobile tickets with flash seats

I purchased tickets through StubHub plenty of times before and never encountered the horrible experience I am now going through. I bought tickets 3 days in advance to the event, the money was taken out of my account and I received an email stating that my tickets have "shipped" and I was to wait for an email from the seller to transfer the mobile tickets to my flash seats account. I never received the transfer email or my tickets, so I called customer service. I started the call at 10 am. The representative said to call back in 2 hours. I called back in 3 hours. The next representative stated that everything was in order and to look in my account; my mistake was I instilled trust and I hung up before confirming; she told me that the tickets would be sent in 20 minutes. I waited about another hour to see if they would get transferred. Nothing happened so I called back for a 3rd time only to get the exact same run around. This time the representative ensured me that she was going to call me back in and hour to make sure it had gotten settled. At this point I had wasted my entire day trying to situate this and I had no progress. I waited the hour and she never called me back. After an hour and a half I had to call for a 4th time. This time was the SAME run around; and I requested a refund. Apparently this was sent through; but I am not confident. Through all of this, I missed out on my entire day by spending it on the phone and I missed the event I had planned to go to. I had my entire day ruined and not once did anyone in their customer service offer to make up for my troubles. I am highly disgusted and disappointed and I would never recommend anyone to buy from StubHub ever again in my life. This is the worst customer service, app, website, and service I have ever used.

4v6a5w3p3c81 - pending information


Reference to above given purchase no. I have purchased 2 tickets for coming world cup.
First: since since the day of payment confirmation, I havnt receive any information about dates, process and when I sohuld receive the original tickets.

Second: no one have asked for my details which is mandatory to transfer the tickets under my name up to date which means nothing is moving.

Third: since the day of payment confirmation, I am asking for ticket request id to enable me to create fan id which shall enables me to do booking for my trip which still no completed due to pending of information from you end.
Everytime I am contacting customer service thru chat on website, I am getting a different feedback and different promises such as within a few days or within a week or by first week of may or we are contacting the seller... Etc. But till now no update and only a feedback of please wait. Till now no one give a clear answer even I have explained so many time a bout how it is critcal for me to get those details so I can complete my reservations for the full trip inculding the reservations which requires fan id.

I need immediate support on that.
Karim elnokrashy