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Roger Waters Tickets

Don't allow yourself to be scammed by these crooks. They will charge you nearly double what you would pay to a reputable seller.. Then, if the show is postponed, they will not provide a refund. I bought tickets for a particular show on a specific date (when out of town guests plan to visit). Now that the show has been postponed, and I have requested a refund, they have refused. They explained to me that I was mistaken to believe that I had bought tickets for a particular date and that I must not have read the fine print on their website that says once you bought the tickets, you own them.
To others who have had a similar experience with these crooks, please take the time - as I will - to register a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and local government. It's important that we warn others of the business practices of

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Crooks. Hidden charges.
Overcharged my credit card. Customer service hung up on me. Many complaints about them. DON'T TRUST THEM. purchased 4 tickets at $109 each = $436.00 They charged my credit card $569.39. There was NO information anywhere about surcharges. The customer service told me the $133.39 was for ticket delivery. the delivery is by e-mail. ( the only option ).


Very misleading and overpriced. Never received any tickets and looks like no refund either. Was under the impression to deal directly with the Performance Arte Center but found out later that I was dealing with a broker. Received an email that my tickets will be shipped December 12 but after calling them in December 5 I was told that the tickets were shipped in late November. My wife found an envelope in our side backyard soaking wet but no tickets inside. It looks all these comments in here are very similar, How can anyone run such a poor business?

ticket price gouging

I googled the Brooklyn bowl in Las Vegas somehow was redirected to this site which I thought was the official site. The notice on the venue said this show was selling out. This was a lie. They charged 3 x the price and then I found out that there is no tickets. That the tickets MAY arrive by email in 2 months which is3 days before the show. When I contacted the company there was no way to speak to anyone. I started a chat and the customer service said no refund and sell the tickets if I don't want them. However there is no tickets!!! They never emailed them and again said they will maybe come 2 months from now. How can I sell something I do NOT have???

price gouging and ticket delivery promise

My daughter just had a narrow escape! She wants see a Cats performance and nearest venue 4 hours away so I will drive with her. Went 1st to TicketOffice, where price per ticket, including fees, for Row E, close to $2000!! This price included an @$400 service fee! They did not even designate what seats, just that they would get them for you! Also I raised questions about if would get tickets in time, since they claimed they had to mail them overnight mail.
I even volunteered to go off to do something else so she could afford to see it. But she wanted me to come so checked out other seats, but prices still high even in cheaper areas, including the Balconey. One option for mediocre seats had her at @$2000 for 2 seats.
In despair she went to the Cats website to see if other options available. She clicked on the venue city, the website for Cats took her directly to the venue site of TPAC, where we found tickets for the very same row E. However, we paid a total of only $210 for 2 seats!!! Tickets delivered instantly by email and the 2 seats are assigned to her.
Think of this and tell me this isn't a scam or online scalping!
$210 for two Row E tickets through official venue website with reserved assigned tickets - versus @$3900 for two Row E tickets through Ticketoffice (no confirmed seats, mail delivery), a site she was first directed to via Google. I saw the prices myself for Ticketoffice prices. What a scam.
No resolution needed - just want everyone to be aware of this company.

concert event tickets

Folks, there is a good reason that 45% off the reviews for this scam company are average/fair/poor. With 29% of the total being poor. I had a legit reason to request a refund - more on that below. But when I called them I was on the phone for 40 minutes and got bounced around to 4 different people. I was told: We do not refund money under any circumstance. They absolutely suck. Avoid them.

They sold me tickets at 44% above face value, but at the point of ordering it all looked legit. Then $68 added for a service fee, then $7 fee to EMAIL the tickets. Really? You can be an astute shopper, and even then it all looks legit at the point off purchase.

So why did I want a refund, which they completely refused to do? Cuz the event I bought tickets for changed to a different event, but happened to include the original individual act as part off a tribute multi-performer act. They totally suck, and the reason there are any positive reviews is that they create a lot of fake accounts then give themselves 5 stars.

concert event tickets

tickets to concert

They advertised a Todd R concert at Berklee. The entire show changed to a Beatles White Album Tribute. I did not buy tickets to that event. They refused a refund. PLUS...they DO price gauge. Ticket costs are inflated AND their service charge is quite high.

I called them and got transferred 4 times. I talked to supervisors. They would not budge.

I paid them $311 for 2 tix in Orchestra. They had just gone on sale and I wanted good seats. The face value, I later discovered, is $79 per ticket


extortion and price gauging

Just purchased Aerosmith Las Vegas tickets for 25th wedding anniversary and paid twice the price of Ticket Master for the same seats. Tried to get a refund, but the are non refundable according to recordings on customer service line. Nowhere on the tickets or in the purchasing process was it made clear that tickets were non refundable! Very upset and extremely disappointed and taken advantage of. SCAM SCAM SCAM!


Shame on you. I purchased two tickets for a purchase price of over $300. When I purchased, I did not realize that this was a resale. More importantly, I didn't realize that the face value of the tickets plus fees is only $91.

I don't think that scalping tickets in Pennsylvania is legal, especially not in these rates. In any case, whether it is legal or not, it is a scam, and there was no disclosure to that effect.

19266 coastal hwy, unit 40510 rehoboth beach, de 19971

8/29/2019 I purchased 3 tickets. The tickets were listed for $45.00 each on the website. I clicked purchased tickets and it too me to and the ticket prices were $80.00 each. I just thought the ticket prices went up because it was popular. I purchased the tickets and then found out after searching more the tickets to the show was only $45.00 but jacked up the prices. I tried to contact customer service and it was a 15 min hold to talk to them or you could live chat. Well live chat is a BOT not a person. They will give NO REFUNDS unless the show is canceled. I will never use them again and I am letting everyone know not to use them. Buyer beware.

fraudulent reseller

My card was used for what should have been $40 in tickets for which they billed over $260. No customer service, no success reaching out, no refunds for an erroneous transaction. I will be filing a complaint with the state attorney general. Even if the tickets were legitimate, where on earth do they come up with an 800 percent mark up over list price for the venue?

no service & predatory pricing

I purchased a ticket for a small concert at a small venue. They promised the ticket would arrive in my email the day before; it did not. I didn't worry too much & checked the following mid-day and it still did not arrive. I tried calling before the concert but couldn't get through the IVR. The IVR would go, please enter your order number. I'd enter it & it would ask again with the same thing. Round and round it went and I couldn't get through to a live person. At the door I showed the receipt and they said they had no record. I had to re-buy the ticket. At that time, I saw I was also a victim of predatory pricing as the ticket I bought at the door was 4.79 times the price at the door. I cannot recommend at all.

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    James Knutson Sep 14, 2019

    I bought 2 tickets to Mark Knopfler For a concert in Woodinville Wa. Bad enough that I overpaid. But then tickets were never transferred. I spent almost 2 hours on Chat Line with Treon. Nice guy but neither he or his supervisor could help. The Phone line would not recognize my order number. I finally spoke to 3 different reps in the sales dept (good luck talking to a live person if you are having an issue with tickets already paid for). the last rep kept insisting the tickets had been transferred and nothing she or her supervisors could do. They then said they don't provide refunds even though their web site states "100% guarantee". We missed the concert. No tickets, no refund, no service. What a joke.

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misleading pricing, hidden fine print, basically a scalping scam

This website says in small print that they are a secondary sale company, but they use google search to pretend to be official ticket sellers. They charged double for the tickets above face value with a huge processing fee. Customer service is terrible and unhelpful and does not give refunds.

Beware of this website and pay close attention! This is not the place where you should be buying your tickets unless you are truly looking for resale tickets at an exorbitantly high price.

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    Sebastian Mudry Sep 18, 2019

    Ticket Offices is a scalper. I'd used them for a "Near sell-out" performance. They used me as an innocent.
    (Always read reviews about a service provider before purchase. DUH. Have to laugh at myself.)
    Paid way more than the ticket is worth & found a fine seat yesterday - about three weeks after their "Near sell-out" "warning."
    Will likely give away the scalped ticket. Lesson learned.
    Am researching a class action suit against Ticket Offices.
    I sense thousands will join me as aggrieved parties.
    I ask not to be emailed until a suit is initiated: don't want to be swamped with others grievances until I take action.
    Sebastian Mudry (A former lamb, about to emerge as a warrior - a lion - to make things right for we trusting ones.)
    When a law firm is lined-up I'll update this post.

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illegal business practices/customer service

I purchased two tickets a total amount of $231.41 on a third-party ticket vendor website,, on 01/18/19 for a concert that is on 07/26/19 in Greenwood Village, Colorado. The website for claims that your tickets are 100% guaranteed after purchase. I received an email from on 07/15/19 that my tickets were transferred to Flash Seats, an electronic ticket transfer system that is part of AXS Tickets. I have logins for both Flash Seats and AXS, and my tickets were not transferred into either of the accounts. I called, they said they would request that the seller re-transfer the tickets to Flash Seats. After several more calls to, after which I was assured that my tickets were guaranteed, I received another email from on 07/24/19 stating that my tickets were transferred to Flash Seats. I also received an email which appears to be from AXS Tickets that my tickets were transferred. The tickets again were not transferred to my Flash Seats or AXS account. I called both Flash Seats and AXS and confirmed with them that no tickets were transferred or pending and they referred me to because they had no record of any tickets purchased by me. Each time I called, I had to press the prompt to buy new tickets, because their prompt for existing tickets will not transfer to a live agent. The sales team then had to transfer me to their customer service team, many times I was just transferred to main number or hung up on, and I had to call back. I spent three hours last evening talking with, who stated that they received "Confirmation" from the seller that the tickets had been transferred to me, apparently the seller sent an "approval code" of some sort. has allowed the seller of tickets to misrepresent that they have transferred tickets, and paid the seller after taking my money, but they will not believe me when I tell them I have not received the tickets. It appears that this seller has spoofed an email, claiming to be from AXS tickets to both and to me, and has committed fraud by claiming the tickets were transferred when they were not. Again, AXS and Flash Seats both confirmed directly to me that there was no transfer of tickets to my accounts, but will not confirm this with them, they will not believe the buyer of the tickets (me) when I tell them the tickets were not received, and they will not refund my money. The entire business practice of is set up to favor the seller of the tickets, the seller gets paid before the actual transfer of the tickets and without confirmation from the buyer that the tickets were received. The buyer is then rebuked and all claims from the buyer are rejected when the buyer reports that the tickets were not received. I have lost $231.41 because a scammer has convinced that he has transferred tickets to me when this absolutely did not happen, and they refuse to investigate my claims or take my claims seriously. I paid for goods that I never received on website that claims my tickets are 100% guaranteed and I never received my tickets, nor was my money refunded. I called again on the day of the event to request a refund and I was hung up on yet again.


Worst ticket company I have ever used. Order tickets for Phantom of the Opera. Declined tickets thru email from seller, offer no longer valid per the email.

Ticketoffices charged my credit card. Spend an hour on the phone trying to get a live person thru their horrible recording loop. The one time I was able to speak with alive person, she said she would transfer me to a live person but she lied and just sent me back into the recording loop.

Basically I have not tickets but am being charged on my credit card and have been unable to speak with anyone regarding the fact that I have no tickets.


unable to deliver on promises

One week ago today, I ordered tickets to the Sammy Hagar concert in New Hampshire.
The concert happened on Sunday evening.

When paying for the ticket in the FIRST ROW, the only delivery method was 'Special Delivery'. I paid all the fees attached and looked forward to the concert with my wife.

Later in the day, I received a call requesting that the tickets be shipped UPS overnight. The lady stated that I had only one hour to make a decision as UPS was only accepting overnight shipments for a short time.

I told her it wouldn't make any difference which way they arrived and approve the new shipping method.

On Saturday morning, I saw that I had numerous messages to call TicketOffices regarding my tickets. The woman said that they could no longer deliver the tickets on time so they would like to switch us to Row 9. Completely unacceptable!

We were so upset that I asked for a refund. That refund was just credited to my account this morning.

What a horrible experience with Ticket Offices.

Any response? Probably the last time I will ever get to see him. Thanks for nothing-

Craig LaCroix

tickets purchase

I paid a ticket for cher, they took the money from my account, they never gave me the ticket or the money...

web based theater and event ticketing

They tried to charge me $936.00 for 4EA $95.00 Tickets that normally sell for $65.00 EA.
They have no Customer Service. They advise you after the sale that there are no refunds or changes allowed to your purchase. Worse yet, PayPal backed this Scam Company after the transaction. And, Google has no accountability in terms of holding this company accountable or banning it from Google Search.

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    Brian Yount Jun 18, 2019

    Bad experience with Teenage daughter thought she was buying from but was redirected She received the confirmation email but never the email with the printable tickets. Called again no email. Went to the concert boxoffice on the night of the show. Of course, they can't help since it is a 3rd party seller. I called customer service and asked to resend the email to my daughter's phone. Never received anything. Followed up with customer service on Monday and spent 45 minutes on the phone. Claimed that my daughter entered her email with .con not .com. Hmmm...we receieved the confirmation okay and I told the rep on Saturday the correct email again. Just an all around big hassle. We got a store credit for their fees. They also charged us $7.75 for email ticket delivery without ever delivering the tickets. What a joke. Lesson learned. Be careful who you purchase tickets through and if it is decline.

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ticket fraud

I paid $40usd each for 2 tickets "in the 8th row" I purchased, and then another almost $50usd for "fees" so I paid $129usd. The tickets I purchased have a "$25usd face value", they jacked the prices by $15usd. I ended up paying almost $80 for "fees". To top it all off it is standing only, so they deceived us on that as well. I would never use them again, and suggest no one else does ever. Also says it was bought by someone other than myself or my husband.

ticket purchase

Purchased tickets that turned out to be invalid. I received email and clicked on transfer but a week before event I tried to verify tickets were there and no record. Tried to work with ‘customer service'. They told me they couldn't help me and that all sales were final and no refunds. They definitely did not stand by their 100% guarantee advertised on website. One representative told me they would call me back after investigating issues with tickets. No one called back. I called two days later and reached a representative who said he wouldn't help me. I asked to speak to supervisor who said the same thing. I would go so far as to say he was laughing at repeating himself when telling for the 20th time that I would have to contact a different ticket outlet for help -although they (live nation) could not help since they had no order information or payment information since that was done through ticket The first representative I spoke with at ticket offices told me to call back if live nation/Ticketmaster couldn't help. When I called back he and his supervisor just told me multiple times that I would have to contact live nation again. I will report this to every business bureau outlet available. I had to re-purchase tickets. I am so disappointed in this site.