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7:04 pm EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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This letter is to complain about service I recently received from Regal Cinemas customer service representative named Michael Smith, further found out to be the General Manager.
Couple of weeks ago, my-self and my wife went to see the movies hoping to have a good evening. We bought some popcorn and went in to watch the movie. However, after the show, my wife told me that she ate a band-aid that was in the popcorn we have bought earlier… For one, I am already unhappy to pay the amount they charge for it, now I find out about this incident I am outraged…
To be polite I pulled Mr. Smith aside to let him know what has happened. All he did was write down his name and number. Right there and then, I received horrible customer service. Nothing was said to make the situation better. Come to find out the number I received was not his direct number…
After I asked my assistant to find the right phone number she called the theater to find out how to deal with a problem. After she has been on hold for several minutes, Michael Smith came on the line. She explained my problem to him, as well as, asked for the corporate office information. Once heard about the issue Mr. Smith did nothing to solve the complaint again, he provided the corporate information and got of the phone. Needless to say, I was quite frustrated.
I expected a much higher level of service from your company, and I am quite disappointed. Because I do not want to spend any more time on this problem, I am not returning to this movie theater if some action will not be taken to better customer service. I will be informing my friends and family about this experience.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

, US
Oct 09, 2015 10:31 pm EDT
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Paid $28.00 for my wife and I to see "The Martian". The movie experience was continually interrupted by an usher walking up both aisles four times with a very annoying red tipped flashlight. Complained to manager afterwards. Was told it was Corporate rules to assure no one was filming the movie. I told him that was not my problem, corporate needs to find another solution to their problem. Don't diminish my movie going experience (that I paid for) for your inability to control pirates. Not my problem but is my money. I won't return.

, US
Jan 21, 2014 3:16 pm EST

Regal Cinemas simply sucks!
I will not be returning if cooperate does nothing and their customer service line is so backed up and unavailable, how?
How many people are that unhappy with your services?!
Such a shame

cohoes, US
Jun 15, 2013 2:34 am EDT

Regal Cinemas in Colonie Center

On “Man of Steel” opening night, only TWO out of five ticket windows were open with a very long line.

10:20pm was full except for right upfront so we chose the 10:50pm.

The Terminator video game was filthy and the gun had a thick, gummy substance all over it. Gross… I washed my hands immediately after one game and had to scrub to get the nasty film off my skin.

Snack bar prices were insanely high and the popcorn is garbage.

With a little more organization, 2-3 of the 10+ people at the snack bar or 3-4 of the employees I saw standing around doing nothing could have staffed the empty ticket booth windows. Just an observation…

So we finally got in after waiting again to check our tickets. Plastic on the armrests felt sticky and infected. There were several long commercials—exactly like you see on network TV, followed by countless previews. It felt like at least 30 minutes of long, boring trailers and many of them were unrelated genres. This went on and on and on and people were getting impatient. Personally, I was feeling really exploited by the 8th or 9th preview. I paid $13.00 to see a movie at 10:50pm, NOT sit through endless retail and car commercials or cartoon movie previews. Where is my cut?

When the movie finally started, the sound was a little distorted. Some passages were way too loud, too. I like loud, but this was painful loud due to the distortion.
3D was barely adequate and took away from the film.
The usher slowly walked in front of us with his flashlight on 3-4 times. This was completely unnecessary and very distracting. Shut off the flashlight! Go away, kid!

And then there is leaving the building afterwards…
Ending several movies at exactly the same time causes traffic jams, and sometimes the only way to “escape” the third floor cinema is to wait for the small, slow elevator because the only escalator is running up and not down on the 3rd and/or 2nd floor. This is ridiculous—people are annoyed by this every time. It can take 10 minutes to travel 150 feet. There must be a better way to do that.

Experiences like this keep Netflix in business. I honestly think I would have enjoyed this move more at home on my 46” LCD and crystal-clear 5.1 surround sound.

I won’t be back…

Avid movie watcher
Oviedo, US
Sep 30, 2012 10:58 am EDT

I've been going to this theater for the last eight yrs. the last two have been few and far between. Simply because the service has taken a nose dive. The new managers and staff are rude and very unprofessional. I dropped my camera in one of the stadiums. Immediately after i tried to go back to look for it, the "manager" Lois i think she said her name was claimed there was a movie showing and that she would check and get back to me. She never did. I made a special trip there to assists in the " looking"... it was obvious they never looked and if they didn't they all "knew" i wasn't going to find it. The camera itself wasn't valuable to me, it was the photos of my family member that is no longer with us. I have not and will never again go to this or any Regal cinema, as i tell my friends and family about my experience they all agree to follow my suit.

maria gonzalez
Garden Grove, US
Apr 03, 2011 8:59 am EDT
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i just have a bad experience there with the manager too, she was so rude and really poorly handling complaints, she even told me to never come back and i never give her an atittude, just the security guy that was rude :( i will never go back there